1. D

    suPHP and temporary URL

    I read somewhere that whith suPHP temporary URL's (host.myserver/~user) wil not work anymore. I know that this works with phpSuExec, so is this true that this will not work with suPHP?
  2. T

    suphp issues ?

    I use "suphp" on 3 servers I own with apache 2.2.6 and suddenly yesterday (15 hours ago) one of the servers show "Internal server error" on all sites. Tried rebuilding apache and php 4 times with no fix until I came to try handling php with cgi instead. (I always like to track who is using...
  3. J

    suphp and permissions

    I just configured apache to use suphp on my whm/cpanel. I'm having a hard time understanding something - I have to have permissions on my web files and directories set to 755. BUT, isn't the point of suphp that it runs the scripts as the user set in the httpd.conf file? Am I missing...
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    new suphp problem after EA3

    I have a custom server-wide php email program. In httpd, I have an alias /mail /path/to/custom/mail So, people normally go to However, because of suphp, it doesn't work since they don't own the script, it is shared by everyone. It is owned by nobody...
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    suPHP htdocs

    When I try and use php files (primarly phpinfo) in the default document root of apache for the main shared ip (/usr/local/apache/htdocs) I get an 500 error. I tried different chmod's differently. However, I havn't edit the virtualhost (since I am currently having a problem saving virtual host...
  6. F

    using suexec and suphp and pspsuexec.

    Hi Folks. I have some basic questions about using the suexec, and suphp functions. I have been having periodic problems with script kiddies exploiting some weak scripts on my machine. I can identify the offending processes and stop them, then find some files that were put into /tmp and get...
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    Trying to figure out hot to use SuPHP and eaccelerator

    Hi, I'm looking at my shiny new Apache 2 and SuPHP. Yes, it all works, but I was under the impression that SuPHP was a module and that I would be able to use a php caching system (eaccelerator in my case). What I see is binary execution of php for all users. WOW. Load went from avg 1.5 to...
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    how do you know suPHP is working?

    Is there a way to ensure that suPHP is installed and working correctly and is there a specific config file for it? if so where?:confused:
  9. Z

    Turn on register_globals for one account in suphp?

    Is it possible to turn on register_globals for one account only on a server running suphp?
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    suphp and fast-cgi

    Hi, I want to enable suphp and fast-cgi for my cpanel server, can I do it ? Also, is this a good idea to have suphp and fast-cgi to secure php on our server. Best Regards, Rik
  11. F

    SuPHP with PHP5 (howto)

    Hi, Are there any howto's for cPanel with PHP5 and SuPHP? :)
  12. M

    Core Dumps generated with suPHP + PHP 5.1.2 installed

    Hello, I'm having a weird problem after having migrated to the CGI version of PHP 5.1.2. Core dumps are being generated into my clients directories and these are using lot of disk space. NOTE: I'm having the same issue when using PHPsuexec. Thanks.
  13. R


    suPHP seems to be maturing quite nicely. I was wondering if cPanel is considering or planning as adding it as an option as an option vs phpsuexec. Any discussion is welcome as well. For those of you who are unaware what I am talking about, the website can be located here...
  14. J

    suPHP / phpsuexec

    Hello! I am courious about installing either suPHP and/or phpsuexec. Though since we use WHM I am also wondering how to do this the "proper" way. I checked the addon packages etc for these but couldn't find them. Sometimes I know that things work best if you do them the "WHM compilant way"...
  15. A

    is suPHP experimental?

    Has anyone tried suPHP instead of phpsuEXEC? Any experiences to share. I tried but somehow couldn't find the db backend to function, though the scripts were successfully running under uid/gid of the owner. Is suPHP still expeimental? TIA Anup
  16. B


    IS IT POSSIBLE TO RUN suPHP in cpanel servers , or any of them know any alternative of this one.
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    Running SuPHP and mod_php on 1 server

    Does anyone have experience running SuPHP and mod_php together? I am thinking of installing SuPHP, but I have many sites that rely heavily on .htaccess files. What I want to do is be able to switch off SuPHP on individual accounts. And eventually switch all the accounts over to SuPHP. I...