1. speckados

    Modifidy suspended page with PHP

    Hi. There any way or doc about how to use a index.php in /var/cpanel/webtemplates/root/english I'v tried use in .htaccess DirectoryIndex index.php But show error with database when on index.php only there a phpinfo() Best regards
  2. S

    Allow incoming mail on suspended accounts?

    Hi, How do I allow incoming mail to still reach it's destination if an account is suspended? Sometimes clients forget to pay on time, and only pay two or three days later, but then all those emails they would have received in that time period is lost. I would prefer if the emails could...
  3. F

    Email login error after unsuspend

    When i unsuspend an account, email is not unsuspended. When i try to log on webmail, i see a roundcube window asking for email and password.
  4. arunnair555

    SOLVED Unsuspend account not reflecting

    Hi all, I have suspended a website. After unsuspended, it is still showing default suspension page. I have tried almost everything according the details provided in forums and internet but no luck. If I call the preview URl also still it is redirecting the suspension page. Guys, please help me...
  5. L

    Error when suspending account

    After some more testing i've spotted a error again: Changing Shell to /bin/false...Done Locking Password...Done Error while adding 'USER' to 'cpanelsuspended' at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Sys/ line 216. Cpanel::Sys::Group::_croak("Error while adding 'USER' to 'cpanelsuspended'")...
  6. W

    Account Suspension Notification

    Hi team I have a simple question that I don't seem to be able to find the answer for; When you suspend a user's account in WHM > Manage Account Suspension - does the user receive an email notification? Of course I know root / reseller does and that can be adjusted via Contact Manager - but I...
  7. L

    How to auto suspend account whose disk quota is full or exceeded.

    Hello, Can anyone help me knowing about, how to auto suspend cpanel account whose disk quota is full or exceeded. It should display a message "Disk Quota exceeded" once the quota is full. How to make the settings in whm to get auto suspend cpanel accounts, whose disk quota is full.
  8. T

    Mail suspend users

    Hello Few of accounts got added in /etc/outgoing_mail_suspende_users for no reason How can I find out logs for the same ?
  9. D

    Determining why account was suspended

    Hello, for some reason, an account became suspended. I'm a newer cpanel admin, so maybe this is common or happens for a reason? WHM version 54 (build 28) I unsuspended the user in WHM: --------------------------------------------- Changing shell for hmbuser. Shell changed. Unlocking password...
  10. S

    suspendacct to suspend account, what command to suspend reseller?

    I'm looking for the shell command which can suspend the whole reseller account (main reseller and all accounts under it) Anyone have any idea? Thanks alot.