1. P

    lfd on SYSLOG Check Failed - Problem with logging.

    Hello, For the past few days I have been receiving emails with the following message: Time: Sat Feb 25 20:17:35 2023 +0100 Error: Failed to detect code [Uzu5u0Wiuq8DgDhIZ0MP7H9xUNYs] in SYSLOG_LOG [var/log/messages] SYSLOG may not be running correctly on The issue is...
  2. Spirogg

    Error: Failed to detect code [LlsNLK7sLm2bxuWS4WvQHdFT3OqCk] in SYSLOG_LOG [/var/log/messages]

    I recently had this issue on a new server installing AlmaLinux 8.5 minimal and then cPanel I guess during OS install - AlmaLinux Minimal did not install rsyslog for some reason or not. UPDATE 02/05/2022 3:21am: Note: The rsyslog package does not come by default on AlmaLinux installations so...
  3. coursevector

    SYSLOG Check Failed

    I have two servers that keep giving errors regarding syslog. Time: Mon Nov 30 01:00:13 2020 -0500 Error: Failed to detect code [UdtnxuePtqKOQsz49h] in SYSLOG_LOG [/var/log/messages] SYSLOG may not be running correctly on I checked the service and it appears to be running...
  4. M

    SYSLOG Check Failed

    Hi, In last weeks i have some disk quota problem (because the old sysadmin mount DB in / partition). Today i cleared the "messages" log file in /var/log/ Now i'm receiving this warning: Error: Failed to detect code [SD7Y9JoDQ9nzgwefyoD23321dsd1] in SYSLOG_LOG [/var/log/messages] I tried to...
  5. bloatedstoat

    Suppressing suexec log entries

    Hello, I have a shiny new server, this one running EA4 by default and I'm happy across the board with it - albeit bar the following clogging /var/log/secure Jan 23 09:38:13 servername suexec[960877]: uid: (546/user_name) gid: (545/group_name) cmd: ea-php56 Is this expected behaviour and can...
  6. majoosh

    Syslog and exim_mainlog

    Hi, I am setting up a syslog server. Does anyone know how to forward exim_mainlog to a remote syslog server ? Regards MJ
  7. N

    Configure syslog through WHM

    Hi, I like to forward all my apache logs to centralized syslog server . I have no shell access. Is it possible to do through WHM? Thanks in Advance, Naveen.
  8. G

    Rsyslog forward log to remote syslog server

    I've setup a central syslog server using LogAnalyzer on CentOS6 server to consolidate all the cpanel logs. I created a config file in /etc/rsyslog.d/ to foward any log contains 'apache-access' to remote server, however, the same access log was also logged in /var/log/messages. Is there a way to...
  9. M

    help me about underestand syslog

    Hello, usually i receive below log in syslog, what is mean of this log? can you explain me? ip is stable and dont change
  10. Deker

    Crazy syslog message

    Hello, I'm getting the following massage 100+ times a minute and unable to stop it. It preventing me to access SSH and run ssh commands. Message from [email protected]***at Feb 9 17:08:38 ... kernel:[2645464.138196] nf_ct_ftp: dropping packetIN= OUT=eth0 SRC= DST= LEN=53 TOS=0x10...
  11. I

    Sending copy of logs to the remote syslog server

    Is there any way to send copy of logs from cPanel to the remote syslog server? Thanks
  12. Networkologist

    SYSLOG Check Failed (Due to cPanel update?)

    I'm on a VPS and have CSF installed. A few months ago I started receiving the above messages. Don't think I ever got this message in the years I've been with this Host. My Host's tech support responded to my ticket: All seemed fine for a few days when the SYSLOG Check Failed message started...
  13. F

    What logs are syslog formats ?

    Hello all : Out of all the logs within cpanel, Which of them are syslog formats ? Coz i am building up an syslog server in OSSEC and i need to know the formats of all the logs present in the server. Can any one assist with this ?
  14. F

    Syslog server for cPanel servers ...Any one ?

    Hello Every one, I want to setup a separate syslog server for all my cpanel servers to record all their activity there. Has any one done this before or if there is any tutorial available to do this ? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. A

    syslog failed, what to do? :(

    hello all, my problem is in my vps server, it displays all the time that syslog has failed restarting, and it keeps sending my emails for this problem, I tried to restart it but it fails, what to do? thanks,
  16. B

    Does anyone know if Chirpy's lfd will work if I syslog to a remote log server?

    Does anyone know if Chirpy's lfd will work if I syslog to a remote log server?
  17. acenetryan

    syslog interfering with service startup

    This issue only occurs on 2 of our servers, the 2nd just recently popped up. We have all services monitored on all of our machines. Named never reports as actually going down. However, when you try to resolve domains on the server, there are times when it will sporadically stop resolving...
  18. B

    syslog sending lot of Pushing "47 GETDISKUSED what is this???

    I´m getting a syslog of 5mb size and has a lot of lines like this: Cp-Wrap[28667]: CP-Wrapper terminated without error Cp-Wrap[28672]: Pushing "47 GETDISKUSED user domain.ext" to '/usr/local/cpanel/bin/eximadmin' for UID: 47 what does it means and how can I remove this lines. Thanks
  19. E

    syslog and logrotate prob.

    Hello, sorry for my bad english :) I have a prob with syslog, that logs some events to /var/log/messages. Every night at 4 am, syslog stops loggin this infos to /var/log/messages. i must restart syslog manualy everday with service syslog stop and service syslog start. 4am is the same...
  20. dave9000

    Relaying denied because of syslog?

    if you have /tmp mounted noexec then everytime the syslog log rotate tries to run syslogd will hang and this problem with reoccur You have to modify the /etc/cron.daily/logrotate to add a seperate tmp folder add these 2 lines TMPDIR=/somewhere/tmp export TMPDIR