1. O

    server works after restart for 10 seconds then nothing...

    Hi My server was working just fine ( CENTOS 7.6 xen hvm [host] v82.0.9 and it just went cold. I restarted the server and the webistes went back on for 10 seconds then I am getting ": I restarted the services apache, php-fpm but to no vail, when I do a hard server reset, the websites...
  2. K

    OpenJDK 8 on cPanel DNSonly?

    Hello, I have a "Oversized" server for my DNS only installation so I use it also for other purposes. I wanted to install Elasticsearch which needs Java to run. I installed Java using: yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel It installs without problems but if I type: java -version I get this...
  3. F

    Determine which script is causing server load

    Dear All, i have a web site which cause hight load 100 (8cpu) when i suspend this website i have load come back to 0.18 i need to know which script is causing this load how and where can i find the exact information about the pages/script causing this load thanks in advance for your help...
  4. R

    Error Communicating with TPM chip error

    Lately I’ve been thinking of a solution to host some of the blogs and projects I have on a dedicated server. My ISP provided me with some static IPs and two connections of 1 GB/s (up / down). Of course, my first love came through my mind: the Z800 workstation, my first love. Because I work a lot...
  5. J

    csf.rblconf and /usr/local/csf/lib

    Can't completely understand the correlation between file: /usr/local/csf/lib/csf.rbls and file: /etc/csf/csf.rblconf I see that I can active some blocklists in csf.blocklists, including some that are blackholes, so what the story with file: /usr/local/csf/lib/csf.rbls and file...
  6. 3

    SOLVED Why is WHMCS suspending my accounts?

    Hi Guys, My clients account automatically suspended. The suspension reason is: Over Due Payment First I thought This is WHMCS error. Because the service was already paid. I contacted WHMCS and they said, It is not their errors! There is something outside which creating this issue! I received...
  7. R

    Setup VPN on Server?

    is there's any thread to guide me , how can i install or setup a vpn service on WHM to make each cpanel from a different location
  8. D

    Cron job with Json decoder issue

    this is my corn job : /usr/local/bin/php -q /home/malin/public_html/youtube_api_test/cron_autosave_api_data.php this is the function i wanna run using corn job function getytChannelData($channel_id,$api_key) { $data =...
  9. A

    SOLVED add disk with quotas in fstab centos 7/ cloudlinux 7

    Hi, i had 2 8tb second home1 and home2 disk. but i did't add them fstab could you help me in adding them the 2 disk to fstab and enable quotas. here is presetn fsatb proc /proc proc defaults 0 0 devpts /dev/pts devpts gid=5,mode=620 0 0 tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs defaults 0 0 sysfs /sys sysfs...
  10. A

    Looking for Suspicious Files Question

    I am currently learning to manage Linux based hosting servers. However my server was attacked by shell attack and was compromised, now a lot of domains on my server are being used for phishing and other such malicious activities. Also, the email accounts on these domains are being used for...
  11. M

    High availibility server setup with cPanel?

    Hello there , i made a high available infrastructure i mean i have 3 web servers , 3 file server , 3 database server as backend and i have 2 HAProxy in the frontend . how can i install and use cpanel on these servers :? all databases are replicated on each other in real time i have GlusterFS...
  12. D

    Cannot define path or var directory

    Get this result when I published the website. "Cannot define path seagull or var directory " Now when you go the website is just shows this message. No clue how to approach this.. I simply had added two pictures to a page , the preview went normally , then did publish and got this message...
  13. F

    SOLVED Questions about Extended Support for CloudLinux 6

    On Wednesday cpanel posted this announcement: cPanel, the Hosting Platform of Choice, Announces Partnership with CloudLinux extending support for Linux Systems Based on RHEL 6 and CentOS 6 | cPanel Newsroom This paragraph sounded really good, as it would relieve some of the burden of migrating...
  14. R

    Server performance / optimization tips?

    After some feedback on 'self managed' hosting. I am experimenting with my own web server but it is stretching my knowledge (which is what i want). However I am running into performance issues that I am having difficulty identifying. I am running a Centos VM Guest on an OVH dedicated server...
  15. verdon

    SOLVED LDAPS and adding new CA to trust store

    Hi, I have recently moved a number of Wordpress sites to my server that use an LDAP/S authentication plugin to authenticate against another host. The LDAP host uses an internal CA for it's certificates. On the server where I moved them from, I added this to the httpd.conf file before the...
  16. I

    Server Errors

    Hi Everyday I always receive some emails from the server with some services appears to be down. Kindly check the screenshots from these emails and confirm me what is that and how to solve this issue.
  17. R

    Accessing server with public/private key authentication failed

    Helo, this is my first thread and want to ask for help if anyone here has the same case This is the case: Last week I can normally access my server using bitvise SSH client with password authentication method, but today I want to harden ssh with public key method which I can't configure...
  18. C

    SOLVED Recreating accounts from folders not packages

    Hi all. Historically I set up my servers so the main drive is running WHM and an additional drive is the one holding all the user accounts in /home2. I had a situation that left my server unbootable but I still have the additional /home2 drive that is mountable. What is the best course of...
  19. H

    Users HeatMap or Similar

    Hello, We are trying to analyse the features being used and those not by our users. While we have a general impression, we would like to match it with actual data. Is there a workaround, a plugins which generates heat maps for instance of the cPanel features?
  20. A

    What is makewhatis.cron?

    Hello, I am getting daily emails from our server that contain the following: /etc/cron.daily/makewhatis.cron: /usr/sbin/makewhatis: line 446: /var/cache/man/whatis: Is a directory I did a search on these forums and Google and did not come up with this particular issue elsewhere. Can anyone...