1. Rajeeva Lochana

    SOLVED Connect to server through rdp?

    I would like to see my desktop of my server, my server's perationg system is Centos 6.10. It is a vps from godaddy. I always tried to connect to my server through rdp (Remote Desktop Connection) from windows 10 which I use in my laptop. It always returns an error. I either says rdp in server is...
  2. M

    Azure WAF and cPanel?

    Hi there I wonder if exist any experience using azure WAF working with a cpanel using internal IPs. I guess this is more an Azure WAF thread, but im really curious if some guy here is working with something like that.
  3. R

    SOLVED File doesn't exist ul_load_stats:7

    I'm getting this email everyday. /etc/cron.daily/logrotate: error: ul_load_stats:7 unknown option 'endscript' -- ignoring line The problem I can't see that this directory exist on my server. "ul_load_stats" At the following link is advice on what to do for this but again I don't find this...
  4. I

    SOLVED [DOC-12908] - Add Port 587 To Firewall Document

    Hi cPanel team, From what I can tell, exim listens on the submission port, 587, but it is not mentioned in the Firewall configuration KB. Can this be updated? How to Configure Your Firewall for cPanel Services - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation
  5. 4

    FTP and UDP ports

    The FTP protocol doesn't use UDP at all, so it isn't any surprise that cPanel's documentation doesn't suggest that you open port 20 and 21 UDP on the firewall. How to Configure Your Firewall for cPanel Services - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation However... I've been looking at our...
  6. M

    Suspicious Process Running Error

    Hello everyone. I have a problem like "Suspicious Process Running" but i can't find any error logs. Most Days I get several error mail like below.When this error occurs,can't access my website.I need to restart php-fpm or server for fix in that time. Network connection my server to mssql...
  7. M

    Rogue cron job on crontab

    Hello I have an issue with a cronjob that seems to be the one thats keeps on hacking websites to send spam . If i do the crontab -e it shows as below but i can't seem to be able to scroll down enough to delete it any ideas hopw i can tackle this ?
  8. E

    ABRT message

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM version 80.0.18 and when I logged via command line I get the message "ABRT has detected 1 problem(s). For more info run: abrt-cli list --since 1560931356" What is this? Best regards, Elizabeta
  9. Logesh K

    How to find which account is crawled by Bots?

    My server was on High load and high outgoing bandwidth. Upon checking with the iftop tool I found lot of IP's with hostname of the Bots - semrush, ahreafs, baidu were crawling the websites on my server. But I am unable to find out which account/domain was crawled by these bots. Can someone help...
  10. N

    Server connection timeout Cloudflare error 522

    A few hours ago I started receiving Cloudflare errors 522. - Removed - Ftp works fine WHM and CPanel works fine SSH works fine No Excessive server load The error only occurs when loading the websites and is intermittent. In a few minutes it goes well and then fails again. I didn´t modify...
  11. B

    Unable to enable quotas

    Same situation at my side. After upgrade to version 80, file system quotas has been disabled. It occurred on 2 separate instances. Clicking the button to enable file system quotas and rebooting, does not resolve the situation. I cannot enable file system quotas and the warning stay in place. In...
  12. P

    Understanding abusive access attempts in logs

    I am getting many whm panel hacking attempts, ip address is from Linode (hosting website), However when I block the ip address they start attack with new ip address ,See logs below: - - [06/27/2019:09:16:47 -0000] "#ST" 400 0 "-" "-" "-" "-" 2086 - -...
  13. P

    Error with authentication (PAM)

    My cron jobs have stopped working on my CentOS 7 server. The server is running WHM/cPanel. It seems like it is an issue with PAM service because in /var/log/secure I can see the following errors when the cron jobs try to run: Jun 24 10:45:01 server1 crond[22400]: pam_access(crond:account)...
  14. K

    Connection Failing & Timing Out

    Hello again cPanel Experts! Thank you for helping me to resolve my last issue, I really appreciate it! I have another perplexing problem that i'm hoping someone will be kind enough to offer advice on. I have a cPanel reseller account with access to my own WHM on a shared server I am hosting 4...
  15. F

    Error: Package: selinux-policy-3.13.1-229.el7_6.12.noarch (updates)

    Hello. I've been receiving error reports about /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/rpmup for weeks. I ran it manually also and the error messages are this: Error: Package: selinux-policy-3.13.1-229.el7_6.12.noarch (updates) Error: Package: selinux-policy-3.13.1-229.el7_6.12.noarch (updates) You could...
  16. A

    csf is being restarted, try again in a moment

    Hello, I've recently updated cPanel to the latest version after the exim bug, since then my CSF is acting up and restarting after every 5 to 15 minutes and this goes on constantly. Probably it wasn't a solution to my issue but I uninstalled CSF and installed it again. But the issue still...
  17. N

    The service “sshd” appears to be down

    Hi, Two questions: 1; Since yesterday I've been getting these notifications about the sshd service being down when it is not. Jun 18 20:35:36 web sshd[9282]: error: Bind to port XXXX on :: failed: Address already in use. Jun 18 20:35:36 web sshd[9282]: error: Bind to port XXXX on
  18. keat63

    Kernel Panic - Boot up Stalled

    I ran some updates this evening. After rebooting the server, it failed to restart. Luckily, my data centre quickly figured that it what he called a Kernel panic. He restored the previous Kernel, and got the server back up. Now I'm afraid to restart the yum update or reboot the server for fear...
  19. M

    Failed to connect to port 2083 Connection refused

    We have set up a WordPress multisite, using WP-ultimo. and while heading towards the domain mapping part, we were asked to add a snippet of code to the WP-config.php file ( code displayed below). When we try to add the domain as an alias to the account site, WP throws an error "Failed to...
  20. D

    How to implement video file?

    Hi everyone, I am new to cPanel and hope this is the right section for my inquiry. I am using Wordpress for my webpage and embedded a YouTube video on it. Problem is, the quality of the video file is mad low when I open my site so I was wondering if it's possible to upload the footage (mp4) to...