1. Spirogg

    In Progress CPANEL-40017 - When Clicking on Home »Server Status »Task Queue Monitor I get error in /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log

    what I Do is go the WHM> Home>Server Status check the Service Status then Check my Daily Process Log then Apache Status Then click on Task Queue Monitor then while in task Queue Monitor page Click the link on the top > Home »Server Status »Task Queue Monitor ( click this a few times 2-3)...
  2. R

    Changed cPanel password, FTP Password change has been queued

    I'm trying to reset the FTP password of one of our accounts. I bring up List accounts in WHM. I expand the account. Do the change password thing and I get that message. It "queued" the ftp password change. The password is not changed and I still cannot FTP into the account. Why is it...
  3. WebHostPro

    How can you stop a back up restoration?

    I went to restore a domain and in the middle had to stop it. But now in the Backup Restoration Page it still shows Monday, October 31, 2016 Restoring Account It has been showing now for 8 days as still restoring when I need to remove the account and fully stop it. I have rebooted cpanel...