1. jmginer

    Disable telnet server in cPanel

    Hello, as a security measure, we are considering disabling the telnet server. Would this create any conflict in the use of WHM/cPanel? Thank you.
  2. K

    Disable Exim local relay via Telnet

    Hello, One of my clients is complaining that he is able to connect to the server via telnet and send a test email to himself (spoofing himself) without authentication. Now I now this is by design but he thinks it is a security risk and someone can spoof him even if the emails are filtered into...
  3. H

    Telnet connection refused.

    telnet localhost 21 Trying ::1... telnet: connect to address ::1: Connection refused Trying telnet: connect to address Connection refused
  4. J

    How do I use telnet to log into imap?

    Hello, I apologize if this is not the correct place for this post.... I'm trying to use telnet to log into IMAP. I am doing this in an attempt to read all of the message bodies for a single account. And I want to concatenate all of them, they contain log output from a router. I have tried the...
  5. cPanelResources

    Tutorial How to check if a workstation can connect to a server port

    Testing ports using Telnet Email connections not working? Website seems offline from a certain location? Forgot your customized SSH port? There's many reasons you may want to test a connection to a specific port on a server to see if it is open, and (the best way) to do that is with Telnet...
  6. I

    SOLVED Does WHM/cPanel need/use Telnet?

    Hi guys, Noticed Telnet can be executed by any users with shell access (which is just me, but still haha). Does WHM/cPanel need it for anything? I'm going to remove read/execute for the Other group from the binary. Any objections?
  7. Y

    Block incoming Telnet connections

    Hello I wonder how can I block incoming connections via telnet. ? so that user can not send emails using telnet server ip 25/ Or Is there any way to enable authentication for smtp ? I am using cpanel 11.5 with exim Thanks Yatin
  8. Bashed

    telnet not found, won't install via yum

    root@server [~]# yum install telnet Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, security Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile Setting up Install Process No package telnet available. Error: Nothing to do Running Centos 6.5 64bit.
  9. craigedmonds

    telnet: command not found

    I need to test if my server can connect to nominet. I have checked firewall etc and nominet says I am not blocked but I need to prove to them that they are blocking me. I have tried running this: [root@mork ~]# telnet 700 -bash: telnet: command not found How do I...
  10. N

    Telnet access command

    Hi, I have to work with new one to check the WHM for domain status using telnet access.So kindly request to give the suggestion and guide with me.
  11. F

    telnet to port 80 in CPANEL gives access to wrong account

    [SOLVED] telnet to port 80 in CPANEL gives access to wrong account I have a VPS server running CPANEL, and I am trying to write a C++ program to interract with my web site. What I need to do is download a PHP file where the URL contains data I'm sending to the site, and the contents of the...
  12. K

    Disabling Telnet question

    I gave read guidelines how to disable Telnet. Decided to disable it, but when opening /etc/xinetd.d/telnet this file seems empty. Is there a problem? Should I simply add disable = yes and restart xinetd?
  13. P

    telnet welcome message

    Hi, When I type telnet 25, the telnet welcome message I got is as follows 220 ******************************0 ************200***2**2*2***0*00 Not able to get the hostname. I am having VPS. But when I telnet inside the server the welcome message receives fine with...
  14. I

    telnet & Counter

    I have these two questions. Can Anyone answer them? telnet window is unresponsive after login attempt - i need to create a symbolic file link. preview...
  15. F

    cPanel without Telnet

    Hi! I remember that I have read about making cPanel work pure HTML and not with Telnet. I just can't find the article anymore.. Anyone heard about this?
  16. A

    I have a port open, how can i telnet to it?

    I am trying to get a bash prompt, how do i do this? root@server [~]# telnet 69.xx.xx.xx 34375 Trying 69.xx.xx.xx... Connected to 69.xx.xx.xx. Escape character is '^]'. hi bash e^Hls ls lCan't fork pty, bye! Connection closed by foreign host.
  17. S


    How do i access telnet to my server? I Don't see a telnet/SSH button on my cPanel Index. I tried in my cmd "telnet <my server ip>" and "telnet <ip> 23" Yet it tried to connect aand then immeadiately closes. I urgently need to edit my ftp(ProFTPD) so I can enable fxp. Thanks in advance
  18. mickalo

    Enable Telnet

    Need to enable telnet temporarly.. and followed everything need to enable it, opened port 23 in our firewall IG_TCP_CPORTS (inbound ports), restarted xinetd and apf, changed the disable=yes to no in the /etc/xinetd.d/telnet file, but it still won't let me telnet into the server... just need to...
  19. S

    help ssh and telnet down

    Not sure whats happened but Telnet and ssh have gone down so i can get into the server via putty or sftp anyone know a fix for this?? ive run the backend, software and cpanel upgrades and no change... The error being thrown up over and over when i try and restart ssh is: Jan 11...
  20. K

    Any way to reenable SSH or telnet from WHM? i'm looked out!

    The subject says it all!! I have tried the "fix" to openssh and i have changed ssh configuration file to disable ssh (big mistake!) Now i don't have ssh access to my box. Any way to reenable it? I have tried almost anything, restart service, force reinstall of openssh (via whm) and...