1. cPanelResources

    Tutorial How to check if a workstation can connect to a server port

    Testing ports using Telnet Email connections not working? Website seems offline from a certain location? Forgot your customized SSH port? There's many reasons you may want to test a connection to a specific port on a server to see if it is open, and (the best way) to do that is with Telnet...
  2. I

    SOLVED Does WHM/cPanel need/use Telnet?

    Hi guys, Noticed Telnet can be executed by any users with shell access (which is just me, but still haha). Does WHM/cPanel need it for anything? I'm going to remove read/execute for the Other group from the binary. Any objections?
  3. Y

    Block incoming Telnet connections

    Hello I wonder how can I block incoming connections via telnet. ? so that user can not send emails using telnet server ip 25/ Or Is there any way to enable authentication for smtp ? I am using cpanel 11.5 with exim Thanks Yatin
  4. Bashed

    telnet not found, won't install via yum

    [email protected] [~]# yum install telnet Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, security Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile Setting up Install Process No package telnet available. Error: Nothing to do Running Centos 6.5 64bit.
  5. craigedmonds

    telnet: command not found

    I need to test if my server can connect to nominet. I have checked firewall etc and nominet says I am not blocked but I need to prove to them that they are blocking me. I have tried running this: [[email protected] ~]# telnet 700 -bash: telnet: command not found How do I...
  6. N

    Telnet access command

    Hi, I have to work with new one to check the WHM for domain status using telnet access.So kindly request to give the suggestion and guide with me.
  7. F

    telnet to port 80 in CPANEL gives access to wrong account

    [SOLVED] telnet to port 80 in CPANEL gives access to wrong account I have a VPS server running CPANEL, and I am trying to write a C++ program to interract with my web site. What I need to do is download a PHP file where the URL contains data I'm sending to the site, and the contents of the...
  8. K

    Disabling Telnet question

    I gave read guidelines how to disable Telnet. Decided to disable it, but when opening /etc/xinetd.d/telnet this file seems empty. Is there a problem? Should I simply add disable = yes and restart xinetd?
  9. P

    telnet welcome message

    Hi, When I type telnet 25, the telnet welcome message I got is as follows 220 ******************************0 ************200***2**2*2***0*00 Not able to get the hostname. I am having VPS. But when I telnet inside the server the welcome message receives fine with...
  10. I

    telnet & Counter

    I have these two questions. Can Anyone answer them? telnet window is unresponsive after login attempt - i need to create a symbolic file link. preview...
  11. F

    cPanel without Telnet

    Hi! I remember that I have read about making cPanel work pure HTML and not with Telnet. I just can't find the article anymore.. Anyone heard about this?
  12. A

    I have a port open, how can i telnet to it?

    I am trying to get a bash prompt, how do i do this? [email protected] [~]# telnet 69.xx.xx.xx 34375 Trying 69.xx.xx.xx... Connected to 69.xx.xx.xx. Escape character is '^]'. hi bash e^Hls ls lCan't fork pty, bye! Connection closed by foreign host.
  13. S


    How do i access telnet to my server? I Don't see a telnet/SSH button on my cPanel Index. I tried in my cmd "telnet <my server ip>" and "telnet <ip> 23" Yet it tried to connect aand then immeadiately closes. I urgently need to edit my ftp(ProFTPD) so I can enable fxp. Thanks in advance
  14. mickalo

    Enable Telnet

    Need to enable telnet temporarly.. and followed everything need to enable it, opened port 23 in our firewall IG_TCP_CPORTS (inbound ports), restarted xinetd and apf, changed the disable=yes to no in the /etc/xinetd.d/telnet file, but it still won't let me telnet into the server... just need to...
  15. S

    help ssh and telnet down

    Not sure whats happened but Telnet and ssh have gone down so i can get into the server via putty or sftp anyone know a fix for this?? ive run the backend, software and cpanel upgrades and no change... The error being thrown up over and over when i try and restart ssh is: Jan 11...
  16. K

    Any way to reenable SSH or telnet from WHM? i'm looked out!

    The subject says it all!! I have tried the "fix" to openssh and i have changed ssh configuration file to disable ssh (big mistake!) Now i don't have ssh access to my box. Any way to reenable it? I have tried almost anything, restart service, force reinstall of openssh (via whm) and...
  17. H

    Telnet Access

    Hello, Is there anyway to provide only TELNET without giving user access to SHELL?
  18. T

    telnet 110 port connection refused.

    Dear All; I am having a trouble with my redhat 7.3 c-panel box. I can't get to the port 110 for POP3... telnet localhost 110 gives me connection refused. I have already run setup in linux to get rid of the firewall but not seems to be working. netstat -a | grep pop3 only gives me...
  19. F

    How to disable telnet, but leave ssh available?

    I need to give ssh access, but I'd like to kill telnet.
  20. H

    Shutting off telnet

    I would really like to continue to provide ssh to my clients but would like to get rid of or turn off telnet access. At least for now. Is there an easy way to do this? I notice telnet is not mentioned in the service manager.