1. M

    telnet / ssh enable

    Hello, I\'ve installed cpanel on a server (this is the first time I\'ve done it myself... usually I have burst do it...) Anyways, I cannot figure out how to enable telnet / ssh. I had telnet enabled before I installed cpanel, but apparently when you install cpanel, it messes with xinetd...
  2. bert

    Telnet and CPanel

    I can\'t get to work the telnet feature on one of our servers. It never loads the applet. Any suggestions? Anything to look for? Thanks!
  3. J

    telnet error in 7.1 with cpanel

    this is what i get when i try to telnet locally on cpanel rh 7.1 box [email protected] [~]# telnet localhost Trying telnet: connect to address Connection refused Trying localhost... telnet: setsockopt (IP_TOS) (ignored): Operation not supported telnet: connect to address...
  4. Domenico

    Protect root dir for users using telnet

    Hello, Does someone know how I can protect the root dir from people snooping around? I think you can do it with chmod but how to use it with the root dir? Thank you.
  5. B

    Bandmin measures ftp, telnet traffic??

    I have just updated my bandmin to bandmin-0.92b7-0.noarch.rpm I am just wondering what exactly does it measure? Does it include telnet, ftp, email traffics? Or do I still have to rely on my MRTG? [Edited on 9/7/01 by besta]