1. H

    Shutting off telnet

    I would really like to continue to provide ssh to my clients but would like to get rid of or turn off telnet access. At least for now. Is there an easy way to do this? I notice telnet is not mentioned in the service manager.
  2. M

    telnet / ssh enable

    Hello, I\'ve installed cpanel on a server (this is the first time I\'ve done it myself... usually I have burst do it...) Anyways, I cannot figure out how to enable telnet / ssh. I had telnet enabled before I installed cpanel, but apparently when you install cpanel, it messes with xinetd...
  3. bert

    Telnet and CPanel

    I can\'t get to work the telnet feature on one of our servers. It never loads the applet. Any suggestions? Anything to look for? Thanks!
  4. J

    telnet error in 7.1 with cpanel

    this is what i get when i try to telnet locally on cpanel rh 7.1 box [email protected] [~]# telnet localhost Trying telnet: connect to address Connection refused Trying localhost... telnet: setsockopt (IP_TOS) (ignored): Operation not supported telnet: connect to address...
  5. Domenico

    Protect root dir for users using telnet

    Hello, Does someone know how I can protect the root dir from people snooping around? I think you can do it with chmod but how to use it with the root dir? Thank you.
  6. B

    Bandmin measures ftp, telnet traffic??

    I have just updated my bandmin to bandmin-0.92b7-0.noarch.rpm I am just wondering what exactly does it measure? Does it include telnet, ftp, email traffics? Or do I still have to rely on my MRTG? [Edited on 9/7/01 by besta]