1. L

    php-mysqlnd - Can I use Web Terminal for this from WHM/cPanel...? May I use instead, EasyApache4 to install this...?

    My PROBLEM SEEMS SOLVED BY: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/your-php-installation-appears-to-be-missing-the-mysql-extension-which-is-require-48/ BUT I HAVE A QUESTION: In my CENTOS 7.9 VPS Server from what folder install: sudo yum install php-mysqlnd I have many domains in this VPS, and...
  2. G

    Terminal tool - Error: The WebSocket handshake failed

    Hello - hope you're well. I'm trying to access the Terminal tool inside cPanel. I get this error: Error: The WebSocket handshake failed at 9:47:43 AM. I'm not using a VPN. I have tried with both Firefox and Chrome. Rebooting my PC didn't help. I have tried to login from both of these...
  3. G

    SOLVED Set a default locale for all users when accessing terminal/ssh

    Hi, I have a little problem that might be a locale issue. When I access a file with the nano via terminal and this file has accent, it is not shown. when querying the locale, the following is returned (access via user account): So I set the root account locale to pt_BR.utf8 I would...
  4. H

    Using terminal to list accounts and other basic commands

    Hello friends, maybe my question seems very basic but I don't know if I'm wrong, I access WHM through the terminal. pwd / root It shows me that I am in the root of the server where the cPanel accounts are located or how ready are the cPanel accounts? I need to access some of them as root to...
  5. H

    Error Cloudlinux LVE [install alt-python27-pip]

    Good evening friends, I am trying to install PIP on the server in a general way so that one of my users can use the pip command, as I use @CloudLinux Skhristich the installation command is: yum install alt-python27-pip after done I launch the command pip -V root @ server [~] # pip -V bash...
  6. J

    SOLVED Terminal Not Accessible

    Hi! I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but here it is: I was told I can find the terminal under home>advanced>terminal in cPanel. It's not there. Then I was told to go to website.com/whm and turn it on, with username (root) and password. I never set up an account or password for...
  7. C

    SOLVED TErminal prompt never references my repo

    My repo was setup using cPanel Git™ Version Control. Problem (though minor) - the cPanel Terminal prompt always starts one level higher than the actual repo. When i was setting up the repo it asked me where i should set the repo and i specified 'public_html' where it can correctly be seen with...
  8. JAB Creations

    Terminal command to run AutoSSL only for specific domain?

    Is there a terminal command to run AutoSSL only for a specific domain?
  9. S

    Terminal and greylist in whm and filemanager in cpanel are blank page

    I tried many times /scripts/upcp --force but didn't help Many apps in whm and cpanel showing blank pages What should i do to fix this problem
  10. O

    Terminal in WHM

    Hi I am wondering about the mechanism in which the terminal in WHM works, is it treaded as an SSH session that is initiated by the browser? Thx.
  11. O

    Terminal Missing from WHM. Not appearing in the WHM

    Terminal Missing from WHM. Not appearing in the WHM
  12. K

    SOLVED Fix cPanel Web Services Configuration from terminal

    Hi, cPanel don't open after I updated cPanel Web Services Configuration TLS/SSL Protocols. I just wants to configure TLS1.2 so I updated this field wrongly and WHM not works anymore. Here is changed value: SSLv23:!SSLv2:!SSLv3:!TLSv1:!TLSv1_1 to SSLv23:!SSLv2:!SSLv3:!TLSv1:!TLSv1_1:!TLSv1_2...
  13. H

    The Root Folders in WHM Terminal

    WHM--->Server Configuration--->Terminal---> What are all the folders and files in here for latest WHM and Centos 7.7? cpanel3-skel kernelcare-latest-7.rpm perl5 tmp are what I have. Can I delete all but cpanel3-skel? Just want to clean up a little bit.
  14. jmginer

    Increase terminal vertical lines / size

    Hello, how we can resize the terminal to increase the number of lines in vertical? or to adjust to the browser window? Thanks!
  15. cetiner

    WHM Terminal Interface slowed down

    The terminal interface SSH is very slowly. The system have not a heavy load, the network isn't busy, no proxys. The resolver is using the resolver IPs from data center. If I type something into the terminal interface, it have a delayed time of some milliseconds. It is like in slow motion.
  16. J

    WHM Terminal Not Showing server name or prompt

    Hi, I have an odd issue in which I am not seeing the command prompt or server name. Will running a reset command reset that terminal the same way as if i'm ssh'd in? any other thoughts or options? maybe force a upcp?
  17. P

    WHM Terminal and sshd-config setting PermitRootLogin to no

    Security Advisor warns me that "SSH direct root logins are permitted" and recommends that I change the /etc/ssh/sshd-config parameter PermitRootLogin to "no". If I do that will I still be able to log into root using the WHM feature "Terminal" that is listed under "Server Configuration" ?
  18. H

    SOLVED Activate Terminal WHM

    Hi, I have the following question: how can I activate the section called "Terminal" in WHM? This is located at: HOME >> Server Configuration >> Terminal (Attachment capture showing one of the servers) I see that only one of the servers has this section enabled, I have been reviewing WHM but I...
  19. I

    cPanel Terminal allows users to browse the server

    Very cool with the new terminal feature in cPanel that allows users to use terminal directly from their cPanel account. What really makes me worried, is the fact that users can "cd" all the way up to the root of the server and browse "dev" and "etc" folders and so on.. I believe this is a...
  20. G

    SOLVED SSH Access & Terminal not active?

    Hello, I have a problem viewing the module: Terminal on CPANEL. some accounts create on my server do not have access to this topic. This can happen on a domain added to a reseller account (the main domain of the reseller account does not have this options too). In the "Feature Manager" section...