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    WHM Terminal and sshd-config setting PermitRootLogin to no

    Security Advisor warns me that "SSH direct root logins are permitted" and recommends that I change the /etc/ssh/sshd-config parameter PermitRootLogin to "no". If I do that will I still be able to log into root using the WHM feature "Terminal" that is listed under "Server Configuration" ?
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    cPanel Terminal allows users to browse the server

    Very cool with the new terminal feature in cPanel that allows users to use terminal directly from their cPanel account. What really makes me worried, is the fact that users can "cd" all the way up to the root of the server and browse "dev" and "etc" folders and so on.. I believe this is a...
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    SOLVED SSH Access & Terminal not active?

    Hello, I have a problem viewing the module: Terminal on CPANEL. some accounts create on my server do not have access to this topic. This can happen on a domain added to a reseller account (the main domain of the reseller account does not have this options too). In the "Feature Manager" section...
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    SOLVED WHM Terminal missing on VPS

    Hello, I have some dedicated servers running CentOS 6 and 7, some with Cloudlinux and not issues with the Terminal function on WHM as root (WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Terminal) But on servers running Virtuozzo or KVM the same function not show. This function: Terminal in WHM -...
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    Server down after reboot command (post 76 upgrade)

    Hi, At first, sorry about my English. I have 2 server and they running cPanel. One of them version is 74.0.10 other below 72 I guess 68.xx.xx. In 72 and above we can running the "Terminal" so I was try to update my server WHM from 68.xx.xx to 76.0.4. After update, I was rebooted. After...
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    SOLVED [CPANEL-22645] Shells spawned via cPanel Terminal inherit memory limits from cpsrvd

    Hello, our webhost directed us here since he was out of ideas as well, so let me try to sum up what is happening. If you need anything else, please let me know. So, the issue arises using composer from within cpanel terminal It not happens via whm terminal and using 'su user' to execute the...
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    Terminal missing in WHM

    I need to access the terminal to update curl on my CentOS distribution. However, I cannot locate the terminal in WHM, and do not have root access from my cPanel user account. According to the docs, the terminal should be located in Home > Server Configuration, but I do not see it. I have tried...
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    SOLVED [CPANEL-22226] cpsrvd websocket process (Terminal feature) hangs and uses 100% CPU

    Hello it has been some hours now that this process running and consuming CPU for an unknown reason, i can't figure out what it servs or what it is doing. it all happned since my update to V74. . .
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    Disable WHM terminal access or restrict it by IP?

    I understand how convenient is the WHM/cPanel Terminal. However, we need to disable it. The cPanel/WHM Terminal feature bypasses security restrictions such as requiring SU to login, IP Restrictions on Port 22. You must see the security implications of having Terminal enabled on the root WHM...
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    SOLVED [CPANEL-20490] cPanel terminal feature and CageFS

    Hello, I am writing about this to try to find the best configuration for a cPanel v72 that has the Terminal feature enabled. For this to be enabled, you have to enable it in WHM -> Feature Manager -> SSH Access & Terminal and also enable shell or jailed shell for the user in WHM -> Manage Shell...
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    [CPANEL-21486] Feature Showcase instructions imply there's always an "Enable" button

    My cPanel/WHM recently displayed a Feature Showcase message about the new Terminal feature. It says I can select Enable next to the features I want to use, then click Save Settings. But I don't see an option for the Terminal feature. If I click Save Settings, am I enabling the new feature for...
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    Manage features API questions

    Hello, cPanel 72.0 (build 5) Ok, help me understand this: - is the "SSH Access & Terminal" feature called "ssh" or "terminal"? - Is this feature enabled by default in 72? If so, why? - I see that there is a /var/cpanel/disable_whm_terminal_ui file that can be created, is there a cpanel side...