1. E

    Transfer tool - what from WHM is copied

    Hello, I read the Transfer Tool article, Transfer Tool | cPanel & WHM Documentation, and it looks like this tool is mostly about copying cPanel accounts, hence I didn't see in it any exact list of what from WHM can be copied to the new installation. Since WHM is the global base of the...
  2. D

    Empty mailbox after migration with transfer tool

    Hello, I just moved my CPanel from a server to another everything went smooth exept for the mailboxes are empty !!! Any help please
  3. P

    Transfer tool without DNS changes

    Does anyone have any experience making a customised packaging modules in “/var/cpanel/lib/Whostmgr/Pkgacct”? I like the transfer tool particularly for the proxy services it adds to accounts when doing a "live transfer", however there are situations where I don't want it to touch the DNS. Is...
  4. Q

    Transfer accounts in DNS Cluster

    Hello, I want to transfer all accounts from one server to another. Let's call them and uses DNS Cluster, in that there are 2 nameservers, let's call them and We want to use those nameservers also in...
  5. S

    Plesk refuse access to cPanel transfer tool

    Hi all, I try to transfer all hosting accounts from Plesk to cPanel via cPanel transfer tool but i get the error: (XID 8n46g3) The system failed to connect to “Plesk_IP” on port “22” because of an error: Connection refused Failed to establish session and parse security token: 599 Internal...
  6. tbutler

    SOLVED Live Transfer Reports Hostname Not Resolving Locally

    I'm trying to transfer accounts between my old server (CentOS 7) and my new server (AlmaLinux 8) that are both running cPanel 106.0.11. I have a DNS cluster between the two of them at the moment. I transferred over the account that has the server's own hostname and manually edited its zone to...
  7. S

    Transfer Tool 'Live Transfer' does not proxy Webmail

    Checked and I don't believe this has been raised before. We've completed another migration using Transfer Tool's 'Live Transfer' but ran into an issue where user's normal Webmail logins failed post transfer. Seems the failure is because 'Live Transfer' proxies web & email traffic but not...
  8. H

    Restore cPanel account

    I have a cPanel account, which has been transferred in passive mode through ftp, this account has 70GB I have the file in: /home/cpaneluser/backup.tar.gz I generally download and upload the backups and restore through ftp up to 10GB or up to 15GB but 70GB I don't see it very convenient besides...
  9. H

    SOLVED CPANEL-38651 - Cpanel transferred from home2 to home directory from another server

    i have transferred cPanel's full backup from a hosting which shows Home2/username but where i transferred that shows /home/username so my site is not connecting and not working. can anyone tell me how to move from directory home2 to home? i have root access of /home/username server but would...
  10. V

    Transfer tool issue

    Dear team, We are not able to use the transfer tool. we are trying to transfer accounts from one WHM server to another but getting error. Please find the attachment. Firewall and VPN everything all disabled but still not able to connect. We are waiting for your help. Thanks Vijay,
  11. X

    Help with error using Transfer Tool

    We have a new cPanel/WHM VPS running Centos 7.8 Cpanel V90.0.16 and when attempting to use the Transfer Tool to transfer a domain from one running Centos 6.10 and cPanel V86.0.31 we get the error message shown below. (XID cuxw2n) The system failed to connect to “” on port...
  12. D

    Accounts Transfer Issues

    i am moving from one cento 7 server to another centos 7 servers with whm on both using the transfer tool but getting so many errors i managed to move some account but some just won't go over here is just one of the errors The system failed to grant privileges on the database “clerkenw_wp115”...
  13. Rogerio

    SOLVED Problem searching emails via Roundcude after transfering account

    Hello, A client was hosted in one server and I moved it to another. Both cPanel v78, transferred via Transfer Tool. After the migration, the search box stopped working for old emails in webmail (Roundcube). When searching, Roundcube only find emails after the migration. Solr is installed, and...
  14. 3

    Unable to Copy Some Accounts with User Password

    Hi Guys, I am using Copy An Account From Another Server with an Account Password options to copy from reseller account. I copied many accounts, but some accounts shows me error! The error messages are below: (username and IP has been changed due to privacy & security) ------------------...
  15. A

    Automatically set Reseller's Shared IP as account's IP During Transfer?

    I have two servers with cpanel, and i have root access to both of them. I want to transfer accounts from server 1 to server 2. The accounts will be moved to same reseller account on new server, i mean the cpanel accounts including the reseller account will be transferred. On the new server i...
  16. C

    Transfer sites to another server no root access

    I have multiple domains and would like to migrate everything (web, email, databases) but most importantly email accounts, email box contents and passwords. I do not have root. I have performed a "complete" backup on Hostgator. It is my understanding from Go Daddy Support Tech that the "complete"...
  17. M

    You cannot remove the domain because it is still configured for HTTP use error

    I have two servers, one runs on a CentOS 6.1 system, this is an older server and I am migrating accounts across to a newer server on CentOS 7.6 . Up to today, my process has been: 1) Transfer account; 2) Update DNS wth name registers 3) Set a email forward from the account email to a server...
  18. W

    Advice for server migration

    Hello. In the next few days (around 10-15 days) I will perform a server migration. The process is clear to me, I have done it before. But with this client I have a "but" or "difficulty" that I have not had before and I do not know how to deal with it. In the time it takes to spread the dns, you...
  19. V

    Using the WHM Transfer Tool Guidance

    Hi guys, could really use some peace of mind! Just want to make sure I'm doing everything right before I actually do it so I don't mess anything up. So a quick summary, we have a website hosted on with CENTOS 6.9 + WHM v78.0.17 and we run WHMCS on it, we have been in business for 5+...
  20. N

    Best Practice for Migration

    Hi We have a physical server running CentOS 5 32bit and cPanel. We want to migrate it to a VM running CentOS 7 64 bit cPanel. What is the best way to approach this? Thanks