1. C

    2FA doesnt work all of a sudden

    I'm using 2FA, I have done it for a long time and everything works well (until now). I have a VPS with WHM and one cPanel user. The cPanel user cant log in with 2FA all of a sudden. I have to go to WHM and disable 2FA to be able to login. What can this be, and how do I fix it, Im a bit...
  2. F

    Questions about enabling Two-Factor Authentication

    Hello, I was looking forward enabling 2FA for some accounts on my WHM server, i created accounts by creating domains such as username.user because in the documentation about creating a domainless user there was a warning discouraging people from creating those for administrator accounts as it...
  3. I

    SOLVED App for Android bypassing 2FA

    Hello All, I recently revisited my interest in trying to manage some basic functions for my WHM servers via Android app, and the below one seemed to be decently rated in the Google Play Store. I recalled having read how these apps may not function correctly with 2FA enabled, so I wasn't...
  4. R

    Filtering automatic login to WHM from WHMCS

    Hello. I've a WHMCS install, which manages two different cPanel servers. My "reseller users" may login to WHM: directly, accessing the cPanel server WHM interface, using username + password + 2FA or from their own WHMCS account (simply clicking on "login to WHM"), without the need to use...
  5. M

    2 factor not being enforced consistently via http

    I switched on two factor the other day both for SSH and for WHM access. I have noticed that if I do not click the logout button in WHM when I am done (just close the window) then the next time I go to log into WHM it doesn't ask me for the second factor. Even if it is many hours since the last...
  6. F

    2FA on two mobile devices?

    Is it possible to setup Two Factor Authentication on two mobiles? We have a situation where I'm home-office based and need a login and the main office needs a login too. Regards Wayne
  7. S

    Questions About Two-Factor Authentication

    @cPanelLauren, I agree that setting the shell to noshell is important and will do that. Should I create a new thread for this question? I want some information on two factor authentication. Using the Microsoft services, whenever we login, we have to grab a code off our cells using the...
  8. WebHostPro

    SOLVED How can you disable two form authentication via root command?

    I have a customer that set up two form authentication and forgot the details. How do I disable it from the root command line?
  9. A

    Two-Factor Authentication with ssh disabled

    Hello I have a VPS account with WHM installed I have SSH disabled for security reason I want to turn on 2 factor Autherization with Google Authenicator my question is if I loose access to my phone or the Google app malfunctions for any reason like sync with server>>>> Will the host provider be...
  10. darwin7

    Question about Two Factor Auth

    Good morning I'm planning to implement Two Factor Authentication on my server. But I have this doubts: - What happen and how I can login to WHM if I loose (or got stolen) my cell phone? Or if the Auth App is accidentally uninstalled? Another question, please: how I can assign Two Factor Auth...
  11. D

    2FH Disable

    I have VPS using WHM on go daddy. I had the 2FA enabled. Recently my tablet that I used for the code after logging in was destroyed. Go Daddy says there is nothing they can do to disable 2FA from their end. I can't gain access to the root. Is there a way to get into the server without...
  12. M

    SOLVED Disable Two Factor Authentication with SSH from rescue system

    Need instructions how to disable 2FA via SSH from linux rescue system.
  13. E

    Two Step Auth. in cPanel?

    Hello Dear Sir/Madam, Do you have Two Step Auth. in cPanel? Thank You. Kind Regards. Have A Nice Day. Best Regards, Ersin.O
  14. R

    SOLVED 2FA Login in Different Browsers

    I'm trying to allow an assistant to login to WHM and cPanel via 2FA. I understand I need to share the same QR code for authorization and I've figured that out and have the authorization codes matching on different devices. My problem is I cannot login on different browsers. I'm not even trying...
  15. C

    SOLVED Security Policy requires exec termination

    Internal Server Error 500 Security Policy requires exec termination. cpsrvd/ Server a xx trying to disable SF2 as did not update when I got a new phone, so I googled and saw to do this but now its broken my ability to login to cpanel and whm.. mv -v...
  16. C

    2FA enabled, what if I lose my phone

    If I enable 2FA for the root account, what happens if I lose my phone? Can I still somehow gain Access to my WHM?
  17. M

    Two Factor Authentication Invalid Code Error

    Hey guys, Last week n a bit ive been having issues with the 2 factor on WHM. When i set the 2 factor up the code works. It will continue to work for a few hours then it will start saying invalid code. I then have to login to ssh and action whmapi1 twofactorauth_disable_policy login and set...
  18. I

    SOLVED Disable 2FA via SSH?

    Hi guys, Is it possible to disable 2FA via SSH>root? Considering creating a Feature Request as I lost my phone the other week and thought I was stuffed. Luckily I found it again shortly after!
  19. Sujoy Dhar

    SOLVED I cant login to WHM due to Two Factor Authentication

    It was running well and suddenly today I cant access the WHM and step two verification is mentioning as Wrong. I am also not having the ssh enabled in my server. Now how can I login to WHM please help me
  20. K

    SOLVED No response from subprocess (securitypolicy):

    I'm on a dedicated server and sine the automatic edge of cpanel i'm getting this error after login in to WHM(only after) Internal Server Error 500 No response from subprocess (securitypolicy): The subprocess reported error number 255 when it ended. cpsrvd/11.61.9999.66 Server at server I...