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    Internal Server Error 500 Security Policy requires exec termination.

    I'm getting this every-time when i try to login to WHM or cPanels account where i setup 2FA ......
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    Does enabling "Two-Factor Authentication" do it server-wide?

    Hello, If I enable the "Two-Factor Authentication" option in the Security Center of WHM... will this enable/force two-factor authentication for EVERY SINGLE cpanel user on the entire server? In other words, can individual resellers enable/disable two-factor authentication themselves...
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    Securing cPanel on shared hosting

    I'm looking to secure my cPanel login page (beyond just a strong password) and much of what I've read on Google points to using WebHost Manager options but my shared host (GoDaddy) doesn't include WHM in their economy Linux cPanel plan. Besides changing hosts or upgrading plans, do I have any...
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    Two Factor Authentication Question

    I have a question. I am clear that if a user loses his phone, and in your account have activated 2FA. I as root can enter to WHM and can disable that user in 2FA, so that user can reconfigure on another phone 2FA. My question is, if I activate the 2FA for the root account and the phone is lost...
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    Two-Factor Authentication

    I lost my smartphone and Two-Factor Authentication is on my smartphone, how to disable witch ssh access sorry for my english
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    How to disable 2FA after phone app got deleted by accident

    Hi Guys Need help with my WHM I have a WHM with 2FA (two factor authentication ) enabled and had a google authenticate app on my iphone 6.# Today, i accidentally lost my data on my iphone and could not restore my iphone and i dont have the backup of iphone. now I cannot get into my whm with 2FA...
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    CloudLinux upgrade and two-factor authentication

    Hi there, I'm new to Cpanel and have been having trouble upgrading my standard CPanel installation to CloudLinux. My problem is that when i did the upgrade on my server, i had the two-factor authentication activated for my root account.. The upgrade itself went very smoothly without any...
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    Disable Two Factor Authentication through Command Line

    Hi! I enabled 2FA and it works very well. Thank you. Just in case my smartfone is lost/stolen, I was looking on how to reset 2FA through SFTP/Command Line. After resetting 2FA, I can login into the server and setup a new authentication in a new smartfone. However, I could not find the...