1. W

    Migration from Centos 7 with Mariadb 10.5 to Ubuntu 20.04 with Mysql 8

    I have read that Ubuntu 20.04 comes installed with MYSQL 8 and Cpanel only supports that. My origin server is currently running Mariadb 10.5 (10.6 is the latest) and i plan to use the transfer tool to move each account to the new Ubuntu server with MYSQL 8. Will I have any issues with this...
  2. K

    Trying to make PHP 5.6 available using an EasyApache 4 custom profile, but it says it will not install unsupported packages?

    I know that PHP 5.6 is a security risk, but I have some very old sites that use mysql_connect(), so I would like to install it on an Ubuntu machine. I'm trying to install it with an EasyApache 4 custom profile, but it says it will not install unsupported packages. What else do I need to do to...
  3. bellwood

    Ubuntu 22.04 LTS support?

    Wondering what the outlook for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS support is looking like? 20.04 LTS is only going to give ~2 years of support, ending in April of 2025 however 22.04 LTS is good through April 2027. If I'm going to fork truck my cPanel fleet to Ubuntu, I want to get as much time as possible out...
  4. V

    Ubuntu fresh install mariadb database server

    Hello On our Ubuntu 20.04 server, we were able to use the mariadb server by adding the line mysql-version=10.5 to the /root/cpanel_profile/cpanel.config file, but this setting no longer works. I see an error during the installation phase and the installation does not continue; 2022-12-23...
  5. W

    Mod_Pagespeed EasyApache 4 - Ubuntu 20.0.4

    Hello Everyone, so we just setup a new server, opting for Ubuntu 20 instead of Centos due to Centos losing support in 6~ months. When provisioning EA4 we noticed the mod_pagespeed module is not listed. Does anyone know how I can install this please?
  6. E

    Softaculous & Ubuntu 20.04 and error "sh: 1: yum: not found"

    I can't install Softaculous on Ubuntu. Below is the error, and to me it seems pretty obvious that the Softaculous script is still expecting a Redhat compatible OS instead of a Debian compatbile OS. 1. The (official) instructions I followed...
  7. V

    Ubuntu cpanel install failed (EA4)

    Hello When I want to install cpanel on Ubuntu 20.04, I see the following error and the installation cannot be done. *** [2022-05-30 14:39:15 +0000] [62279] (DEBUG): Cpanel::Exception::FeatureNotEnabled/(XID pdjkhe) “PHP” is not installed on the system. [2022-05-30...
  8. Spirogg

    Hostname SSL issue Null Stale CSR on ubuntu

    hi i tried some of the temp fixes but some don't run on ubuntu here is the error @cPRex anyway to resolve this? The following cPanel service generated warnings from the checkallsslcerts script. ⚠ cpanel The system failed to acquire a signed certificate from the cPanel Store because of...
  9. O

    Migrate Centos to Ubuntu

    Greetings all. Centos is EOL and Ubuntu is now LTS. What is the recommended pathway to migrate a Centos server to Ubuntu. The account migration process described in the docs here says makes sure the OS is the same from server to server. I am not a full-time IT person, and certainly not a...
  10. V

    In Progress EA-10491 - Ubuntu Easyapache 4 gmp support

    Hi Why is php gmp support not available in Ubuntu easyapache 4?
  11. Spirogg

    SOLVED can't change color to cPanel left menu in Ubuntu cPanel 102.08 after 1st color change ?

    Hello, I was just testing the color changer in theme manager for Jupiter theme, I had changed the color to lets call it maroon color, I am colorblind (lol) but then today I went into theme Manager to change the color to default and it's stuck on the first l=color I change it too.. even after...
  12. I

    In Progress CPANEL-40281 - Logwatch issue with cPanel on Ubuntu

    Hi, I just got Ubuntu 20 and set it up with cPanel. I found one issue with package dependencies when trying to install logwatch: root@server:~# apt install logwatch Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done The following package was automatically...
  13. Spirogg

    SOLVED Ubuntu ModenManager is this needed for cPanel

    Hi I’ve install csf in Ubuntu cPanel 102.08 and it’s showing to stop and disable ModemManager Is this needed for Ubuntu and cPanel to function correctly or should this be disabled ? thanks
  14. Spirogg

    In Progress CPANEL-40251 - While using Ubuntu a cPanel email shows wrong logs to search for

    Hello sorry I do t k ow how to word this any better. I have been testing Ubuntu and cPanel 102.08 more today. I got an error email and it says this below Log Messages The system could not provide log messages for “nginx” because it failed to read all of the potential log files with the...
  15. B

    Assign IPV6 to Ubuntu

    Trying config ipv6 without success No networkmanager in ubuntu when try config for ipv6 /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml Server eth connection missing and need a rescue reboot to roll back network config and access to server Can someone help with this? Thank You
  16. M

    cPanel in Ubuntu

    Hi, cPanel in Ubuntu is STABLE? Is it worth migrating from CentOS as cPanel to Ubuntu with cPanel?
  17. V

    SOLVED ZC-9104 - Ubuntu mod_lsapi support

    Hi there I can't see mod_lsapi packages among easyapache4 apache modules on the cpanel test server I installed on ubuntu.
  18. Spirogg

    keep getting xx-xx-xx-xx.cprapid.com in my SSL certificates under my hostname in Ubuntu cpanel setup

    I setup dev cpanel account with Ubuntu cPanel 102.2 I added my ns1 ns2 and IP address I changed hostname to server2.mydomain.tld I performed a dns cleanup restarted DNS restarted named via ssh soft reboot of server went to terminal and ran /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts then got a few...
  19. Spirogg

    SOLVED CPANEL-40005 - Ubuntu cPanel Security advisor still shows yum update instead of apt-get

    A KernelCare update is available. You must take one of the following actions to ensure the system is up-to-date: Patch the kernel (run “kcarectl --update” on the command line). Update the system (run “yum -y update” on the command line), and reboot the system. not sure where to post the...
  20. V

    In Progress UPS-428 - Ubuntu litespeed not working

    Hi After installing litespeed on the server with Ubuntu, when we want to make a litespeed switch, litespeed is not active because the httpd module is not recognized. root@server:/usr/local/lsws/admin/misc# ./cp_switch_ws.sh lsws Detected cPanel WHM Environment Failed to stop httpd.service...