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    cPanel University Issue

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    cPanel University problems

    Hello, I'm having problems completing some courses in the cPanel university. cPHulk in WHM SSL in WHM Since I haven't found a method from the University course pages to send an error report Im asking here what to do exactly to complete this courses as well.
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    Unable to start EasyApache4 Lesson in cPanel University

    Hello! I have been taking the cPanel University courses off and on, and have completed a few courses bu have had to bypass the Easy Apache section because it will not start the course. I click on it and it loads the interface, but the usual play button in the center that begins the course...
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    Cpanel University: Email problem registering

    Hello Basically, I missed the creation process and instead of creating within the area of the company I work for, I created it outside (the cpanel university account). Soon after, I deleted this account but when I try to create it right again, this error pops up: Someone is already using this...
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    Adding company to cPanel University?

    Hello, I would like to add my company name in the comapny list under cPanel University. Our staffs would like to enroll and get certified, so while signing up I can see a lot of company names there and would like to add mine there as well. Regards, Max Miles
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    Problem with cPanel University

    Hello cPanel Team! I'm new in cPanel. I'm starting with courses cPanel University. Currently, I'm doing "cPanel & WHM Administrator" and I have the following problems: In the "Databases administration in WHM" course I completed the unit "Managing Users and Passwords" , however, system doesn't...
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    SOLVED Cpanel University is there a chat or group I can join for help?

    Hello, I have been working my way through the cpanel courses and learning a lot. However I seem to be stuck on the final exam for the cPanel & WHM CLI administrator 1 test. I was wondering if there was a chat or group I could join to discuss some of the questions I am confused on. I have...
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    Installing Composer at University

    Hi, I am new into the world of server side programming and servers. So please forgive me if im asking something stupid. I need to install composer - the dependency manager for PHP in my University Computer, but having problems due to access issues because installing it on windows requires me to...
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    cPanel university questions

    Hi, I have few questions about cPanel university. 1. I have passed test but I didn't received any confirmation on mail, only I can see that I'm passed in university administration. 2. When I will receive certificate in PDF and when original to my address? 3. I have sent email to...