1. R

    upcp reset SSL certs?

    When checkec my email this morning, I got a warning that my server SSL cert had changed. Once I got my email the upcp mail that ran this morning was odd.. it was 3 weeks late, from Dec 13. I checked my logs, and I didn't receive an email for 12/13. According to the email, cpanel was upgraded...
  2. J

    Mysql upcp - using wget.....test failed

    What is up with all those mysql mirrows when updating cpanel ???? using wget......test failed or it's ok and ...done! But why use 10-20 different url's - just download the stuff from one working mirror. often it just hangs there to - 20% or something
  3. L

    latest Cpanel upcp fix

    hello, if anyone experiences that bind won't start suddenly or 'named' is an unknown user and therefore prevents 'named' from being started, here's the fix. add this entry to your /etc/passwd file. named:x:25:25:Named:/var/named:/sbin/nologin The details why a cpanel update breaks...
  4. E

    Serious Problem with cpanel and whm & upcp

    Cpanel wont load fully. It stops at "Hosting package" Many features in WHM dont work, change a sites ip, etc upcp, will not run, no error, it just hangs. This is what i get when I strace /scripts/upcp --- SIGCHLD (Child exited) --- rt_sigaction(SIGINT, {SIG_DFL}, NULL, 8) = 0...
  5. E

    [CentOS] upcp or nightly upcp overwrites issues

    Nightly upcp or upcp overwrites "chattr +i /usr/sbin/proftpd" on CentOS. Furthermore, upcp overwrites "/usr/local/apache/htdocs/index.html" SATA drives can't be recognized under WHM. hope this is helpful for new CentOS users. http://bugzilla.cpanel.net/show_bug.cgi?id=1786 Ref: cPanel...
  6. 1

    how to stop UPCP updating my MRTG install

    Hi, I have installed MRTG successfully on my centos server and find it invaluble, the only problem is that every night when UPCP runs cpanel things its doing me a favour and updates MRTG. This would be great if it didnt break it, how can I stop cpanel updating mrtg? :confused: thanks,
  7. manokiss

    in whm compilers txt allways say enabled after upcp

    Hi, We have compilers disabled in the server, but everytime we run upcp and update cpanel the txt at tweak security-->compilers keeps showing "compilers are enabled". This is happening to someone else? thank you!
  8. nyjimbo

    Ruby seg fault daily and on manual upcp ?

    It seems that for the past few nights (maybe longer) when the nightly upcp script runs I get a seg fault on ruby. I have the scripts set to do manual updates only and no port updates. Here is what is mailed to me : PHP version file is up to date Cpanel updates are coming from...
  9. T

    hackcheck(OwN3D???) & BAD in upcp.

    I received the following mails from installing whm/cpanel. ----------------- Subject: [hackcheck] miniroot has a uid 0 account IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email.This message is to inform you that the account miniroot has user id 0 (root privs). This could mean that your system was...
  10. F

    upcp get stuck!!!!!

    Hello I am getting following error on my WHM Security A Security hole has been discovered in the cPanel's frontpage installer and backup handler. To resolve the problem: Please Click Here to Upgrade Severity: Though i click on the option it does not upgrade the...
  11. C

    UPCP & Cron Daily Running more than once

    Hi Yah, Over the last few weeks I've started noticing that cron is running UPCP & the cron daily checks more than once a day. Yesterday I received 5 emails from the server showing the UPCP updates and today I receive 6 emails showing me the output of the cron.daily routines that have been...
  12. F

    upcp script - packages not found

    the upcp script is telling me the follow log message: The following packages you requested were not found: iconv jpeg xpm png for the name of the packages I presume is an error somewhere. Would Anybody minds helping me to fix this issue? Francisco :confused:
  13. M

    MDcheck sum errors and corrupt file issues during upcp

    We are seeing this on one sever everytime upcp runs bzip2: Compressed file ends unexpectedly; perhaps it is corrupted? *Possible* reason follows. bzip2: Success Input file = /usr/local/cpanel/./base/docs/whm/FAQ.htm-cpanelsync.bz2, output file =...
  14. D

    SOLVED: Latest upcp killed exim on Freebsd

    It appears, once again, that the latest upcp has killed exim again. This time to the point where /scripts/exim4 would not rebuild/reinstall it. After being down for a couple of hours, we finally realilzed that exim was no longer installed...and the above script wouldn't resolve it. Here was...
  15. A

    upcp Current Tree

    ./upcp upgrades to 9.9 Current -59 However, see this error: Updating addon type:scripts addon:InvisionBoard version:latest.......Done Updating addon type:scripts addon:action version:latest....rsync: link_stat "action" (in addonscripts) failed: No such file or directory (2) client...
  16. G

    upcp overwrites exim.conf

    Hi, I've made a modification to exim.conf to handle aliased domains. Anyway, the problem I'm having is that every time I run upcp, it seems to restore the dist version of exim.conf (ie. any changes get thrown out). Any ideas? Thanks
  17. jough

    /cpanel/ forbidden on all accounts after latest Stable upcp

    The last time /scripts/upcp ran it messed up access to domain.com/cpanel. Now it just gives a Forbidden error when any one of my accounts tries to log into cPanel. I can still access cPanel from domain.com:2082 or https://domain.com:2083 but the alias fails. Also, domain.com/cgi-bin gives...
  18. C

    Hang on upcp

    Hi all, When I try to update cPanel from the WHM interface, it always hangs after getting to "portsentry is up to date.." etc: ... MySQL-embedded is not up to date (Thu Feb 12 17:03:01 2004) MySQL-client is not up to date (Thu Feb 12 17:03:01 2004) MySQL-devel is not up to date (Thu Feb...
  19. K

    apf firewall/antidos upcp problem

    Hello, I am using linux redhat & cpanel in our server. I installed apf firewall and it is working fine exept cpanel update script for cannot connect to redhat server. Antidos is enabled. How i need to configure apf/antidos to get update working ok? PHP version file is up to date Doing...
  20. R

    error during upcp

    Updating addon type:scripts addon:action version:latest....rsync: link_stat "action" (in addonscripts) failed: No such file or directory (2) client: nothing to do: perhaps you need to specify some filenames or the --recursive option? rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23)...