1. shojib

    /scripts/postupcp is in loop

    Hello, I recently installed a new instance of cPanel v70.0.43 and noticed on the process manager that there are a lot of processes for /bin/bash /scripts/postupcp and the list keeps on growing until I kill the processes. I was able to recreate this problem by running /scripts/upcp --sync...
  2. L

    SOLVED Error after upgrading to v70.0.42

    after i did an update on v70.0.42 i am getting this error undef error - Failed to generate cache: undef error - Can't use an undefined value as a symbol reference at /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/templates/menu/command.tmpl line 6. can not login to whm and this mail Maintenance...
  3. A

    SOLVED Update does not exit cleanly with code 65280

    Hello, I've been unable to run any updates on my server for the past few days. Whenever I try to run an update I get the following output: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- => Log opened from /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp...
  4. F

    cPanel Update failed and tailwatchd issue

    automatic cPanel & whm update failed according to the logs back on 12th May Maintenance ended; however, it did not exit cleanly (65280). Review the update logs to determine why the update failed. a few days later this is in the logs:- [2018-05-14 04:03:03 +0100] Preparing...
  5. L

    SOLVED cPanel Upgrade keeps reloading same version

    Hi, When we run the Upgrade to the latest version it keep loading the same version we are already running. We are currently running version v70.0.32 and we have notification that v70.0.39 is available but when we click to upgrade the log starts with [2018-05-15 12:38:31 +0100] Detected...
  6. S

    Force update to LTS version blocked?

    My cPanel is at version 68.0.38 currently with a message "The last attempt to update cPanel & WHM was blocked. Details" displayed at the top. The details say: "Upgrade to the next LTS is blocked until Monday May 14, 2018 in order to distribute upgrades over a five day period. If you wish to...
  7. mariusfv

    cPanel update error - “/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/migrate_local_ini_to_php_ini”

    CLOUDLINUX 7.4 standard [server] v68.0.36 Easyapache 4 / Apache 2.4 / PHP 7.0 SSD I7 60 GB RAM available Update error message: [2018-03-30 03:46:49 +0300] E [/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/migrate_local_ini_to_php_ini] The “/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/migrate_local_ini_to_php_ini” command (process...
  8. MarkDalton

    Updatenow Failure

    Hi all, Last night updatenow appears to have failed on one of our servers with the following; any idea's [2018-03-28 22:26:12 +0100] Using mirror '' for host 'httpupdate.cpanel.net'. [2018-03-28 22:26:13 +0100] Using mirror '' for host 'httpupdate.cpanel.net'...
  9. J

    Forced update exited with code 2304

    Good afternoon, when trying to update Whm and CPanel I get the following error, I searched the whole forum with errors, but nobody throws error 2304, you can help me with this problem thanks
  10. D

    cPanel trying to update over http?

    Why is Cpanel trying to update rpm over http. Surely this is a big security risk with the potential for fake updates to be inserted in the update chain Example from today's update log: [2018-03-20 03:32:18 +0000] [/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/rpmup]...
  11. J

    SOLVED Updates failing

    I have followed other post regarding this issue and when I run command awk '$4=="E"' /var/cpanel/updatelogs/update.1517552581.log I get the following: [2018-02-02 01:26:23 -0500] E [/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/hackcheck] The “/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/hackcheck” command (process 21040)...
  12. G

    Stuck on 56 build 52 on Centos 6.9 / No Updates

    I am running (and stuck at) Cpanel 56.0 (build 52) with CENTOS 6.9 i686 virtuozzo in proxmox 3.3 CT for a long time. Everything works fine, except it no longer upgrades anything over version 56. There is a message says: "The last attempt to update cPanel & WHM was blocked." When I look at the...
  13. ljj3

    WHM update failure in upcp script

    One of my VPS' (68.0.30) has failed UUCP updates four nights in a row: => Log opened from cPanel Update (upcp) - Slave (28810) at Mon Mar 12 02:13:52 2018 [2018-03-12 02:13:52 -0400] E Pre Maintenance ended, however it did not exit cleanly (256). Please check the logs for an indication of what...
  14. G

    cPanel Update Problems

    Hello everybody. I`m trying update my cPanel. Some configs: CENTOS 7.4 lxc [server] v68.0.29 When i try do the "Graceful Server Reboot" apparently nothing happens. Print on attached files I also tried the following command below /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/modsec_vendor update --auto...
  15. carolainn

    The cPanel & WHM update process failed

    I got this message today, what's the problem? what do I have to do? I recently migrated to EA4, and I'm getting new errors everyday... The cPanel & WHM update process failed for the following reason: Maintenance ended; however, it did not exit cleanly (256). Review the update logs to determine...
  16. N

    cPanel & WHM update failure in upcp script

    Getting email about cPanel & WHM update failure in upcp script. The cPanel & WHM update process failed for the following reason: Update log preview: [2018-02-27 21:52:29 +0600] [10388] Waiting for cpdavd-ssl to shutdown ... not running. [2018-02-27 21:52:29 +0600] [10388] Waiting for...
  17. B

    E Pre Maintenance ended, however it did not exit cleanly (256). (without an error)

    Hi, Last night's upcp run off all(!) of our cPanel servers resulted in an "E Pre Maintenance ended, however it did not exit cleanly (256)" error: Running: [2018-01-27 04:55:07 +0100] Detected version '' from version file. [2018-01-27 04:55:07 +0100] Running version ''...
  18. C

    Downgrade from 68.0.27

    Hello, Is it possible to revert to an earlier version instead of 68.0.27?? Without having to reinstall!!! Many thanks
  19. rpvw

    cPanel update wiped out custom Exim configuration

    This TSR update rebuilt the Exim configuration back to the pre-autofixer (/scripts/autorepair exim_disable_chunking) configuration. Was this intentional ?
  20. S

    SOLVED Error Updating cPanel to Version 68

    I am on version cPanel & WHM 64.0 (build 42), trying to update to 68.0.26 When I try to update through WHM, I get the following error: [2018-01-18 18:41:34 +0000] cpanel-perl-524-Net-FTPSSL-0.35-1.cp1162.noarch.rpm already downloaded [2018-01-18 18:41:34 +0000]...