1. B

    Guess we can't manage plugins anymore

    In WHM v100.0.5 click Manage Plugins, get a BLANK page (no menu, no header) with just a pink error message box in the left corner. Guess we can't manage plugins with that WHM release, can we?
  2. D


    Hi guys, How I can add jetBackup in users cPanel? When I make a package for a new user I check jetBeckup in the feature list, but the user doesn't see jetBackup on his cPanel. Or the jetBackup is only visible for reseller users. Thanks!
  3. cPanelAdamF

    What’s going on in WHM?

    Reposting snippet here from a very important blog post which plugin developers should read: Hi Everyone, Adam here. I wanted to spend some time spelling out what’s going on in the user experience of cPanel & WHM. Plugin developers should pay close attention to the changes we’re making. Now...