user manager

  1. A

    Problems with account activation

    Hello, I am having problems with my server I have noticed that sometimes when I activate again an account after a suspension does not leave the information if not that it stays with the data of suspeng.cgi in several opportunities and restarted the server to be solved, likewise happens to me...
  2. Sujoy Dhar

    User Manager , Where to login using the logins ?

    I have searched all over the Youtube and the Articles but unable to get the answer where to login after creating the sub accounts in user manager. I got [email protected] as the user and the password but unable to understand where to put those logins so that I can access the panel .
  3. HostXNow_Chris

    How to remove or at least hide the User Manager icon?

    Can this still not be removed? We offer backup storage accounts, and the 'User Manager' icon does not need to show there. Saves users wasting their time by trying to use it more than anything else. How hard can it be for you to add the 'User Manager' to the feature list if only not to display...
  4. M

    SOLVED Deleting User Manager / email accounts manually

    After saturated disc I deleted some old account mails with file manager "Home/mail/$domain" now I can't remove some account mails and user manager. Trying to delete them gives the error message: Error: You do not have an email account named “[email protected]”. Where else could I look to...
  5. H

    cPanel user manager error

    Hello, We are encountering an issue with the cPanel User Manager interface. If I try to edit anything for the email account [email protected], I get the following error: Eroare:The system failed to update the “[email protected]” user with the following error: The system failed to edit...
  6. R

    SOLVED Removing starred user from User Manager

    I have a problem with a customer who is trying to remove a user from their User Manager. They have three users listed: the main account, the logs, and the third user they're trying to remove. All of these users appear starred and uneditable. I'm not sure how a user subaccount becomes privileged...
  7. D

    How To Disable User Manager?

    Hello, Is there is an option to disable User Manager from cPanel? I know about the various settings in WHM/Tweak Settings. I also have looked in my feature lists, Disabled and Default, and can not see any relevant setting. So i turned off all features in my demo cpanel to see what would happen...
  8. M

    Removing Subaccounts in User Manager?

    I have a few subaccounts listed in the User Manager section of cPanel for my account. They seem to be privileged (starred) users with FTP enabled but they don't show up in my FTP accounts section and I don't recognize time. I'd like to remove them but there appears to be no removal option...
  9. S

    "User Manager" remove icon in cpanel

    Hi, First, why in the world in "User Manager" not included in the WHM Packages » Feature Manager » Feature Lists which can be enabled or disabled like the rest of the cpanel features? Is there a way I can remove the "User Manager" icon from cpanel from within WHM? Thanks!