1. X

    SOLVED [CPANEL-24361] 500 Error when browsing to Invite and Reset Password URLs

    When a user clicks on the Reset Password link on the webmail login page, it leads to an Internal Server Error 500. A Google search tells me it's a common error that could be from a number of things, but none of them applies to my situation. The error ID is 12c5bc4802c36. I was first notified...
  2. M

    SOLVED Subaccount invitation expiration

    Hi, i'm letting a "customer" create subaccounts with "User manager" (subaccounts are for email use only). She uses the "The user will set the account password" option and now tells me that the invitations sent out via email expire "too soon". I didn't find documentation on how long these...
  3. C

    Subaccount Invalid Login

    Hello, I am in the process of migrating to Office 365 and currently doing tests on another domain. I would like to manage my own DNS records and my website development company have given me a subaccount login to do this. Is this possible? I can't seem to login as it comes back with Invalid...
  4. M

    SOLVED Deleting User Manager / email accounts manually

    After saturated disc I deleted some old account mails with file manager "Home/mail/$domain" now I can't remove some account mails and user manager. Trying to delete them gives the error message: Error: You do not have an email account named “[email protected]”. Where else could I look to...
  5. H

    cPanel user manager error

    Hello, We are encountering an issue with the cPanel User Manager interface. If I try to edit anything for the email account [email protected], I get the following error: Eroare:The system failed to update the “[email protected]” user with the following error: The system failed to edit...
  6. D

    How To Disable User Manager?

    Hello, Is there is an option to disable User Manager from cPanel? I know about the various settings in WHM/Tweak Settings. I also have looked in my feature lists, Disabled and Default, and can not see any relevant setting. So i turned off all features in my demo cpanel to see what would happen...
  7. fisicudo

    Privilegios de administrador

    En Cpanel es posible crear un usuario administrador limitado que solo pueda trabajar con las cuentas de correo? lo ideal sería que pueda darlas de altas y modificar contraseña y cuotas, pero que no pueda dar de baja y tampoco acceder al Webmail de las cuentas desde Cpanel.
  8. A

    Boilerplate Template For Clients Email Configuration

    Greetings, Most of us are in the position where we have to set up email addresses for our clients. Once the email address is set up, the client needs to configure their email on their end using their email client (unless of course, they choose to use the webmail clients –Horde, Roundcube...
  9. WebHostPro

    Add user error

    I have a customer that is getting this error when trying to add or edit a user Error: Your cPanel account exceeds its disk quota. You cannot add or edit users. The issue is the account has over a gig left. Also there is at least one of each service still available like databases, sub domain...
  10. E

    Email Password Change

    I have some email accounts and I use roundcube too and I want that the email owner be able to change the password on its own inside the roundcube after he/she log into its account.
  11. A

    Email Password Changing Option Missing

    I just got a new domain and given few email accounts to users by making them in cpanel. They are using roundcube... and as i checked their is no option coming in settings to change password set by me (admin). Whats wrong... How it can be enabled so they can put their own password later on...
  12. S

    Webmail Reset Password Not Working

    I noticed this feature was just added. I wanted to test it myself before I sent out a mass email with instructions for it. I logged into webmail and clicked update contact info. Under: Enter an email address to receive account notifications. Do not use an email address with the...
  13. M

    Removing Subaccounts in User Manager?

    I have a few subaccounts listed in the User Manager section of cPanel for my account. They seem to be privileged (starred) users with FTP enabled but they don't show up in my FTP accounts section and I don't recognize time. I'd like to remove them but there appears to be no removal option...
  14. D

    Multiple Users for WHM/CP?

    What I'm trying to do is create new users that can log in and do nearly everything. The goal is that there are 6 potential users, but only one actual user right now (root). I want to be able to create user1, user2, user3, user4, user5, and user6 and any account that's created under the user...
  15. S

    "User Manager" remove icon in cpanel

    Hi, First, why in the world in "User Manager" not included in the WHM Packages » Feature Manager » Feature Lists which can be enabled or disabled like the rest of the cpanel features? Is there a way I can remove the "User Manager" icon from cpanel from within WHM? Thanks!