1. rpvw

    KernelCare warnings in cPanel v68

    So v68 bought a lot of eagerly anticipated new features.......and seemed to have gone backwards at the same time. First off......KernelCare ! Suddenly I get warnings in the Security Advisor that : Well I ran yum upgrade - nothing to do.... so I ran kcarectl --update which told me the Kernel...
  2. C

    Version 68 hits RELEASE

    Version 68 is now in the RELEASE tier. You can read the highlights on the 68 release site, or you can read the full release notes for version 68. Version 68 won't hit the STABLE tier before November 13th. There is a very narrow window that will allow us to move to STABLE that week, and if we...
  3. Jr Sarath

    SOLVED How to get v68

    sorry for this question but how to upgrade to cPanel 68 we are running v66.0.29