1. nisamudeen97

    Varnish cache in nginx reverse proxied WHM

    Hi, We have our production server with latest cpanel version "96.0 (build 8)" and it is running nginx with reverse proxy enabled. See the netstat screenshot attached for detailed information. This server is currently in production and we are running two major websites one magento2 and...
  2. eventtex

    Problem with Cpanel Varnish plugin - Unixy

    Hello, We are looking for a cache management solution to optimize the performance of our Cpanel - WHM server. We saw that the site offered a plugin allowing cache management directly in Cpanel. After reading different reviews on this subject, we made the choice to buy their plugin...
  3. F

    need to install varnish cache for some wordpress website

    Dears i need to install varnish for some website on our cPanel server, not for all websites knowing that we use apache 2.4 + OPcache if there is some alternative to varnish it's Ok for us we just need to activate a cache in some e-commerce websites
  4. N

    Default_https.conf overwrite with Nginx SSL termination Varnish

    Hi, I have had a developer implement varnish with SSL termination on our cpanel server. Everything works fine except every so often our default_https.conf file keeps getting overwritten in /etc/nginx/conf.d I think the only changes made in this file is our domain name has been commented out (...
  5. D

    Error starting Varnish

    I have manage to install the Varnish 6.0.5. varnishd -V varnishd (varnish-6.0.5 revision 204a927f4a4283529fc89f5182fe8cc3f2d0f617) But when I starting it, I get the following error: service varnish start Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start varnish.service Job for varnish.service failed...
  6. S

    When I change Apache non-SSL IP/port my site breaks down

    Hi! I installed Varnish in a VPS with CentOS 6.0, when I change Apache non-SSL IP/port to my site breaks down. I have tried to restart apache, but it doesn't work. Do you have any idea or advice to fix it? Thanks for your help!
  7. nisamudeen97

    xvarnish for cPanel question

    HI, Is any one using Xvarnish ? I would like to know experiences with Xvarnish. I have just implemented in one of my servers. Used the below doc. Has anyone else used this? How long have you used it, how many servers, how did it go?
  8. M

    piping varnishncsa logs into stat logs

    I have Varnish 4.1 in front of WHM/Cpanel version 60. Varnishncsa has the possibility of piping logs into apache access logs. I found this docs from Cpanel: The splitlogs Binary - Documentation - cPanel Documentation but which log do I have to pipe to so I don´t have to add manually every...
  9. Sujoy Dhar

    Nginx and Varnish in cPanel

    Please help me in learning of installing both Nginx and Varnish together . Currently, I am seeing that apache booster is offering this ! Shall I go with them or I can install both Nginx and Varnish together ?
  10. Muzzy

    cPanel Virtualhost + Varnish

    Hello everyone, I have a configuration problem with cPanel + Varnish. I have configure cPanel so that some virtualhost can use cPanel while others do not. A fundamental requirement is that Apache is listening on port 80 and i don't use iptables. Can someone please help me? Thanx
  11. K

    cPanel and Varnish

    Hi we have problems getting varnish working with multple IP's on a cloudserver with WHM/cPanel installed. We also have cloudlinux installed and varnish only seems to be working with a single IP. Does anyone know how to get it working with 3 IP's seperatley on the same server?
  12. J

    Memcached and Varnish cache

    Hello :) We use fastcgi. We use Varnish cache or our centos-cPanel server. I would like to ask: could memcached and varnish cache can be installed together on cPanel server. Is there a compatibility between those two cache methods? Thanks to all in advance!
  13. M

    Varnish with Wordpress on WHM/cPanel

    Hello, I just installed varnish on one of my dedicated servers which has got cPanel installed. This server has Wordpress websites, so multiple virtual hosts are configured. When I try to open, it drops me to - that is...
  14. A

    Varnish on different IP

    I have gotten Varnish to work on port 8089, however, I have a question.. If I go to .27:8089, I get the Varnish version of the site and I see performance gain. But when I change Varnish configration to run on port 80, it doesn't start. Is this because of the general rule that...
  15. grayloon

    Varnish Issues with Multiple IPs

    I've had varnish running port 80 in front of apache running on port 8080 for 18 months. Last night, varnish just died. The only changes I made were the addition of some IP addresses to the server. I was able to workaround the issue by shutting down varnish and switching apache to listen on port...
  16. G

    Varnish: "Default Website Page" issue

    Hello there, I installed Varnish and it's now listening to port 80 (I changed the Apache port and opened it in the firewall). However it's not working yet because I now have the boring "Default Website Page" when I try to open a website. Would someone have an idea of what I have to...
  17. A

    Installing Varnish

    Is it possible in an easy way to install Varnish on a CPanel server? Has anyone tried this lately ? How does it run ?