1. J

    JailShell question, with multiple home folders

    I know that JailShell keeps a user inside their own folder. If a user's folder is on home2, cPanel automatically puts a symlink on home pointing to their folder so that services can always use home and not care where their folder really is. With JailShell, however, it will not allow a user to...
  2. T

    virtfs not getting disabled

    Hi, my server takes like 30 mins. to reboot itself becuase I have cagefs and virtfs is in conflict with it. Though jailed shell etc is disabled in tweak settings but somehow virtfs keeps on coming back. CloudLinux told me to run this command...
  3. P

    Virtfs contain files in /var and /usr

    Hi I make a search to my server for file rebuildhttpdconf. The search returns me the paths: /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/rebuildhttpdconf /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/templates/rebuildhttpdconf.tmpl...
  4. D

    virtfs lock file issue intermittenly affecting 1 cron job

    I have been getting the virtfs lock issue on one weekly cron job that runs once a week intermittently for almost 6 months. attempt to lock file /home/virtfs/_lock/507 timed out after 25 attempts; lock still held by pid 9933 Could not create lock file: /home/virtfs/_lock/507 What's stranger is...
  5. A

    Virtfs mount issue.

    Hello, we have 3 LVM logical volumes on the cpanel server: /dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_root / /dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_home /home /dev/mapper/mysql-mysql_snapshot /var/lib/mysql for the some unexplained reasons cpanel mounts sometimes /dev/mapper/mysql-mysql_snapshot to /home/virtfs/ and...
  6. A


    Hello, Can anyone please let me know the exact steps to get rid of Virtfs mounts without having an impact on the server filesystem. In my server 160 GB of the total 250 GB is used up by Virtfs. I have disabled Shell access for all accounts. Thank you.
  7. M

    remove virtfs folder

    Hello : Some of our user account disk space increasing , after investigate we found many other user account on server that locate in /home/virtfs have incorrect ownership , How Can remove this folder from /home/virtfs in safe action ? Thank You
  8. anton_latvia

    [Case 141949] How to update virtfs ?

    Hello, We started to use Apache Jailshell and already run into troubles. Sometimes virtfs is not being updated. Especially when we move account from one partition to another. The only way to fix for now is to run upcp, sometimes with --force, but this takes a lot of time. Is there any...
  9. postcd

    WHM VirtFS where to delete?

    Hello, a question regarding VirtFS (VirtFS (Jailed Shell)) so if i delete some files from virtfs directory it will delete files in /home if i delete fles in cpanel ccounts (in /home/) it will auto delete files in /home/virtfs ?
  10. E

    restore database from virtFS

    my site was hacked, and I terminate it when restore the backup the database is not found (don't know why), the other users have them database search in the server for any old database, found it in /home/virtFS its show as complete database but I can't get it back is there anyway to restore it ?
  11. cPanelKeithS

    POLL: VirtFS shutdown / reboot issues - anyone else?

    Has anyone else noticed ghost pids locking up virtfs during shutdown, and preventing reboot? Can you help me with a method to reproduce it?
  12. Kent Brockman

    How to disable jailshell completely and get rid of virtfs folder

    Hello friends. I have one VPS where the virtfs folder is using 10 GB... and it's a PITA. I don't want to expand the server if I can delete all that files. I readed a lot and followed instructions from here: VirtFS (Jailed Shell) to disable _VirtFS here: /home/virtfs/ consuming...
  13. W

    [Case 86773] home virtfs _lock timed out after 25 attempts

    Hello, I have a user who have problems with cronjobs after (I think) we have ugrade php from 5.2 to 5.3. Anyone knows how to fix this problem? After cronjob runs he get error: attempt to lock file /home/virtfs/_lock/32674 timed out after 25 attempts; lock still held by pid 0 Could not create...
  14. S

    virtfs hard links orphans

    I'm having a brain fart regarding ls - my understanding was the ls -l 2nd column gives the number of links to the file I see this, which seems to indicate only one hard link TO each file - kind of makes sense. -rw------- 1 root root 4194304000 Jan 26 2012 /home/virtfs/user1/usr/tmpDSK...
  15. H

    Unable to Remove User from virtfs

    A user that doesn't even have shell access anymore is located in the /home/virtfs directory on one of my servers, and that directory takes up 20 GB, including what looks like a copy of the entire server configuration and binaries, like /var, /usr, /etc. I'm trying to unmount the user with this...
  16. F

    VirtFS - Jailshell - Trying to understand

    Hi. The VirtFS and Jailshell, this works only for the users who have shell access? If I don't have accounts with shell access, these 2 ones can be disabled or they are a part of security on cPanel? I see that have docs on cPanel website, but no time to read all. Thanks.
  17. E

    Can I remove VirtFS folder after umounting it ?

    I have removed all Jailed Shell permissions for all accounts And I have umounted all jailed folders, by using this command for i in `cat /proc/mounts | grep /home/virtfs | cut -d ' ' -f 2 ` ; do umount $i ; done And with this command /scripts/clear_orphaned_virtfs_mounts Now...
  18. F

    VirtFS (Jailed Shell)

    Hi, Running 4 sevres with most current cPanel installed. Jailed Shell has always been "OFF" Looking in the folder VirtFS on all servers there are between 1-4 users in each VirtFS folder. seeing that shell has always been turned off why are the accounts in the VirtFS folders? and it appears...
  19. F

    virtfs keeps re-mounting / appearing

    Not sure why and how. But from time to time when I run df, or mount I see a ton of /home/virtfs/* I don't have any jailed shell enabled. I don't know why it keeps appearing. Any help will be great, thanks.
  20. M

    how do u make a virtfs. I want to make template of hardeded servewr nessus etc

    how do u make a virtfs. I want to make template of hardeded servewr nessus etc to be used as VMimage