1. B

    virtfs , what is it ?

    im seeing a strange folder the home directory called virtfs , in it i found one account which is already present at the home directory !
  2. E

    JailShell and VirtFS

    Hello, There seams to be a problem with the jailshell regarding the link to the access_log -> /usr/local/apache/domlogs/USER Creating the Virtfs for the user the folder /usr/local/apache or domlogs is not mounted and therefore the above link seams broken. Adding the folder to the...
  3. W

    Adding /var/lib/mysql to virtfs mounts

    Anyone know how to do this? Once you make /var/lib/mysql a separate partition, all jailshell users lose access to the MySQL socket. Steve
  4. D

    what is "virtfs"?

    this seems to be on by default but using a lot of space, what is it exactly?
  5. H

    virtfs madness

    As someone who would consider himself a fairly well-seasoned Linux sysadmin, I have just been burnt by attempting to remove /home/virtfs, and gathering by the number of threads that show up in a search, there are probably 100 other people who know what I'm going through. For the love of god...
  6. H

    VirtFS and Quotas

    I have a VPS, CentOS 5, Virtuosso, with some shell accounts. In WHM the accounts are only showing 3+ gb of space being used but the actual is over 8gb. Where are the best places to look for wasted space? Also, in the VirtFS directory in the home directory, some of the accounts are...
  7. U

    SFTP/SCP and virtfs problems

    We have a user that has a jailshell that is uploading things to the /home/virtfs/<username? directory as it appears it is not linked to the real location of their home directory on another hard drive on the machine. Any thoughts?
  8. G

    How to remove virtfs and disable jailshell completely

    Hello, I want to remove /home/virtfs. I know that it consists of hardlinks to actual system files, and I shouldn't do a rm -rf. Currently I don't have any users which have jailed shell enabled, but there is still one /home/virtfs/user directory. And I want to disable jailed shell completely...
  9. R

    Virtfs appeared but no jail shell active

    Hi, Recently a virtfs directory appeared although it hasn't been modified in about a month now. The one client inside it does have shell access, but not jail shell access. Interestingly though when I look at manage shell access no shell access is enabled for the user in the virtfs...
  10. S

    what is virtfs directory in /home/virtfs ??

    Hello, I want some suggession and advise about the virtfs in /home/virtfs. This /home/virtfs is a directory with a size of 84GB on the server. This directory is using very big space on the server, so we are facing some problem. Please give me some information about this directory. Will...
  11. E

    Virtfs should not be in /home

    Hi, Virtfs is a big **** in /home directory. It should not be in /home directory . Cpanel should change its position. What do you think about this . If someone delete this directory. It will be like a lamer. Also cpanel staff do not reply how to solve this problem. Regards, ePhlox
  12. E

    what is Virtfs Directory ?

    Hi, what is Virtfs Directory ? if we remove this what will happen ? Regards, ePhlox
  13. R

    Unmounting user space in virtfs

    Okay, I understand about virtfs, where it comes from, etc (an account manager accidentally gave somebody jailshell access). None of our other users have it. Anyway. I've unmounted the user's space from /proc/mounts. But the space is still showing up. Another problem is that the backup...
  14. A

    Deleting Virtfs cause cpanel login issuse?

    Does deleting /home/virtfs cause cpanel log in issues?
  15. B

    Jailshell, virtfs, & quota's...oh my

    Hello All, Just thought I'd share my recent cPanel support exchange. It all started when a user reported that they were over their quota, by what they thought was surely an error. Upon further investigation, the "Disk Space Used" reported in the user's cPanel was almost exactly double...
  16. Planet_Master

    virtfs using space on accounts

    I see in the virtfs directory (I know not to delete!) there are several usernames and of course all the files inside each username. The problem is the directory is using up all the customers diskspace and after running find / -user username I see he is the owner of all these files but really...
  17. jackal


    Anyone have that in their home dir? If so what is it? Support Ticket Number:
  18. A

    never delete virtfs

    never delete virtfs, it has hard links to necessary system files. I had to rebuild 3 servers before i figured that out. You'd think cpanel could change virtfs to dont_delete or something Support Ticket Number: