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  1. Y

    .htaccess problems

    Hey guys got a problem. When I have password protection directory enabled on a folder, for example: http://eternal-realm.net/private/ I get a "Page can not be displayed" error... but if I disable password protection, it works. Everything in .htaccess file looks to be good, (compared...
  2. N

    cPanel update now nobody can use .htaccess

    I just upgraded to current now nobody can use .htaccess. I also installed a few of the packages and then removed tomcat. Any ideas? I can change AllowOverride to All but it still doesn't help anything.
  3. A

    .htaccess not working

    I have currently set up my server and everything is working perfectly but..... .htaccess is not working. I am basically using the same script as on the last server which worked RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^(.*)news\.htm news.php?id=$1 [l] Works like a dream on the old server yet...
  4. G

    Memory_limit in .htaccess

    Create a .htaccess file and add the below line, php_value memory_limit "16M" Note :- * If so then php_value settings can NOT be in .htaccess files. Instead create a local php.ini file within the same directory as the .htaccess file that had the php_value settings. Reply With Quote...
  5. M

    Transfer to New Server - Frontpage .htaccess

    I recently consolidated a few servers - the data is all in tact, however Frontpage settings did not updated. Is there any quick and easy way to change the path's in the .htaccess files in Frontpage to reflect the new path? What has changed is sites are being put onto a second drive (/home2/) so...
  6. S

    .htaccess problems

    Hello everyone. It is pretty late now and i'm in a hurry so i'll describe my problem as good as I can and tomorrow i'll have more time to give other specific details if we fail to find a solution :) I have a website written in PHP, i've decided to use the LoopBack function of apache and...
  7. Q

    .htaccess settings and ExecCGI problems

    One of our clients installed a script which comes with a .htaccess file with a whole bunch of settings. The following 3 lines prevent the script from running or the directory from being viewable at all Options -Indexes Options FollowSymLinks Options FollowSymLinks -Indexes It logs the...
  8. coastit

    MySQL & .htaccess

    I've been searching all over in this forum for info on compiling apache for using mod_auth_mysql. I'm hoping to use the DB in phpbb for controlling .htaccess to the directory it is residing in, nothing more at this point. The server is WHM 9.4.0 Cpanel 9.4.1-C135 RedHat 7.3 i686 - WHM Xskin v...
  9. F

    Using .htaccess for mod_rewrite commands

    Are there any modules that will disable mod_rewrite using .htaccess? PHP suEXEC, maybe?
  10. E

    Hotlink protection wipes .htaccess

    I had some mod_rewrite code in my htaccess, and decided to work on some hotlink protection in cPanel. When I enabled Hotlink protection it overwrote the rules I had set in .htaccess and it turns out once you disable hotlinking cPanel erases the entire .htaccess file. Am I doing something...
  11. mahdionline

    .htaccess >> ??

    Hi I have two question : 1- what is the main work of .htaccess file ? 2- how i can use (Alias directive in .htaccess?) I want to redirect one php file directly to another location of hard! Regard
  12. C

    .htaccess and rewrite function....

    Hi, A friend wrote a script for me to auto create phpBB Forums. It included the following .htaccess file :- Go here ----> http://phpbb.board-host.org/Arrow/ and see what happens. I think it is somthing to do with the way the rewrite function is compiled in apache. Any ideas? Yours...
  13. ryno267

    .htaccess viewable on net to all...

    on our site... if you goto www.domain.com/.htaccess the file is viewable on the net... If i Chmod it to 640 - the site doesnt work If i keep it at 644 it works but then anybody can see the file if they type in its url what do i have to change to fix this? I'm assuming its a security...
  14. E

    php_value doesn't work in .htaccess

    This is not a new issue. I think it's been like this for the life of my server. Every time there's an .htaccess file with php_value, it generates a 500. For example: /home/test/public_html/.htaccess: Invalid command 'php_value', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not included...
  15. 1

    redirect or .htaccess or ?

    Hello, I need a bit of help, just signed up and have a nice cpanel now with Fantastico. I installed Mambo with the fantastico scripting, Mambo told me it was not possible to install in the / so I had to create a folder name. Everything perfekt so far ! But how do i get it working? because...
  16. jackal

    subdomains / .htaccess

    Does anyone know how to set up subdomains through the .htaccess instead of the httpd.conf?
  17. vishal


    Hello All, I am newbie to Rewrite module and don't know how it works. I have a .htaccess file as: [email protected][stones]# cat .htaccess RewriteEngine on RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^siteid([^.]+).*$ detail.php?siteid=$1 [T=application/x-httpd-php] What does it do and its not working...
  18. casey

    Copy .htaccess not working

    I'm having a problem with copying an .htaccess file. Here's the situation: I have Fantastico, and I'm trying to get it to copy an .htaccess file with the OS Commerce files. Everything gets copied except the .htaccess file. I created an index.php file, and it gets copied fine. I uploaded...
  19. S

    .htaccess not working?

    I was just wondering if anyone was having trouble with .htaccess not working when created via CPanel? It seems that one of my servers has quite repsonding to anything created via CPanel, at least .htaccess wise. When a password protected directory is created, the login form pops up, but...
  20. eva2000

    .htaccess /public_html ?

    I used cpanel's web protect module to .htaccess password protect a site's public_html root directory and it works fine.. going to site.com will prompt me for username/password but now i want to edit and/or remove the .htaccess so i go back into cpanel's web protect module but no matter how i...