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  1. B

    Create.PHP, Base.PHP and .htaccess

    Hi Guys, Gals And Guys Who Are Sometimes Gals.. A few clients had been hacked as of recently on one particular server that we I have. At first I figured it was just random attacks as the type of programs that were hacked were all different. Until I noticed that each of these hacked accounts...
  2. E

    .htaccess and banners

    I have got banner ads working with the .htaccess file. But is it possible for the banners to only be displayed for one hosting package? :confused: Thanks Eddie
  3. L

    simple .htaccess question [moved]

    simple .htaccess question Is there away to create a .htaccess file to block peopla from viewing the directory and it's contents .... but allow php files to write to the files inside it.
  4. Planet_Master

    .htaccess and .wmv Major Bug?

    Well major if you have a streaming media site.... Very odd problem with .htaccess on all servers I tested this on concerning .wmv extensions. First: DO NOT ADD .wmv as a mime type through cPanel and then add as rewrite rule to .htaccess it will crash your server and give 500 internal errors...
  5. B

    .htaccess doesn't do anything

    My own .htaccess files and those generated by cPanel do absolutely nothing, they are ignored. Nothing mentioning it in the log in /usr/local/apache/domlogs /scripts/upcp --force doesn't help <Directory /> Options All AllowOverride All </Directory> Appears in my httpd.conf, and nothing...
  6. O

    cPanel creates an empty .htaccess file that keeps coming back

    if the htaccess file is empty theres no harm in leaving it be imho OCX
  7. F

    how to modify the default .htaccess file from a reseller account for subaccounts

    I have a reseller account and I have added an .htaccess file in the skeleton directory but it does not copy over. All other files transfer over correctly. An .htaccess file IS created but does NOT contain the information I require. Each account is a domain name and not subdomain... Is...
  8. C

    Effective .htaccess writing

    Where can I learn how cPanel configures Parked, Addon, and Sub- domains so that I can be effective in my .htaccess writing? I'm presently in a situation where my .htaccess file, moved mostly intact from a non-cPanel host, works, but the cPanel Addon and Sub-domains do not... or, I can take away...
  9. Vatoloco

    All of my .htaccess files are ignored

    None of my .htaccess files are working. It's like they are being ignored by the server. I did some searching and found that in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf AllowOverride should not be set to none? Mine is set like this: <Directory /> Options All AllowOverride All </Directory> What else...
  10. C

    .htaccess not processing php_value

    It was working fine before... any idea how to fix this?
  11. I

    Strange issue with .htaccess files and httpd looping...

    Any time someone tries to do hotlink protection, or anything funky with the .htaccess files through CPanel, my httpd loops continuously until I reboot the server. When I examine the .htaccess file, it seems to have about 5 blank lines above the actual data. Has anyone else experienced this...
  12. P

    blocking directory with .htaccess

    I know how to block access to a directory by making a passwd file and a .htaccess, and putting hte .htaccess in the directory you want to block people from seeing. How would i go about blocking the /image directory of every domain im hosting? doing it the way above would be a lot of work...
  13. S

    .htaccess setting for pdf file.

    Hello All...... I have problem with .htaccess setting. I am using .htaccess file as per following setting. <Files pdf> ForceType application/x-httpd-php </Files> when i tried to access above page by url i am not getting any error but php coding shows dirctly on page. it is not...
  14. F

    skel dir not coping .htaccess

    Dose anyone know how to make it copy over a .htaccess file when you put it inthe skel dir. At the moment it jsut ignores it.
  15. R

    Gallery and PHP 4.3.10 .htaccess oddness

    PHP 4.3.10 Zend Optimizer v2.5.7 Zend Engine v1.3.0 ionCube PHP Loader v2.5 Zend Extension Manager v1.0.6 Upgraded php, zend, then installed ion for freebsd. I have phpsuexec installed and "set" in Fantastico. I installed Gallery and receave "Internal Server Error". When I...
  16. ntwaddel

    Suspend account .htaccess file

    Is there anyway to modify what cpanel writes to this file, right now mine is writing RedirectMatch .* http://hostname/suspended.page/ Options -Includes -Indexes -ExecCGI
  17. G

    .htaccess ?

    this really aint a CP question but.... how will i make the .htaccess file put something on the page when you go to the site? like free hosts do?
  18. W

    .htaccess Problems

    Web Protect not working (.htaccess Problems) OK, I have 1 Client on my server who is having problems with .htaccess permissions. Mozilla gives the following error message... Redirection limit for this URL exceeded. Unable to load requested page. This may be caused by cookies that are...
  19. T

    Password Protect Directories limits? .htaccess

    I have an end-user who created 6 users successfully for a directory. However any more than 6 and the 7th on up do not work. It reports no errors, but alas you cannot access the directory with more than the first 6 users. Any clues? Bob
  20. J

    PHP_flags .htaccess

    Hello, One of my webmasters is trying to use PHP_flags in his .htaccess file. The client for whom the webmaster programed for told me that his site was not working. So, I as the host removed the PHP_flags in the .htaccess file, in order to make the site work. How can I make it so my...