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    csf ct_limit and connlimit

    Hi, I have an issue with csf and too many connections from specifics IPs. I'll have a few times a week one uniques IPs that have a few hundred connections to my server. Exemple : tcp 0 0 51.68.xx,xx:80 138.68.xx,xx:57019 TIME_WAIT - tcp 0 0...
  2. N

    Cant enable gmagick

    PHP 7.3 I try to enable gmagick and i get error imagick skipped as conflicting. https://prnt.sc/qx2lsy Any advice? Thank you
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    Shared hosting PHP safety

    Hello. I'm running multiple sites on the same server and I want to isolate them so no one can access files that don't belong to him. However, I am experiencing problems with PHP. How can I make sure that PHP code can't get out of it's folder and read files in folders which belong to other...
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    WordPress Manager - Discover Scan failing

    Hello folks, I got an account with some WordPress sites, 4 of those are appearing in "Wordpress Manager" correctly, but two other Wordpress sites (both subdomains) are not. The "Discover Sites" option returns something like this: The system found a new WordPress site...
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    curl and php - connection refused

    Hello... We're working with our developer to create a music royalty tracking database for our internet radio station. We use curl from PHP to pull in "now playing" metadata from our streaming server's "streaminfo" URL. During development, our developer used his own server to build...