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    Can someone please confirm that if I want to make global changes to the various PHP versions php.ini files - all I have to do is edit the files in /opt/cpanel/ea-phpxx/root/etc/php.ini And that there is no other process involved? In the past we have attempted to copy ini files between servers...
  2. S

    cPanel/whm service status pending services

    Hi, I found some pending services in the whm Service Status page. So searched on the internet nothing helped. So I decided to reboot. But after the reboot the services (exim and httpd) remain pending. Please give me a solution. I have attached the screenshot. I want the services up and running
  3. PeteS

    SOLVED /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/restartsrv_httpd doesn't restart Apache

    /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/restartsrv_httpd does not restart Apache (nor does /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/restartsrv_apache). It has been that way for some time, apparently. I discovered this when I noticed that the Engintron plugin's Apache restart didn't work, so I pursured as a bug with them...
  4. A

    JSP files not working

    Hello, I installed Tomcat 8.5 on cPanel (shared hosting), I enabled tomcat for a cpanel account, but the hxxp://xxxxxx:10000/test.jsp show the error "This website can't be reached. Someone can help please?
  5. L

    Setting up imagick not showing on php -m

    Hi there. Trying to sort out a useage for imagick on PHP 7. You can see from this screenshot Screenshot I have it installed and active on Module Installers, however running php -m | grep imagick via ssh doesn't return any results. I've restarted apache and php-fpm without any results and...
  6. D

    Unable to update EasyApache4

    Today i was trying to update easyapache but encountered this errors, there are some packages missing or something, thanks in advanced. Erro de atualização: Error: Package: 1:ea-php52-php-curl-5.2.17-27.el6.cloudlinux.24.x86_64 (@cl-ea4) Requires: ea-php52-php-common(x86-64) =...
  7. F

    Adding PHP 7.4 + Extensions Errors

    Hi, I'm getting loads of Error 404s when I add extensions to 7.4: Is that anything I should worry about? Thanks, Alex
  8. A

    Adding/Enabling PHP 7.4 via EasyApache

    Hello, Today I installed cPanel on a VPS and I noticed PHP version 7.4 is available in EasyApache. I assume you guys officially added this version. Now, I have 20 other servers that are running on CloudLinux + cPanel, when I go to easyapache, I don't see the PHP 7.4 version for enabling. I...
  9. R

    cPanel - WHM 86 - Ruby support?

    Hi there, Firstly, sorry if my question does not make complete sense (I am new to this)! I have a cPanel / WHM 86 appliance - Can I install Ruby on rails as a package? I have seen this feature available on older installations of WHM and I just wanted to know what the official stance was to...
  10. Ramon Pego

    INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 is deprecated

    Hello I am facing problems with uploading files on my systems. idn_to_ascii (): INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 is deprecated It seems that this problem is a problem with php in version 7.2, unless I'm mistaken, but mine is in version 7.3 Even with the update that happened a little while with version...
  11. B

    Unable to update EasyApache4 ("ea-php-cli is already installed")

    Hy! I'm trying to update EasyApache4 from WHM -> EasyApache4 -> "1 Update Easy Apache 4", however, when provisioning the changes (which consists solely in updating the package "php-cli") I'm met with the following output: Provision process started. [2020-04-23 00:48:24...
  12. W

    If type in browser ns1.mydomain.com/folder go to site

    Hello, (the subject not indicate very good but now I can't edit the subject :) ) In one VPS that I have, today I view (because I view that google have indexed) that, if I type in browser ns1.mydomain.com/folder and / or ns2.mydomain.com/folder then, go to the site and appears the site with this...
  13. D

    Difference between cPanel user and WEB SERVER user

    After having installed a fresh clean copy of vanilla WP, when attempting to add plugins, page prompted FTP info. This was resolved changing the owner of folder (chown command) where WP was installed from the cPanel user to the web server user (i.e. 'nobody' in CentOS). Now the files cannot be...
  14. E

    What will happen to the web server if I don't renew my cPanel license?

    Dear support team, I have brought up a new server with Cpanel installation script. For some reasons i don't want to buy cpanel license at this moment for this new server and also within the next 12 month and after that i need to but license for my IP My Question is that if i don't buy license...
  15. N

    Restarting Apache Web Server

    Restarting Apache Web Server take long time in WHM. How can fix?
  16. N

    Restarting Apache Web Server

    Getting error from Restarting Apache Web Server. Please let me know this fix? warn [safeapacherestart] [5203] UID 0 clobbering stale lock file “/etc/apache2/conf/httpd.conf.lock” (NAME “/usr/local/cpanel/bin/safeapacherestart - safeaprestart - locking config”, UID 0) written by PID 4754 at...
  17. S

    cPanel restarting web server

    I have recently updated to latest version of cpanel, from then my web server getting restarted (which is litespeed at present) whenever cpanel is processing bandwidth and logs and bandwidth. I never had this problem earlier update. As i have disabled domlogs using cpanel template, so i have no...
  18. N

    What is the web server which is used within cPanel?

    I am not asking the web server which is provided by the cPanel. I know the web server is Apache web server. Today I have stopped Apache and still I could access both cPanel and WHM. If Apache is what serves cPanel, then the WHM and cPanel will not be available when the Apache service is down. So...
  19. M

    Web server from scratch, running into problems in WHM

    Hello everyone- first post here. A little background on the project I'm working on: I've been put in charge to set up a small data center (2 42u cabinets) at our office to handle our in-house email delivery system. I have a little experience setting this up but never on this scale. We have...
  20. Z

    Web server hangs intermittently

    I'm having a bizarre problem with certain websites hosted on my server. Apache 2.2.24, PHP 5.4.21, cPanel 11.38.2 (build 11), firewall is csf+lfd. Intermittently, when a user loads a particular site, that site will hang and fail to display. For one site in particular, the problem scenario...