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  1. V

    Frequent Web Server Restarts

    According to the cPanel documentation the use of piped logging should prevent the frequent restarts that started to happen in 11.25 during stats processing. In our testing this appears to not always be the case and it is still issuing unnecessary restarts in a lot of it's stats processing...
  2. R

    subdomain + home web server

    I added a subdomain called demo.company.com to our website, then edited the DNS Zone file to point the A name demo to my home webservers ip address. after a few hours it was resolving and the staging area was working. I went to add a .htaccess file using mod_rewrite to do some SEFU and...
  3. B

    i need a personal web server for my site.

    Well what do i need to do to get this server of unlimited disk space?
  4. R

    How to use one remote mysql server with three web server

    Hi, Is possible to setup one remote mysql server to use with three web server? I know cpanel supports one web, one remote mysql server via "Setup Remote MySQL server". Thanks
  5. L

    Compiling cPanel Backend Web Server PHP?

    Is there a way to add a few modules to the cPanel backend web server for a 3rdparty application like RoundCube? I want to put FileInfo OpenSSL Mcrypt But not sure how. Obviously using EasyApache doesn't complile the cPanel web backend but the webserver for cpanel accounts. Help is...
  6. B

    Web Server Folders

    Hi, Just wondering what all the different web server folders are for? I know that I have to upload my website to the public_html folder, but what about the other folders? Specifically, when setting up a mailing list, I've been told: "It is recommended to set it somewhere outside the...
  7. L

    scaninng my web server

    i know that you cpanel guys are searching for illegal users, but 'brute force' scanning of every ip address isn't the way. an appology will be fine! - - [26/Feb/2006:08:02:38 -0600] "GET...
  8. S

    which ports to open/close for a standard web server?

    Hi All, I'm looking for a little guidance. I'm in the process of setting up a 2 new web development servers here in Perth, Western Australia. Both web servers will be running CentOS, and cPanel+WHM. One is a dedicated server for a single client, the other can expect to host multiple...
  9. E

    2 GIG log file kills web server

    I'm having an issue with one of my sites, where the log file for one site goes to 2.0 gigs, and when that happens, it won't log anymore and the webserver starts dying. I have to clear the log for it to start working. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  10. V

    Web Server Prerequisites

    I did do some searches and some reading before posting because I can’t seem to find this info, so either I am just overlooking this or it’s extremely common knowledge…. Is doing a default CentOS server install selecting the “Web Server” package enough to satisfy all cPanel prerequisites? Do I...
  11. I

    Cpanel & Zeus Web server ?

    Hello. I wonder if someone use Zeus Web Server with Cpanel or on the same machine Zeus WS + Cpanel package ? Is this possible ? Regards.
  12. S

    Can I use "non-cpanel" server as my web server?

    Can I use "non-cpanel" server as my web server? So, this is what I want: I want to setup whole new server, as my present server is getting full. Can I use WHM/cPanel to setup new domain on the new server (which doesn't have cpanel licence)? To be exact, I only need a solution where I could...
  13. A

    What kind of Intrusion Detection System is appropriate for a web server?

    What kind of Intrusion Detection System is appropriate for a web server? Has anyone caught an intruder?
  14. bmcpanel

    How Many Sites On Your Web Server?

    This might be an interesting thread. At least to me. I am wondering who has the most accounts on their web server according to WHM (Not including add-on or parked domains). List your server specs too and also, a comment about performance. I'll get this started.... Redhat 7.3 Processor #1...
  15. H

    Web server farm diagram

    Looking for Help or any resource, book or links to some information regarding setting up a web hosting server farm I need a schematic diagram for all servers commonly used, switches, router.... any help is very much appreciated. cPanel.net Support Ticket Number:
  16. equens

    Reverse IP: Web server hosts 2 websites

    Reverse IP: Web server hosts XX websites Why all the people can know how many domains do I have in my server? Is this a cpanel's bug? Try http://www.whois.sc/domain.com and you will see it!!! http://www.whois.sc/cpanel.net Best Regards, Equens. cPanel.net Support Ticket Number:
  17. S

    Backup method on Linux web server with CPANEL

    Please advise what the most cost-efficient method to backup all information on my webserver (e.g. backup tape, network storage device and so on.).