1. E

    Problems with dispaly web site on mobile devices

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM version v86.0.21. I have a user with his website. When we opened his website on Google Chrome, IE via dsl access internet it works. But when we look via mobile internet first page dispay blanc, it doesn´t work. Is problem with cPanel or user´s website? Every other...
  2. Y

    Failed to perform action “restart” for ea-php73-php-fpm

    Hi guys, Yesterday, all the websites that I have on one of our servers have fallen. I have made the revisions and the error is found in ea-php73-php-fpm. I have searched in forums that may be, but I still have not found a solution, if someone has happened before I would appreciate your help...
  3. S

    Feature Request: Notify Root if Litespeed WS is down

    Hi all, I am using Litespeed Webserver and I am very happy with it. Last night it was the second time when Litespeed was shutting down, but uncontrolled without any reason. There are no relevant error entries that can declare what the shutdown forced. I don't know if cPanel feels responsible...
  4. D

    404 not found - Files not in proper directory

    Hi. I have a hosting and the support seems quite limited and I'm not so good with cPanel, so need to learn. I purchased a new domain and created a new database. This is a CMS hosting with WordPress. I have an earlier website working fine and am sharing this CMS hosting. I sent the following...
  5. P

    an .htaccess.preinstall file was created and the web page was damaged

    Hello colleagues, install ssl certificate on my website and everything perfect, then go to my website and the page is completely unconfigured, I do not know if it was because that file was generated or you need scripts and if so it would be great It helps to tell me which one, since I don't have...
  6. T

    Website won’t load and lmtp is down

    Hi, Our staging site won’t load and when I check Service Status it says lmtp is down. We don’t use or require email on the server, but have had problems with spam email being sent from it. We’ve deleted the mail queue, checked incoming mail (the mail folders on the server are all empty), lmtp...
  7. K

    How can I use addon domain which DNS server is out of WHM server

    When I add a domain name to add-on domain, cPanel returns XID npcvc4 error (domain ip address point to other dns server). But I would like to create only web site on cPanel and would like to use DNS server out of this server. Are there any setting allow this use of add-on domain?
  8. K

    SOLVED Fix cPanel Web Services Configuration from terminal

    Hi, cPanel don't open after I updated cPanel Web Services Configuration TLS/SSL Protocols. I just wants to configure TLS1.2 so I updated this field wrongly and WHM not works anymore. Here is changed value: SSLv23:!SSLv2:!SSLv3:!TLSv1:!TLSv1_1 to SSLv23:!SSLv2:!SSLv3:!TLSv1:!TLSv1_1:!TLSv1_2...
  9. D

    Difference between cPanel user and WEB SERVER user

    After having installed a fresh clean copy of vanilla WP, when attempting to add plugins, page prompted FTP info. This was resolved changing the owner of folder (chown command) where WP was installed from the cPanel user to the web server user (i.e. 'nobody' in CentOS). Now the files cannot be...
  10. Z

    Issues accessing whm/cpanel web interface

    I seem to have lost access to the web interface to whm/cpanel. I get a network connection error in the browser. I am able to ssh to the machine. One of the forum threads suggested trying to restart cpanel but I got the following error. # service cpanel restart Redirecting to /bin/systemctl...
  11. W

    Access Web Disk with Android Apps

    I tried to access my web disk with the Android Apps FX Explorer and Total Commander + Webdav Plugin. Unfortunately the connections won't be established. Does anybody access their web disk through Android? If so, what app do you use?
  12. postcd

    Disallow accessing sites via server IP?

    How to disallow accessing cpanel hosted files via server IP, like for example: http://mywhmserverIP/~lwogjdkug/ABC/cgi-bin/something/123/ and require access via domain names assigned to particular cpanel? I would like to set this for all future accounts and preferably also for all existing...
  13. G

    Disabling .htaccess completely

    I would like to pursue the idea of disabling .htaccess completely for the sake of gaining a few microseconds on each page load. I know that it's mostly irrelevant, but I've found that every fraction of a second that I can save will result in a more pageviews per session, so it can't really hurt...
  14. leonep

    SOLVED node.js test app 403 fobidden error

    Hi, i am testing node,js on my server. i am following cpanel guide. curl test is ok #curl Hello World! NodeJS i have made test application in application manager, name; nodejsapp Application URL: /nodejsapp path: nodejsapp/app.js but if i open browser in my location...
  15. A

    Error 404 setup python app

    hi i have problem ! i installed Cpanel 84.0.14 and CloudLinux and litespeed on VPS with centos 7.6 after this Process , i install node js , rubby , and python by cloud linux. you can see this picture that shows the install is successfull. after all 'setup nodejs app' and ' setup rubby app...
  16. C

    ea-nodejs10 Software Package Manager no displaying

    I've installed the ea-nodejs10 via the EasyApache4 manager. I can run a node app using the binaries as installed, however in the CPanel of client accounts there is no NodeJs Software Package for them to manage. What am I missing in order to get NodeJs to display in a CPanel users Software...
  17. B

    PHP-FPM and domain php.ini

    Hi, A week ago I wanted to disable mail and sendmail functions for 1 domain. I create php.ini in /home/domain folder with cPanel MultiPHP INI Editor. It didn't work. So I have to use /var/cpanel/userdata/user/domain.php-fpm.yaml and compile. Is child php.ini useless?
  18. R

    How to customize a 400 error page?

    Whenever a request is made to my server (to any of the domains) with a invalid charter in the header key an error 400 is rightfully returned. I like to change the content of this error page for a specific sub domain. And I seem unable to. This might seem straightforward to achieve, but I have...
  19. N

    PHP Warning: Module 'imagick' already loaded in Unknown on line 0

    After a lot of upgrades in software over the last few days, are getting the error PHP warning: Module 'imagick' already loaded in Unknown on line 0. I read the post about this error posted Dec 16, 2017, This file does not exist : "/opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/etc/php.d/imagick.ini" This is on VPS...
  20. sahostking

    wp-login.php and mod security

    Hi guys, We moved from paid Atomic Rules to Comodo WAF rules and all works well. Just one thing we cannot get working is that wp-login.php and administrator/index.php for Joomla and Wordpress websites get hit a lot as per below. Clients are in CloudLinux LVE so only affects the one customer...