1. T

    visual web javaserver faces app on cpanel

    Hi, I'm a newbie to both cpanel and java, but I did create a .war file with a simple "hello world"-ish application, and I can't manage to make it work in my cpanel powered space. Simpler applications DO work (altough in a weird fashion, for starter I have to manually specify the .jsp file...
  2. N

    Web hosting

    Hello guys. I want to make a web hosting company. Money is not a problem. Can you please tell me what I need? I mean what kind of servers, how many of them, routers, internet connexion... Sorry if I posted in the wrong topic. Thank you, Adi
  3. F

    WHM/Cpanel not working via web interface.. sites still online..getting Access Denied

    Check if your box has a valid cpanel license: http://verify.cpanel.net/ If it's invalid (but when it should be valid), try the steps here: http://www.webmarketedge.com/2006/12/cpanelwhm-invalid-license-file/
  4. S

    Set Default language for hostname (cpanel web with SSL)

    Hello. How can I set default language for my hostname? ex: host.domain.com, that have not an username cause is only a DNS entry? Thanks
  5. C

    Web Disk problem on Mac OS 10.4? :(

    I tried to set up a Web Disk account for my public_ftp directory. I downloaded and unzipped the Secure WebDisk script, then tried to run it. When I tried to run the script, first it gave me this message: "Press Run to run this script, or Quit to quit." Naturally I pressed Run, and...
  6. natong

    Any one have mod_cband source? The author web was down for many months.

    Tip: How to setup mod_cband wget http://cband.linux.pl/download/mod-cband- The author web was down for many months.
  7. 000

    How setup [administration web application] TomCat ?

    Hi, http://server:8080/admin/ Say: Tomcat's administration web application is no longer installed by default. Download and install the "admin" package to use it.. Please: How we can setup this? Is necesary? How/Why/When add users? What level we give to they?: Please help.
  8. R

    Pointing my Domain name to another web hosting server through WHM

    I bought a new hosting plan on ixwebhosting for my website since its programmed in ASP.NET 2005 SP2 and Cpnel do not support this language, how can i point my domain name to the new server through Cpanel WHM? Or do I have to Delete my subscription with CPanel in order to activate my new account...
  9. L

    Compiling cPanel Backend Web Server PHP?

    Is there a way to add a few modules to the cPanel backend web server for a 3rdparty application like RoundCube? I want to put FileInfo OpenSSL Mcrypt But not sure how. Obviously using EasyApache doesn't complile the cPanel web backend but the webserver for cpanel accounts. Help is...
  10. T

    Accessing the web disk remotely

    How do I access the web disk remotely in cpanel? What I would like to do is to create uesers (i know how to do that) that can login from anywhere and view, edit, or add files. Currently you have to create a connection, but what the use of having users if they have to login to my cpanel and...
  11. N

    The web won't show up (error 404)

    I'm new and still learning about cpanel. I already upload some file to /public html/ but when I access my homepage, the web won't show up and an error massage 404 What's wrong?????
  12. S

    Info web site

    Hi all my friends, I am enrolled to the website http://www.thecelebritycity.com (a web forum where photo of famous artists you/they can be download) but is it already for a while that it appears me yours, why? Can you help me? Thanks thousand.
  13. J

    Password-Protect Web Root - Not Possible?

    Hi, I am using cPanel to password-protect a web root directory (public_html), since the site is currently in development and I don't want any visitors or the search engines to index it yet. After password-protecting the directory, the protection is working fine - but then when I check...
  14. L

    FrontPage Extensions, Web Dav, .htaccess

    I figured that this may be the best forum for this question. I'm currently running stable and in a bit will be upgrading the OS/Hardware etc and migrating to a new box. I'd like to move a lot of the clients/sites from using FrontPage Extensions to webDAV. (FTP is TOO COMPLICATED for...
  15. L

    Web site doesn't work..

    Strange behavior. Sometimes when I go to one of my sites, the browser tells me the server cannot be found, please try again. Upon a refresh, site loads right up instantly. Is there something wrong with my configs and/or BIND not working properly?
  16. A

    non-techie here, I stilll don't understand how to create a basic web page- help

    I can't figure anything out, even looking through the all of the help files and threads. All I want to do is create a basic page that someone sees when they go to my url- some pictures and text. If someone could please give me a few basic directions and not point me to some other thread or...
  17. J

    Web Host, wants to custom whm...

    Hi, we have a few web hosting servers and running WHM/C Panel . I would like to custom the process of when I setup a package; I would like the login information to be automatically emailed to the client with a custom thank you. I was also thinking it would be awesome if when i setup an account...
  18. O

    Check web traffic stats

    Where in the cPanel may I check the web traffic stats hosted in my dedicated server?
  19. P

    Web Builder Recommendations..

    What is everyone using for their web builder in the control panels? I am looking at RVSiteBuilder and it appears to be fairly popular. Any other suggestions? Anything that is "recommended" by cpanel as it has the most compatibility.. Thanks!
  20. T

    Adding a web page counter

    Hello everyone, i'm new here. How i can i add my own web page counter, i want one that shows only the uniq user opening the page not like the one i have, if u click refeash it will count it can anyone help? does cpanel has one that i can add to my page? check the one i have now...