1. N

    Hw do i put html in web pages

    I have some html given to me from google, it is for a site counter, could someone please detail for me how i add this to my front page please, i am a newbie and this would enable me to do a lot more once i know how to add it on pages, i'd very much appreciate this thanks.:confused:
  2. davidanand

    Google is Search showing "Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer"

    Hi, One of my customers website is showing "Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer" while searching on Google. I don't know why it is happening please assist me.
  3. C

    Expression Web

    If I made a complete site using Expression Web and I was using cPanel, would I be able to publish it to the internet? Sorry if this seems like such a noob question. I have never done it before and I want to know what Im getting into... thanks in advance
  4. X

    Solution for Web Analytics on High Traffic Website?

    Hey guys. I currently run a decently high traffic website, which averages roughly 10,000,000-15,000,000 hits a month. This number could be higher, I don't have data to check it. I recently figured out that my log analysis was causing my server to hit high load times (20+) for 30-60 minutes at a...
  5. N

    No web Disk

    Guys, I have a fresh cPanel 11 installation on my server. But I cannot find Web Disk icon on my cPanel:confused: Any tips please:D
  6. W

    Up loading web site made with web easy

    Can any one point me to instructions on doing this or tell me how to I tried puting it to my public html folder but nothing happens.We purchased this domain name and is uses this cpanel .
  7. D

    Anyone know a good Web Host that uses cpanel?

    I have a few domains hosted with a company that changed hands and now the service is worthless and the servers are always down. So i need to find a new host pretty quick that has lots of bang for the buck so to speak. Thanks
  8. Q

    web dav enabled on all accounts

    i have WHM 11.11.0 cPanel 11.15.0 installed on FEDORA 6 i686 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0, and i recently installed mod_dav on my machine. i have opened the ports 2077 on my firewall. i am facing a problem which is that web disk is now enabled on the whole cPanel machine for all accounts...
  9. P

    Web Disk via SSL - Wrong Certificate

    My client is trying to access Web Disk via SSL. Even though he has a certificate on his account, https works without issues, when accessing the Web Disk - the certificate server offers is Not for his own domain - but rather - the main server certificate... How can I have Web Disk's accessed...
  10. R

    Cant Access Perl Files from Web

    I cant seem to figure out why none of my PERL files are working when I try to access them in my browser. When I open a .pl file in my browser (or any browser), I get an IE dialogue box which asks me if I want to open or download the file. This only happens for .pl files... and it's happening...
  11. M

    Web domain......

    my mom's web site is with Cpanel.....Do you have any idea how many email adressesyou get with it?:confused::confused::confused:
  12. M

    Web FTP stats icon gone after upgrading cpanel

    After upgrading to cPanel 11.15.0-R17665 this morning, the stats icon has disappeared from customer control panels. It is still checked/enabled in "Feature Manager" in WHM. This is on RHEL 3 & 4 servers. Anyone else run into this?
  13. B

    Web Server Folders

    Hi, Just wondering what all the different web server folders are for? I know that I have to upload my website to the public_html folder, but what about the other folders? Specifically, when setting up a mailing list, I've been told: "It is recommended to set it somewhere outside the...
  14. D

    Web Site Spell Checking Plugin Question

    Hi, I'm new here, so I suppose this is the right place to ask. Our company would like to offer its services as a cPanel plugin and we don't know where to begin. We provide web site spell checking services (i.e. we spell check your whole site at once, http://www.texttrust.com) and want to...
  15. D

    Web Setup

    Hi, I'm kinda new to this and am having difficulty setting up my server so that I have an FTP which i can just upload HTML files to, for people to see on the internet. So far, I have built Apache using cPanel, and thats about it. If i type the IP in the URL i get the cPanel placeholder...
  16. A

    Use server's host name for Web Disk?

    I can't see an option to connect to the server's host name instead of the customer's domain name when using Web Disk via SSL, am I missing something? Getting invalid certificate warnings isn't really acceptable.
  17. O

    Want to remove web disk from options and video tutorials

    Hi, I would like to remove some options from my X3 cPanel - firstly the Web Disk option (I can see it causing me all sorts of support issues.) I would also like to be able to remove the video tutorials selection option for it as well. Any clues on where to do this please - thanks in advance...
  18. K

    sync folder from 1 web directory folder and network vpn

    hi all, i would like to know how to create a sync folder between a directory of my website where is installed cpanel and other directory in a vpn network like laptop at work and desktop at home and with some more friends. i want to create sync folder peer to pear from just one...
  19. L

    web shells

    i uploaded a web shell thats called c99 shell and i tryed to root my own box to see if it can work and i got as fare as going into other clients directorys and changing there files or deleting there files. i want to know how can i stop all web shells like c99 from loading. i allready tryed safe...
  20. R

    cPanel Prompt on web page load

    Hi- One of my hosting clients emailed me today telling me that when he loads his website, he is prompted for a cPanel login. It is very interesting, it asks for the prompt, then if you press cancel it loads the page normally (from what I can tell). Any ideas on why this is happening? It is a...