1. Z

    Issues accessing whm/cpanel web interface

    I seem to have lost access to the web interface to whm/cpanel. I get a network connection error in the browser. I am able to ssh to the machine. One of the forum threads suggested trying to restart cpanel but I got the following error. # service cpanel restart Redirecting to /bin/systemctl...
  2. W

    Access Web Disk with Android Apps

    I tried to access my web disk with the Android Apps FX Explorer and Total Commander + Webdav Plugin. Unfortunately the connections won't be established. Does anybody access their web disk through Android? If so, what app do you use?
  3. postcd

    Disallow accessing sites via server IP?

    How to disallow accessing cpanel hosted files via server IP, like for example: http://mywhmserverIP/~lwogjdkug/ABC/cgi-bin/something/123/ and require access via domain names assigned to particular cpanel? I would like to set this for all future accounts and preferably also for all existing...
  4. G

    Disabling .htaccess completely

    I would like to pursue the idea of disabling .htaccess completely for the sake of gaining a few microseconds on each page load. I know that it's mostly irrelevant, but I've found that every fraction of a second that I can save will result in a more pageviews per session, so it can't really hurt...
  5. leonep

    SOLVED node.js test app 403 fobidden error

    Hi, i am testing node,js on my server. i am following cpanel guide. curl test is ok #curl Hello World! NodeJS i have made test application in application manager, name; nodejsapp Application URL: /nodejsapp path: nodejsapp/app.js but if i open browser in my location...
  6. A

    Error 404 setup python app

    hi i have problem ! i installed Cpanel 84.0.14 and CloudLinux and litespeed on VPS with centos 7.6 after this Process , i install node js , rubby , and python by cloud linux. you can see this picture that shows the install is successfull. after all 'setup nodejs app' and ' setup rubby app...
  7. C

    ea-nodejs10 Software Package Manager no displaying

    I've installed the ea-nodejs10 via the EasyApache4 manager. I can run a node app using the binaries as installed, however in the CPanel of client accounts there is no NodeJs Software Package for them to manage. What am I missing in order to get NodeJs to display in a CPanel users Software...
  8. B

    PHP-FPM and domain php.ini

    Hi, A week ago I wanted to disable mail and sendmail functions for 1 domain. I create php.ini in /home/domain folder with cPanel MultiPHP INI Editor. It didn't work. So I have to use /var/cpanel/userdata/user/domain.php-fpm.yaml and compile. Is child php.ini useless?
  9. R

    How to customize a 400 error page?

    Whenever a request is made to my server (to any of the domains) with a invalid charter in the header key an error 400 is rightfully returned. I like to change the content of this error page for a specific sub domain. And I seem unable to. This might seem straightforward to achieve, but I have...
  10. N

    PHP Warning: Module 'imagick' already loaded in Unknown on line 0

    After a lot of upgrades in software over the last few days, are getting the error PHP warning: Module 'imagick' already loaded in Unknown on line 0. I read the post about this error posted Dec 16, 2017, This file does not exist : "/opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/etc/php.d/imagick.ini" This is on VPS...
  11. sahostking

    wp-login.php and mod security

    Hi guys, We moved from paid Atomic Rules to Comodo WAF rules and all works well. Just one thing we cannot get working is that wp-login.php and administrator/index.php for Joomla and Wordpress websites get hit a lot as per below. Clients are in CloudLinux LVE so only affects the one customer...
  12. K

    SOLVED Unable to update PHP

    Thank you Michael. I managed to fix it but now I'm trying to update PHP on my wordpress site hosted on vultr using instructions on vultr.com/docs/upgrade-to-php-7-on-the-vultr-wordpress-app but it's not working. [[email protected] ~]# yum list installed php* Loaded plugins: fastestmirror...
  13. R

    WordPress Manager - Discover Scan failing

    Hello folks, I got an account with some WordPress sites, 4 of those are appearing in "Wordpress Manager" correctly, but two other Wordpress sites (both subdomains) are not. The "Discover Sites" option returns something like this: The system found a new WordPress site...
  14. I

    Websites are not working on PHP 5.6

    Hi Michael :) After I installed php5.6 and activated it from WHM, there are still some websites using php5.6 aren't working properly! Although these websites were working fine at their old shared hosting company. Is there any missing modules or packages I should install from (EasyApache 4) or...
  15. Michaelit

    Remove Apache Backup Directories?

    Dear cPanel team, i run the relative code lines today as discribed in the article: Monitor your system in order to find out the world written files as well as the ones with no owner. As far as i can see a number of files are pointed to the location: - /usr/local/apache.ea3 As i was wondering...
  16. kdean

    SOLVED [UPS-184] OPCache issue after recent EA4 update

    Anyone having problems with Opcache no longer caching scripts/keys after the 7.3.9 update? Still works fine on 7.2 and earlier but not at all with the latest 7.3.9 even though phpinfo says Opcode Caching is Up and Running and Optimization is Enabled. Previous version of 7.3 was working. Had to...
  17. R

    Select PHP version interface fix

    The latest update of the Select PHP Version in Cpanel is very unclear. It only displays 'native' but not what the current version of native actually is! Also it shows this message: Warning Changing php modules and php options via PHP Selector for native php version is impossible Making you...
  18. A

    EasyApache and PHP patch level

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I manage a VPS installed on CENTOS 7.6 with WHM v82.0.13 and EasyApache 4. My Apache is at 2.4.41 and my PHP is at 7.2.7. I read an article about PHP vulnerabilities today that mentioned 7.2.22 as a patch that addressed the vulnerabilities. In the...
  19. R

    curl and php - connection refused

    Hello... We're working with our developer to create a music royalty tracking database for our internet radio station. We use curl from PHP to pull in "now playing" metadata from our streaming server's "streaminfo" URL. During development, our developer used his own server to build...
  20. T

    Upgrade PHP to at least PHP 7.1 notice

    I have received many notices like Upgrade your PHP to at least PHP 7.1, before it's too late! When we be default 7.1 upgrade? The PHP version 7.0 you are using has reached its End of Life (EOL)...