1. T

    Upgrade PHP to at least PHP 7.1 notice

    I have received many notices like Upgrade your PHP to at least PHP 7.1, before it's too late! When we be default 7.1 upgrade? The PHP version 7.0 you are using has reached its End of Life (EOL)...
  2. D

    Only ONE case yields pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable and that 'file' is executable

    I am running Drupal 7 on a cPanel server that I administer. I am using cPanel 82.0.12 with Apache 2.4 and PHP 7.2. My site is working great except for one function that returns a 500 error. The error in the log is "AH00529: /home/client/public_html/folder/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to...
  3. cPanelResources

    Tutorial How to Install ImageMagick for EA-PHP and ALT-PHP

    What is ImageMagick? ImageMagick is software designed to display, convert, and edit raster and vector images. It can be leveraged with PHP by installing the ImageMagick PHP extension on cPanel servers. Step 1 - Install ImageMagick This step is the same for both EA PHP and CloudLinux's ALT PHP...
  4. A

    SOLVED sites still accessing ea-php56

    Hi All sites on all servers have been switched to PHP 7.3 but- CSF firewall is still sending me emails saying Excessive processes running under a user are still opening ea-php56 files for example- processes are accessing exe:/opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/bin/php-cgi...
  5. A

    PHP modules already loaded

    I've been struggling with the generation of the following PHP error logs in all of my directories where I use php-based webpages. [30-Aug-2019 19:33:00 UTC] PHP Warning: Module 'PDO' already loaded in Unknown on line 0 [30-Aug-2019 19:33:00 UTC] PHP Warning: Module 'pdo_sqlite' already loaded...
  6. C

    Symbolic link not allowed or link target not accessible

    Hi I am working with Apache CentOS 6.10 WHM and cPanel. I have been trying to set up a symlink between accounts without success, so I decided to try a simple test symlink on the same account but had the same issues. I have the following httpd.conf has: <Directory "/"> AllowOverride All...
  7. Ramon Pego

    Permissions for Laravel storage folder

    Hello I am facing a very annoying and recurring problem. I have some systems using Laravel on my CentOs 6.2 Every time the system tries to create a new file in the folder for example ~ myapp / storage / * He gives permission error Even though I am giving chmod -R 777 storage / He can create the...
  8. J

    Needed system RPMs were not installed: ea-profiles-cloudlinux

    Hi, we experience the following issue. I can't find any information about what ea-profiles-cloudlinux actually is. Server restart didn't help. checkyum version 22.3 (excludes: bind-chroot kernel ruby) checkyum version 22.3 (excludes: bind-chroot kernel) Loaded plugins: fastestmirror...
  9. R

    Moodle installation problem

    Hi! I have a problem in installing moodle in Cpanel. at first, when configuring the directory and database, the style is showing, but after i click next, the style is not showing anymore. i attach the screenshot of the installation, if you guys have any solution, i would be very grateful...
  10. M

    Running litespeed as cPanel user - security issue?

    In shared hosting environments where the web server runs as the same user that owns the web files, I see a security issue. My hosting provider runs WHM, Cpanel, Cloudlinux and Litespeed. Web files uploaded from SFTP are owner:group of the cpanel owner. Example using Drupal: -r--r--r-- 1...
  11. kiopeed

    Enable PHP zip extension?

    welcome all please help me Please make sure the PHP extensions listed below are installed. see images how i do ? from whm :(
  12. J

    How to increase mod_security limit?

    Hello, I am getting the following error: [Wed Aug 28 00:01:59.754080 2019] [:error] [pid 2205210] [client 79.131.xxx.xxx:51068] [client 79.131.xxx.xxx] ModSecurity: Request body no files data length is larger than the configured limit (1048576).. Deny with code (413) [hostname...
  13. J

    SOLVED Wordpress manager "+New Site" button missing

    Hello, It seems that I cannot make the +New Site button show in my cPanel Wordpress Manager. What should I check for in WHM to make it work? Thanks, Jean B
  14. cPanelResources

    Tutorial Adjusting PHP Logging Levels To Troubleshoot PHP Script Errors

    Changing PHP error settings Sometimes your site might not function as expected, or it may display errors or warnings. Changing PHP error handling will help deduce functionality issues and prevent unwanted information on your site. Regardless of the PHP handler in use, you can edit PHP settings...
  15. S

    Too Many Redirects

    Hello, I have successfully installed a TLS certificate on a site. The site is now accessible over http and https. I have attempted forcing https, 'the site then shows too many redirects'. I used the cPanel feature, and even htaccess, but same error. Anyone with a possible reason why this keeps...
  16. D


    I am running through the list of security recommendations in this guide: https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/CKB/Tips+to+Make+Your+Server+More+Secure One of them suggests finding world writeable files and dirs on the system. I did that, and one of those is this dir...
  17. D

    Remove File Extensions on Webpages?

    So for my website, if I try to go to a file page "www.example.com/test" my website shows, "www.example.com/test.html". Is there any way to fix it so the extension doesn't show.
  18. M

    PHP permissions after updating and moving to php 7.x

    Hey folks, Still a novice when it comes to the intricacies WHM. We have a VPS running whm. The bulk of the websites are running wordpress. many of the sites were older and set up with php 5.6., or 7.0. I saw the message both were EOL so I figured I should update PHP for the server. Selected...
  19. R

    Redirect var in 404 not working after EasyApache Update

    Previously till now, I had the apache's default 404 pages running because I like those. Those pages showed the requested url by the user, I know that it is the environment variable: REDIRECT_URL. They would display: The requested URL /<the wrong url> was not found on this server. The...
  20. E

    HTTP server crash (restart)

    Hi cPanel, I'm getting this rather strange error with a specific website, it only happens with 1 website all the other websites which we host are up and able to be viewed from the internet apart from this website, so basically the Http server is crashing and won't come back until I restart the...