1. zex


    My webalizer does not show statistic for last 12 months. It show statistic only for current month. Does somebody have some expirience with that and how to make cpanel to show list for last 12 months. Tnx.
  2. W

    Where are the Webalizer files?

    Can someone direct me to the location of the webalizer files in the cpanel install? We have one site that is not parsing its logs eventhough all other sites work fine.
  3. M

    Webalizer Refferers

    I need to hide the refferers from my own site. How to set cpanel that webalizer don´t show refferers which comes from the own site? I want these settings for the whole server, not only for one domain. Michael
  4. M

    Webalizer Problems

    Hello, I am having a problem with webalizer. (On one domain only..) The problem is this: when I originally created the customer\'s account, my customer told me the wrong domain. It was domain.net. Then, I was told about the error, so I changed it to the correct name, domain.com ...
  5. M

    webalizer config

    Is it possible to re-configure webalizer? I can\'t locate webalizer.conf at all.