1. L

    Webalizer configuration...

    Default webalizer on cPanel only shows the past 12 months of activity. I want it to show more than 12 months. How do I do this? I know it keeps all the data saved, as I can see them in the tmp directory dating back to March of '09. I want it to show more than 1 year on the index page/image/graph...
  2. D

    webalizer stats question

    how can I learn how to interpret the webalizer details?
  3. H

    Webalizer Usage Statistics stopped working

    Hello cP, I haven't look at my stats in a while, today I found out they haven't worked since Jan 9. We had a server crash due to a bad hdd back in Jan, so when the server was fixed this must have done something to the stats program... I searched and found some threads recommending I run...
  4. S

    Webalizer config File

    Hi i have a dedicated server CENTOS 5.5 i686 with WHMacelerated 2. i want to configure webalizer config file for a virtualhost (webalizer count actually my own site for a referrer) But i don't find this config file !! Can u help me ? Regards Seb
  5. C

    webalizer problem runweblogs, fixwebalizer does not solve

    Hi i have webalizer problem to one specific user only others working well. The problem is that webalizer statistic has not been updated since 2010 Dec. i try /scripts/runweblogs and got this errors: [2011-03-14 15:52:58 +0400] Using logfile /usr/local/apache/domlogs/xxx.xx.bkup (clf)...
  6. S

    Acces webalizer stats

    hi I just havec my 1st whm accelerated2 I search a method for my customer to access directly on webalizer stat like that http://www.mydomain.com/webalizer/web it's possible ? Regards Seb
  7. carock

    Discrepancy between AWStats and Webalizer

    I have a customer that has been using AWStats for monitoring the web traffic. They were complaining that since we moved their site to a new cPanel server, the stats are extremely low like traffic has dropped off. In researching this, I found that there is a very big difference between what...
  8. T

    user access to webalizer data only?

    I received this request from a customer and am not aware of a (simple) way to accomplish it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I woiuld like to let our webmaster view the log files in AWstats, and the other programs. If we could set her up in cpanel, but only allow her access to the...
  9. Silent Ninja

    Webalizer stats issue

    I'm having trouble with one of our clients stats. He have the webalizer active and updated, but the index page only shows this month usage. Although on his tmp folder he has all the usage_AAAAMM.html files needed, from 200904 to 201002. Any ideas that what could be wrong ? PS: I've...
  10. nyjimbo

    No Webalizer stats update since 11.25 upgrade

    We noticed that one of our Freebsd servers stopped doing Webalizer stats updating since going to cPanel 11.25.0. We have since run upcp force and another manual later on to go to cPanel 11.25.0-C42399 - WHM 11.25.0 - (X 3.9 FREEBSD 6.2) however the Webalizer stats show nothing updated since the...
  11. M

    webalizer shwoing stats for Feb 2036!

    good day, I've had the problem on two different servers. webalizer is predicting visitors' stats for 2036. have any of forum members had such an experience and know what causes it and how can I fix it? thanks.
  12. Danik

    Webalizer a lot of Unresolved/Unknown country

    I have a lot of Unresolved/Unknown countries in webalizer reports (98.8%) Have cheked /etc/resolve.conf but it is ok Is there any other thing to check ? cPanel 11.24.5-R38506 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9 FREEBSD 7.0 i386 standart Webalizer Version 2.01
  13. F

    Disable webalizer reverse IP looks for one domain?

    Is it possible to disable reverse DNS lookups for one domain?
  14. D

    Webalizer how to exclude files types ??

    HI I would like set Webalizer for exclude some files types to be displayed. I would like also increase TOP sites display and more... I have make a lot search and I have found some very old forum telling is possible to create a custom "webalizer.conf" file and put into root folder...or into...
  15. C

    Mysterious usernames showing up in Webalizer

    I have a few FTP accounts on my server for a small number of users. Basically I just put a .htaccess file in a few public folders but the names that are showing up I have never heard of and would never have been able to make up. I'm the only one with access to the server and nobody else knows...
  16. K

    Webalizer Search Strings

    Hi there I was wondering how I can modify my webalizer stats to show me more than the top 30 search strings. Right now it shows Top 20 of 1656 Total Search Strings. Is there a way I can increase this to 300 of xxxx so that I can see more? Everything is running on my own server so I have full...
  17. paulkoan

    AWStats or Webalizer for whole server?

    Is it possible to get awstats for all accounts on a cpanel server? In other words, an aggregate report for everyone (for internal use only). Thanks, Paul
  18. racomnet

    webalizer hang

    Hello I have a problem with webalizer,which hang. The domlogs has 90Mb, so .. is not so big. In the past version I was modify this '/webalizer -N 10' into '/webalizer -N 0' and was parsing the log, but now I can't find where to modify this. Any ideea ? Best regards
  19. D

    how to enable Webalizer only for a domain on the server.

    In a server use the statistics as awstats, I would not enable the Webalizer due to leave the server overloaded. How do I enable the Webalizer only for a domain?
  20. B

    Webalizer and countries unresolved

    Hi, For some accounts on one of our servers, Webalizer does not show its visitors by country but instead it shows "100% unresolved". I think this has something to do with the fact that these accounts were created a long time ago, when the Tweak setting was not set to "resolve hostnames"...