1. Arvy

    Webalizer - public view

    How can I set Webalizer to be available in a folder like /stats/ without password? I tryed edit httpd.conf and insert a line: /stats/ /home/user/tmp/webalizer/ but I get a 403 (denied) error. Any idea?
  2. G

    How to view webalizer stats for all domains (300+) on a dedicated server?

    I have a dedicated server with few hundred domains on it. How can I automate to view all traffic stats for all of the domains in the server. Currently, I have to manually view the popular domains one by one to see the stats. Ideally, I want to view daily visitors/per domain by a email...
  3. J

    Webalizer vs. AWStats?

    I did a search for this topic so that it didn't get talked about yet again...but what I found wasn't completely helpful. I'm kind of new to this whole thing...so please hang with me a moment. I was looking at the stats for my site and realized there was a SIGNIFICANT difference between...
  4. A

    Webalizer: db_put_fail

    Webalizer seems to crash every time it gets to a particular log file. Here's what stats_log says: The log file is about 200MB, and I'm wondering if maybe Webalizer has problems with large files?
  5. E

    Webalizer Accuracy between Plesk and Cpanel

    After moving one domain from a Plesk v6.x (FreeBSD) server to a new Cpanel (CentOS) server one of our clients is complaining their stats are way down -- in some cases by as much as 300%. Personally I feel most of it is just coincidence due to the timing of the move, but she is confident it has...
  6. B

    Awstats and Webalizer have a 500 times difference in visits, whats going on?

    Awstats and Webalizer have a 500 times difference in visits, whats going on? Awstats says I had 15 visits yesterday Webalizer says 3000, which is correct according to my google analytics. Both Awstats and Webalizer show 90,000 hits Why is Awstats only showing 15 visitors? I am...
  7. benito

    Resource usage: Webalizer vs Analog vs AWStats

    1) Who uses less resources of those three? 2) If i disable all of them, i still have BW use statistics for my domains?
  8. W

    Subdomain stats (awstats & webalizer) not updating

    Greetings! For over a month now awstats is not generating statistics for subdomains. I have an account called diecastw, which has two separate subdomains - dac and w900. When awstats executes every night, the root domain stats are updated, however the dac and w900 logs are cleared/reset, but...
  9. S

    Enabling Webalizer on

    I am not able to "Choose Log Programs" under cPanel as there are no options made avaialble to me. Any idea how can I make this work ? Under the "Choose Log Programs" , analog,awstats and webalizer are all marked as X
  10. sehh

    safe to disable webalizer?

    Is it safe to completely disable webalizer? Or is it used by cPanel/WHM for some reason, like to calculate statistics or whatever? I'm interested to disable webalizer because it wastes space (since we have awstats), it takes a long time to generate the statistics (useless since we have...
  11. D

    Webalizer stats not working after rebuild

    This was posted to the Cpanel group in error. The post is now in the WHM forum. Could a mod delete this thread please. Cheers.
  12. F

    Webalizer stats not updating for 1 domain - corrupt mysql?

    Can anyone help with this problem? One particular domain is not getting its webalizer stats updated. The problem has been evident since a server migration 2 months ago. The domlog for the customer site shows hits with today's date so that side of it is okay. The output suggests that some...
  13. B

    webalizer or awstats?

    Im doing some server tweaks and removing unnecessary software. In this case dont know why to have two stats programs when awstats is more accurate than webalizer. Also will reduce time in processing stats cause I will be processed to awstats only. By other hand webalizer projects seems to be...
  14. R

    Webalizer data location?

    While trying to fix a customer's web stats (both awstats and webalizer) the webalizer data was wiped out prior to June of this year, while the AWstat data remained totally fine. We have backups available but I'm having difficulty locating the exact file(s) that would need to be restored...
  15. H

    Webalizer stopped working

    dear Masters, In cpanel I have been observing the statistics of my websites. however it stopped working on april 10th with no reason. I read thru and made it disabled as default but enabled it just for one website, i even tried to make it work every 48 hours to reduce its job. Still no luck...
  16. T

    Force update of Webalizer stats

    I'm trying to force an update of Webalizer. It works, and updates the stats every 24 hours or so as it should, but one of our sites is about to reach a traffic milestone this week and well, some of the admins and myself are impatient and want to see the stats updated a bit more often over the...
  17. B

    Webalizer for one domain

    Is it possible to enable Webalizer and analog stats for a single domain from WHM or HTTP configuration file. If possible please let me know how i can enable it. Thank you.
  18. Z

    awstats and webalizer stopped on one domain

    Hello, My client has reported that neither stats programs have run since March 17th on her domain. I tried the usual commands: /scripts/runlogsnow /scripts/runweblogs username But to no avail. I am wondering what I should try now. I think it odd that it is both programs that have...
  19. C

    webalizer issues *VERY ANNOYING*

    Some time ago stats processing stopped working alltogether for 20+ domains on 2 of my servers due to having a very heavy timeschedule I couldnt work on this problem. today i tried fixwebalizer and runweblogs to see if i could make em manually and this is what i got, does anybody have any...
  20. B

    Webalizer configuration

    The cPanel implementation doesn't use a traditional /etc/webalizer.conf file. I can't find an equivalent. Is there a way to specify the output per account or per server?