1. ullalla

    webalizer for subdomain

    Hello, How can I update the webalizer stats, Webalizer Ftp stats for a subdomain , Your quick attention is appreciated on this
  2. T

    Webalizer Questions

    I've got a quick question. What's the difference between Visits, Pages, Files and Hits in the Webalizer stats? Thanks
  3. T

    Need Help With Webalizer

    Help Me With Webalizer Hello all, I am trying to set up webstatitics using Webalizer and I have absolutly no idea how to do this. I would seem like a common sense sort of thing, but I just can't figure it out. So I guess I need to know how to generate a Webalizer report, but I don't know...
  4. T

    cronjob for webalizer?

    What cronjob is running webalizer statistics? I did not see anything in /etc/cron.daily? Where is it located.
  5. sh4ka

    Webalizer is not working, please help

    Hello everybody, I'm using webalizer on an cPanel server (redhat enterprise 4 with cPanel latest Release tree).... and since some days it is not working at all for 1 important domain... The problem is when I click to see the stats.. and a blank page appears saying that can't find the log file...
  6. M

    Direct link to AWstats and Webalizer.

    Hi all, I found that you can login directly and watch AWstats and Webalizer without login in cPanel first. For AWstats you can follow this link: http://www.domain.com:2082/awstats.pl?config=domain.com&lang=en For Webalizer you can follow this link...
  7. Y

    Problems with Webalizer language

    Recently I got some strange error with Webalizer language setup. First few months ago stats on my server completely stopped update, so after runned runlognow script they were updated but webalizer language became undefined. So now when I open Additional language menu in WHM I get empty select...
  8. L

    empty Webalizer Ftp stats

    I observed the following problem: 2 server do not have any stats in the Webalizer Ftp. I get on both the message Cannot find an acceptable log file for your domain. Some old account show me some ftp traffic from February 2006. All other stats like webalizer or awatsts seem to be fine, but I...
  9. njak

    Webalizer Ignoring webalizer.conf again

    I have read the posts about putting customized webalizer.conf files in /home/{homedir}/tmp/webalizer instead of the previous placement of /home/{homedir}. In fact, I have had them in /home/{homedir}/tmp/webalizer for some time now and they have been working just fine. I am not sure when in the...
  10. ullalla

    webalizer and analogs get stucked

    The webalizer and analog stats are stopped working, I tried with /scripts/fixwebalizer /scripts/fixcommonproblems /scripts/fixeverything /scripts/upcp but still no luck. is there any other solution on this?
  11. D

    Webalizer not showing August statistics

    One client pointed that he can not see August statistics for his site. I went to his cPanel and I see webalizer is showing 12 months statistics and now with July it is 12 months. I went to some other accounts and all are having the same problem, all accounts which are on server longer than 12...
  12. H

    Webalizer stats not updating

    Hello, The webalizer stats on my server are not being updated. All other statistics (Analog, AWStats, ...) are processed and updated correctly. I've searched the forums for similar issues but none of the solutions work for me. /scripts/fixwebalizer does not help. /scripts/runweblogs...
  13. B

    Webalizer unique visitors are different from awstat unique vistors

    Webalizer total unique visits are: 2,003 AWstats unique visits are: 159 Why are these different? How many unique visitors did I get?
  14. bmcpanel

    Updating Webalizer Manually

    Is their a way to update Webalizer stats for a single domain on the Cpanel server? thanks.
  15. Radio_Head

    webalizer and bandwidth reports not working [FIXED]

    I had a problem with webalizer and bandwith reports, that stopped to working on May . When I was executing /scripts/runweblogs for one user I receid this error Please fix the problem manually and remove /var/cpanel/webalizerbuildcount To fix the rpoblem I have done this 1) rm -f...
  16. R

    how to install webalizer [moved]

    Hi, I'd like to ask guide how to install webalizer using a 3rd party script. Or Does cpanel already have such pre-installed webalizer and I only need to set it on? How? thanks, ras
  17. W

    awstats vs webalizer

    Hi, I notice large differences between the stats represented in awstats and webalizer. eg the bandwidth usage indicated is seriously different. Wondering which of the two programmes is considered more reliable? Thanks, Darren.
  18. W

    Webalizer help for idiots

    Dear Knowledgeable Cpanel experts, I am very, very new to this cpanel thing. My site host has directed me here in an effort to be able to find answers to 2 particular questions that I have. 1. How is it possible in the regular Webalizer (not FTP) to be able to see more than just the Top...
  19. ullalla

    webalizer ftp stats ?

    Hi, You need to search this forum. Thank you :) Ullalla
  20. W

    Webalizer Connectivity

    Hello, I'm trying to do something to help my link exchange effectiveness, and I was hoping I could use webalizer's log stats to do it. Basically, I'm trying to sort my link exchanges (in PHP) by the number of incoming hits I'm getting from my link partners. So basically when you load one of...