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    Hi, Can you help me? i need to find where is the webalizer config file? i need to change some settings thanks, Ross
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    Webalizer update, /scripts/runweblogs hang

    Hello. I have troubles with /scripts/runweblogs, webalizer for some domains dont't updated, and i run: [[email protected] root]# /scripts/runweblogs user Log checker loaded ok.. ==> cPanel Log Daemon version 22.2 ==> Shared RRDTOOL support enabled Processing user... Run Logs domain...
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    Webalizer Statistics Problem and /scripts/runweblogs

    Hello, one of my domains is not getting its statistics for this month, January 2006. I've searched all over the forum and tried all the suggestions: Upgrading to perl 5.8.7 Upgrade to latest cPanel /scripts/cleanbw , /scripts/runlogsnow /scripts/runweblogs example (where example is the...
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    webalizer stop´s

    Hello i was checking my stats and i see that the last day of webalizer is January 5 and dont show the other days what could be happend webalizer sopts? or what can i do to still keep working the stats. regards StpHosting
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    Webalizer page is blank

    Hi, Users with a dash in their account name cannot access the stats page of webalizer anymore. On the same server users with no dash in the username can access the stats fine. Anyone else is experiencing the same issue ? Regards, Maxime
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    no stats (awstats, webalizer) on only one domain

    Hello, We've a strange problem, on one domain cpanel don't generates statistics. Only on one domain, on all other domains it works great. If I run /scripts/runlogsnow, it says "(internal warning) Tue Jan 17 11:15:01 2006 [10521] warn: cpanellogd: stats_log is not defined in...
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    disable webalizer for just one user

    Can someone please help me learn how to disable Webalizer from running on one account. It has not updated this account since Oct since he is out of disc space and refuses to upgrade. However, Webalizer keeps hanging up on his account instead of skipping it. Any help is appreciated.
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    Webalizer - Days missing

    Hi There, We've got a domain with a fair bit of traffic, and Webalizer's monthly view consistently misses a few days of data. Has anyone come across this problem? Hoping to get some advice before running the fix webalizer script...
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    Webalizer maxing out the CPU for hrs.

    Hi, One of the accounts on the server consumes 90+% CPU power when Webalizer runs and can run for hrs. if it's not manually killed. Other acounts on the server do not have that problem. I've already tried /scripts/fixwebalizer for that account but that did not solve anything... Any...
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    stats not updating - webalizer

    My stats have stopped updating, which has caused the /usr partitions domlogs to fill up. I've run /scripts/runweblogs that reqires me to do it for every user name. Is there some way to run it for all, and how can I prevent it in the future by getting it to run automatically (or figure out why...
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    Webalizer stats stopped

    Hi, Is there a way to get Webalizer stats working again? They stopped on my server 9 days ago. AWStats is working fine. There is a "fixwebalizer" script, but I think it is for one domain at a time. Thanks.
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    Webalizer Load

    Anyone noticed that when Webalizer runs lately it really just shoots the load of a server up? We have several clients that have a lot of add-on domains and when they get processed Webalizer is unstoppable and eats up every resource it can.
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    Bugs in Awstats and webalizer

    After upgrading my cpanel version to latest cPanel 10.8.1-R30 I had lot of problems with Awstats and webalizer. Then I have to run some scripts to fix them. But I lost all my past statistic along with that. Witch is really frustrating :mad: ith cpanel when capering to other control panels...
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    webalizer stats seems corrupted with 10.8.1-STABLE 31

    my webalizer stats seems corrupted. It DOSE NOT show the statistics from more 10th Nov 2005 to 8th Nov 2005. If I am correct I have update my cpanel version from 10.8.0 to 10.8.1-STABLE 31 on 9th Oct 2005. but I cannot remember exactly. I also noticed that Awstats is working fine. Dose...
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    webalizer query

    For any account, checking webalizer stats one finds Referrers section with hyperlinked entries like 1 2 3 4 5 6 But each of these leads to nowhere. Is this a bug? If not how to get those links under referrers more meaningful as it makes no sense right now. TIA Anup
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    Webalizer work but AwStats stop to work before 15 days...?

    On my server before 15 days AwStats stop to work, I don`t know what can be problem but webalizer work fine, somebody know how I can fix this? After that few times I updated cPanel but that don`t help... Thanks.
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    No Webalizer or AW Stats since October 3rd

    I'm new to this forum. I receive the Cpanel info through my web hosting company. I haven't been able to see any stats i.e. Webalizer or AW since October 03. Hosts have advised they are working on the problem but I would guess it should be the cPAnel tech support looking into this. Anyone have...
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    webalizer stats

    My webalizer stats have stopped working for certain domains and not others. Can aanyone shed some light on this issue. How do I get the stats to start reporting once again? Thank you
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    Webalizer problem- summary bar chart

    Hi all, My problem with webalizer is the usage summary bar chart. The bar chart is start from Nov to Oct but it only display latest three month statistic (e.g - Aug, Sep, Oct). All monthly report can search from tmp/webalizer, but it is hard for me to retrieve monthly report from there...
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    Summary of Webalizer

    Dear All Please answer me, where can I change the setting of webalizer configuration. My problem is webalizer in web/Ftp stat. It will only display last two months report and previous month report will not display. I would like to see everymonth report at once time in a page which is...