1. S

    WebDisk password subfolder

    Hello, I'm a user from Germay and have a question about WebDisk an different security Settings. In German because my englisch are not the best.. Frage: Es soll ein Teil des Speichers im Webspace soll als Art "Cloud" verwendet werden. Die Anwendung ist für den Vorstand eines Vereins. Es soll...
  2. N

    Remove webdisk connection in Windows?

    Hello, I used to have a hosting plan on a provider with cPanel and i used to use webdisk. However, several months after stopping using that provider, i can notice that my computer still attempts to connect to the webdisk that i got from the .vbs file. Can confirm that i can find nothing in the...
  3. M

    Accessing webdisk under a subaccount?

    How does one sign into cpanel with a sub account to access web disk? When using a subaccount login it does not let you sign into cpanel with my webhost as well as my own cpanel installation.
  4. Erik Ellsinger

    Log webdisk usage

    Is there a good way of seeing how much the webdisk features is being used on a server? For instance a log of who logged (IP-address and cPanel username) in and when would be a good way to see if anybody is actually using the feature. I see there is a log file called cpdavd_session_log but it...
  5. C

    WebDisk Settings

    Please, I can I get any help in using cPanel WebDisk ? What should I put in: 1. Name 2. Server Address Would appreciate clarification. Thank you
  6. L

    Can't access cPanels Web Disk

    I have a dedicated hosted server with CentOS 7 and cPanel. I'm trying to get WebDAV ("Web Disk") to work so I can access files from my Windows 10 machine. In cPanel, I go into Files => Web Disk => Access Web Disk => Download Quick Start Script Then I run that script, it asks me for my...
  7. L

    File limit in Web Disk

    Hi. Is there a limit to the number of files that can be viewed via Web Disk. We have a directory with in excess of 400,000 files and we are not able to open the directory via Web Disk. Other directories are fine.
  8. PCZero

    Continuing WebDisk Issues

    I am still having issues mapping a network drive to webdav as htps://foo.bar.com:2078. I can go to the URL in my browser successfully but I cannot map a network drive. Today after migrating form Easy Apache 3 to Easy Apache 4 I looked through the installed modules and noticed that none of the...
  9. PCZero

    Multiple WebDisk

    I have a client who has more than one hosting account with me. He wants to set up a WebDisk for each of those accounts. However after he created the first web disk he is no longer prompter for the UID/PW for any additional Web Disks he creates, they all default to the first one he entered...