1. DennisMidjord

    WebDav/Webdisk password resets

    We have a very strange issue where the password (I assume) for some specific accounts keeps... changing, I guess. All Web Disk accounts that have this issue have the same thing in common: Their "Directory" is configured as "/". Each Web Disk accounts is mapped as a network drive in Windows...
  2. Q

    cpanel webdisk session log question

    I'm looking at /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpdavd_session_log I have the following entry – IP address has been changed: [2021-01-08 12:09:25 +0000] info [cpdavd] NEW _dav_:eek:1qmpa2SiFEW5bHP app=cpdavd - accepting connections on: 2077 2078,method=libexec/cpdavd.pl:libexec::cpdavd...
  3. Q

    Webdisk issues disonnecting

    This issue appears to be occurring on both the PC and Mac various OS releases. If the Webdisk is connected and the computer goes into sleep mode, or there is another loss of connection, then the WebDisk still displays as mounted, but not accessible. On Mac 'The operation can’t be completed...
  4. Q

    Webdisk issues reading files

    Webdisk seems to be working fine on the PC. However, Mac users are seeing the following error when accessing some files: The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -8084). This is for various versions of MacOsx. It is also for various webdisk accounts on...
  5. A

    10 simultaneous WebDisk connections to the same WebDisk user

    Hello, A cPanel enduser is asking if he can use WebDisk from 10 different computers at the same time on the same username or if he has to do this with multiple users (read/write access). Any feedback on this use case? Thanks!
  6. T

    Webdisk - directories not showing up - Mac OSX

    Hello everyone, I've created users, and followed the guide in cpanel. After downloading the configuration file, I'm able to connect on my High Sierra Mac. A directory shows up in finder, but there's no sub folders available. I setup a second account, and created a specific directory location...
  7. L

    cPanel Webdisk Reports SSL is Invalid or Self-Signed, Which is Totally Not True

    Hola whilst attempting to drive myself insane today configuring Windows machines for use with webdisk, I was shocked to read upon logging into the company's cPanel that when clicking on 'configure client access' a warning appears stating our SSL is "invalid or self-signed." Oh the humanity...
  8. S

    WebDisk password subfolder

    Hello, I'm a user from Germay and have a question about WebDisk an different security Settings. In German because my englisch are not the best.. Frage: Es soll ein Teil des Speichers im Webspace soll als Art "Cloud" verwendet werden. Die Anwendung ist für den Vorstand eines Vereins. Es soll...
  9. J

    Using Symlinks with WebDisk

    Hello All, I'm administrating a website hosted by HostGator, which is currently running cPanel version: (standard). Recently, I created a WebDisk with a read-only account to allow some users controlled access to download files from the server. I got the webDisk itself to work fine...
  10. N

    Remove webdisk connection in Windows?

    Hello, I used to have a hosting plan on a provider with cPanel and i used to use webdisk. However, several months after stopping using that provider, i can notice that my computer still attempts to connect to the webdisk that i got from the .vbs file. Can confirm that i can find nothing in the...
  11. M

    Accessing webdisk under a subaccount?

    How does one sign into cpanel with a sub account to access web disk? When using a subaccount login it does not let you sign into cpanel with my webhost as well as my own cpanel installation.
  12. Erik Ellsinger

    Log webdisk usage

    Is there a good way of seeing how much the webdisk features is being used on a server? For instance a log of who logged (IP-address and cPanel username) in and when would be a good way to see if anybody is actually using the feature. I see there is a log file called cpdavd_session_log but it...
  13. C

    WebDisk Settings

    Please, I can I get any help in using cPanel WebDisk ? What should I put in: 1. Name 2. Server Address Would appreciate clarification. Thank you
  14. L

    Can't access cPanels Web Disk

    I have a dedicated hosted server with CentOS 7 and cPanel. I'm trying to get WebDAV ("Web Disk") to work so I can access files from my Windows 10 machine. In cPanel, I go into Files => Web Disk => Access Web Disk => Download Quick Start Script Then I run that script, it asks me for my...
  15. J

    WebDisk (WebDav) CSF LFD warnings

    I tried using Webdisk for the first time and I'm running Configserver Firewall and getting LFD warnings. I've tried adding the process name to the process ignore file but still getting both of these. Anyone been in the same boat know the best way to handle it? Excessive resource usage...
  16. L

    File limit in Web Disk

    Hi. Is there a limit to the number of files that can be viewed via Web Disk. We have a directory with in excess of 400,000 files and we are not able to open the directory via Web Disk. Other directories are fine.
  17. PCZero

    Continuing WebDisk Issues

    I am still having issues mapping a network drive to webdav as htps://foo.bar.com:2078. I can go to the URL in my browser successfully but I cannot map a network drive. Today after migrating form Easy Apache 3 to Easy Apache 4 I looked through the installed modules and noticed that none of the...
  18. PCZero

    Multiple WebDisk

    I have a client who has more than one hosting account with me. He wants to set up a WebDisk for each of those accounts. However after he created the first web disk he is no longer prompter for the UID/PW for any additional Web Disks he creates, they all default to the first one he entered...
  19. PCZero

    Configure ascii file types in webdisk

    I use a lot of php in coding my web sites. When using webdisk, php files are not treated as ascii files so that i lose all readablity when i open one of the files and try to edit it. is there a way to configure webdisk so that it recognizes php files as plain text?
  20. PCZero

    [case 180053] WebDisk

    I am attmpting to set up WebDisk for several clients. On all every device for every client that I have attempted to do this I get several errors. The majority of cases are installs on Win7 boxes. There is the warning "Your account has not yet been setup for Digest Authentication" present and...