1. 0

    php cannot request my SSL websites

    Hi friends, I have a PHP script running on my cPanel server (v98.0.8, CENTOS 7.9). My PHP script makes a nightly HTTPS request to a Windows server. The Windows server uses a LetsEncrypt certificate. All has run fine for years but just now, my PHP requests are failing with...
  2. B

    Websites slow after migrating to new higher spec server- need some advice

    Hi again! So i recently successfully migrated 5 of my Cpanel accounts from one WHM to another to a new much higher spec VPS (32GB Ram) from a 4GB ram VPS using the transfer tool. Each of my cpanel accounts has an email marketing application that schedules daily newsletters set to only 100...
  3. S

    Wordpress Websites doesn't work with alt-ea74

    Hi I administrate a cPanel shared hosting server and for security reasons i need to upgrade php version of websites that are hosted there. I am facing an issue that the version which is required is PHP 7.4 but wordpress website does not work with version alt-php74 and also with alt-php72, they...
  4. A

    Suspended the cPanel Account but still websites are opening

    Hello, i have suspended one cPanel Account. It's databases and email not working but it's website still able to open. I mean the website written in HTML or PHP which doesn't have databases connected are working fine, but wordpress websites shows error establishing database connection. But it...
  5. D

    Random error establishing connection to database on 3 websites

    Hello On 3 websites I have running on a WHM server using cPanel over the last few weeks I have an "error establishing connection to database". This error has appeared out of the blue with nothing being done to any of the websites as they are all brochure sites.. They instantly fixed...
  6. L

    How to ignore a single PHP file in all websites

    I want to ignore CONFIGSERVER warnings for a single file, "STATE.php", on all websites. '/home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/plugins/system/bfnetwork/bfnetwork/tmp/STATE.php' Universal decode regex match = [universal decoder] I tried this code but it appears to not be working as I'm still getting...
  7. D

    Websites Not Reachable After Upgrade

    Hi, I just completed the latest WHM upgrade everything is down and not accessible accept the WHM via IP address. I received the attached email. How can I get this corrected quickly? Thank you.
  8. bloatedstoat

    SOLVED URGENT: upcp and httpd update killed all websites

    This is pretty urgent, I have submitted a support ticket request 94283332. CLOUDLINUX 6.10 v92.0.11 In the mean time has anyone experienced issues with upcp updating httpd and creating the following errors? We do not have any websites operational at the moment, all failing with white screen...
  9. V

    Facing an issue while uploading images on C panel websites

    Hello Everyone, We have C panel server and a WordPress website in it. Facing an issue when we upload images and save them. Please refer attached screenshot with the error messages. Steps to replicate the issue 1. Uploading images using Add Media button. 2. When we save them, we are...
  10. N

    PHP-FPM block my websites with php7.4

    I have installed php74 with php-fpm activated. With php72 works fine, but with php74 I have errors and messages like Time: Tue Dec 29 21:44:14 2020 +0100 PID: 5403 (Parent PID:1131) Account: myaccount Uptime: 129 seconds Executable: /opt/cpanel/ea-php74/root/usr/sbin/php-fpm...
  11. M

    My WHM/cpanel are not loading , but websites are loading

    Hello , My cpanel/whm panel are not loading . All my websites are loading , I have tried restarting cpanel service using ssh and none of them are working . I can see that cpanel , exim , cpsrvd have been failed. Please see the status in the screenshot below. I have tried even restarting my...
  12. I

    Best method to build new websites for clients with existing websites/domains?

    Hello! I'm looking for the best method for building websites for clients and then handing them off, assuming they already have an existing website/domain and I want to build a new site without using their existing domain or interrupt existing website up time during development. Would you...
  13. P

    Changing websites gradually, but not domains

    Hey everyone, I'm a fairly new comer to managing a website and would like some advice on this project. My company is changing our website from Drupal to a custom web solution, but they want this change to take place gradually. Our plan would be to create a subdomain on our server and then have...
  14. L

    Different Websites on One Account

    Good day, I am a newbie in hosting industry. I have a hosting account which allows me to host unlimited websites. I understand my primary domain will be in public_html folder. How can I add more sites my account. Please help. And sorry again, i am new around here.
  15. G

    Fully Responsive Websites - using sitebuilder

    Goodday, I'm using Site Builder available from within cPanel. I'm having an issue with how my website respond to different screen layouts. How can I make it fully responsive? Thank you
  16. T

    Sometimes websites are download instead of loading...

    Hello all, sometimes websites are downloading instead of loading. I do a PHP-FPM restart and everything are OK. I check the Apache Status and i 've lot of "Open slot with no current process" What cause this problem?
  17. S

    cPanel is up but websites are not loading

    My WHM & Cpanel is running, But websites are not loading. Why? My sites are down. But whm and cpanels are running fine. What will be a problem? How can I set it? Site: - Removed - Looking to hear a solution. Thanks
  18. K

    Websites are down and no access to account

    Help, All my websites are down and can't get access to my cpanel and WHM. What's going on? Am I the only one with this problem? Have sent a email to customer service couple of hours ago and still waiting for reply.
  19. K

    Can't access WHM interface after cPanel update and websites returning 503 error

    Hi everyone, Last night I logged into my WHM and updated both cpanel and litespeed to their latest version. Every thing went fine and I rebooted the server and started developing my website. But when this morning I tried to log into cpanel again, I faced whit a Timed_Out browser error. I...
  20. J

    Websites down issue

    Hello all, I currently have my VPS running cPanel. The VPS runs CentOS 7.6. I am having this issue, that websites aren't reachable, or only 40% of the time. It looks like cPanel and WHM are working fine. Customers' websites are also down most of the time. [removed - please attach images...