1. R

    Multiple websites on single account question

    hello, I am facing a unusual problem after searching my products on google search engine. Background: I have my Linux VPS hosting with cpanel and WHM. my websites assume so I wanted to host another website/domain on the same server assume, for this i created Addon...
  2. W

    All websites down and only KVM access

    Hi, my vps stopped working, all the websites are down. I can't connect using a ssh or ftp. I can connect to the VPS only with Kvm. What can be the problem? Can I restore the WHM backup using KVM terminal? How can I access logs error using centos terminal?
  3. psytanium

    Synchronize 2 websites (1 direction A to B)

    Hi, and are located on the same vps server. I'm trying to make website2 look the same as website 1 with only 1 difference, another logo. is there a way to do it from cpanel tools or WHM ? thanks
  4. Arvy

    Different IP for websites

    Hi there! I had a DDoS issue last days and I've ordered a DDoS filtered IP. Now I need to use the original IP to all services but new the new IP only for websites. I know that I'll have to change DNS zones. But I need to know how to do this in cPanel to create the VirtualHost entries using only...
  5. R

    PHP Websites unresponsive after 2-3 Hours?

    Hi Guys! I recently ran into a problem that is very annoying: I own a dedicated server with the specs below in this thread, I installed cPanel/WHM and didn't install or modify anything server based (only some normal easyapache configs) The problem is: -All my PHP websites are unresponsive...
  6. I

    how to install cpanel port number to the websites

    my site is actually i want get direct access to the cPanel by entering the port number beside like can any one suggest me how to get like this
  7. D

    Using Multiple websites - and one IP for all using ~username

    Hi all, I've been trying to set up my server for sometime now, I have WHM set up and I have created the following (user1) (user2) I wish to use the web address for all accounts as per this, /http://ip_address/~user1/ however, I can access user1 no...
  8. postcd

    cPanel and websites are not accessible, SSH is

    Hello, on my cpanel VPS the cPanel/WHM control panel and websites are not accessible after VPS start before start, the VPS got suspended because of "266094 pps during 5 second interval" here is the attack connections details: ipv4 2 tcp 6 63 TIME_WAIT src= dst=
  9. K

    Moving selected websites from one hosting provider to another

    Hi, I have hosting in Bigrock and want to move my whole websites or selected websites to WHB. WHB has a service for this. But they are moving/ copying the entire CPanel. In Bigrock only two addon domains and websites are allowed but in WHB hosting addons domains and unlimited. When WHB moved the...
  10. C

    All websites down, apache down.

    Hi Folks, Suddenly, our apache went down (we're using VPS), when I check the apache status, see response below: Apache server status for Failed to receive status information from Apache. Unable to connect to local httpd server. And when I restart apache service...
  11. M

    Viewing suspended websites

    Is there a way that you can "view" a suspended sites webpages ? We have a user who's site we suspended. And they have addon sites. When you suspend a site, the suspended page comes up. Is there a way you can view those other sites, with out unsuspending the main domain? Or do you have...
  12. D

    How to deny directory listing for websites?

    Where is the proper place to deny directory listing globally? I have looked through the GUI for WHM and found nothing to deny directory listings for websites. Am I over looking it? I have also looked through the httpd.conf and not sure if I should edit that file or not. Give me your...
  13. N

    Best Configuration for websites using Wordpress

    Hello. In the company I work we are developing Wordpress Themes & Plugins. We 've purchased a VPS with a very basic configuration. I' ve installed about 8 Wordpress websites but the performance is not the one I expect it. I've installed some of those websites in different machines and...
  14. H

    Put ads on websites as Free-Hosting provider

    Does anyone know a way of putting ads (advertisements) on cPanel Websites? I do not mean the actual cPanel. I mean to put ads on the users website. I am a free-hosting provider using cPanel and since we are expanding we want to lower our costs by placing ads on Websites. Anyone can...
  15. L

    Browsing cPanel account causes websites to 'crash'

    Good morning, guys. I'm experiencing a strange issue with cPanel/WHM and wonder whether anybody could lead me in the right direction in terms of searching for a cause/solution! We're running WHM 11.44.1 on a dedicated server and have two websites hosted on it. I'll call them Domain1 and...
  16. M

    New Install, websites re-directed - /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    well, I'm completely stuck. I just installed cpanel, did the updates etc.. but when accessing either of my two test domains i get redirected to which doesnt help. I have read the forums, #'d out the iipv6 listen lines on port 80 and 443, but still no...
  17. D

    Suddenly websites loading extremely slow - yet WHM & server appears fine

    Hi Guys, Last night I noticed websites on my dedicated server loading extremely slow. Here's a breakdown of the details and what I've checked thus far: - every 3-5 minutes it returns to normal, websites load fast again. - CPU, memory & disk usage appear fine - Logs show no unauthorised...
  18. T

    Setup Rewrite Rules for different websites

    Hi all! Complete newb here so bare with me. We just decided to move our websites from our own dedicated servers to a new colo where we are now on a VPS. I am just about finished setting up our first website, but need to setup the rewrite rules we had previously. We have multiple sites and I...
  19. D

    Add custom code to all hosted websites of a package

    Hi, I want to offer a free hosting package i have created a package. I want to add some default code like an add and back-link to all websites hosted under that package how to do that?
  20. R

    SSH Mounted a new Drive, now home directory for websites changed

    A week or so ago I had a new hard drive added onto my dedicated server for additional storage because I am placing a video site up on the server and will be storing a lot of videos. So I wanted to mount this drive onto a directory within the the public_html directory of the new website. This...