1. cPanelDavidG

    cPanel, Inc does not host websites...

    What should you do if your website is down? Listen to this (or read the transcript) for more information. These forums are for web hosting companies that administer servers running cPanel software. cPanel, Inc itself does not host any websites. Therefore, if you are looking for help with...
  2. A

    IP/Name based Websites

    I am used to Plesk and Plesk clearly allows you to create a website as either IP based or Name Based. The Name based can have several websites using the same IP. CPanel doesn't use the same vocabulary (or I missed it). When I think I am creating a website, it looks like it actually creates a...
  3. M

    One Server, 3 IP addresses, 3 Websites, Eyes crossing

    OK, I've searched these forums but not coming up with a clear answer. This is what I'm trying to do. I can't find how to do it in the WHM/cPanel outline documentation. Thanks for any help or pointing this out in the manual if you will. I have: 1 CentOS server with WHM loaded. I need to...
  4. WebHostPro

    If you upload new packages how do you have the websites take it

    I uploaded the new packages into the var/cpanel/packages/ folder but unless I go to each package in WHM and click update it doesn't update. Is there a way to have all domains see the new packages with going to each one in the package manager and clicking update? Thanks, Charley
  5. H

    Add Bulk Websites to WHM

    There is anyway i can add bulk website into WHM instead of creating it one by one. On Terminate Multiple account i can just terminate multiple, i want to do the same thing with adding a new account (add new site) into WHM If there is a way please give me a hints and instruction how to do it...
  6. V

    multiple websites with one domain

    hello can anybody help me. I am using Core FTP Lite I am registered with BlueHost can anybody please give me instructions on how I can, upload multiple websites using only one domain name? many thanks voodo1
  7. A

    Some visitors can only access my websites through a proxy?

    Hello, WHM newbie, but to date have had no problems at all. Over the past couple of weeks some of my users have had problems getting on to my website. I have not changed anything, apart from updating the server software, but it appears some people simply arrive on "server cannot be found...
  8. K

    how manage another websites?

    hello @ll, I just installed cpanel on my centos 5, I want also to manage other website in apache but they will not be managed by cpanel. How to solve this problem? I want to simply create some php site (something.php) and put it in for ex. /var/www/htm/ but when I do this now I get error...
  9. T

    cPanel "forgetting" IPs from available IP pool, websites down because of this

    I have an IP pool of 12 addresses (not counting the system ones) in cPanel (hosted at ThePlanet). Some websites are assigned their own IPs to be able to use SSL. I have had several cases in recent months when cPanel FORGOT those IPs and those websites just disappear from the web. No problem...
  10. T

    websites not running

    Hello. I have BIG problem ! All websites on my server is down. All services in service status in up and i have no ideas what is problem. But all websites on my server is down. Nothing webaddress not responding. Any ideas ? reagards, Timgles.
  11. K

    Websites not answering under

    There are multiple sites on the server (I dont know if all of them are this way) which are answering to but if someone goes to the default webpage for cpanel is displayed. Any ideas on how to fix? Company we license cpanel from has not been responsive to support...
  12. D

    Can't access websites

    I thought I had seen a thread discussing this before but now I can't find it so please forgive me if I'm repeating something. We just set up a new server and set it to use and We already have a server using ns1 and ns2. We can access the default page...
  13. C

    Some websites failing.

    Hi Guys, I am having issues with only a couple of clients on a server. I have rebuilt apache/php several times now and still the same couple of clients are getting the same error. We have a couple of domains that are getting 500 internal server error when trying to access php scripts...
  14. D

    Cant Create new Websites

    Accounts look like cpanel creates them but the username doesnt have any public_html Its same problem as shown in These threads: and...
  15. T

    Websites Time Out

    Hi all, we had an install of WHM and CPanel yesterday, we are able to set up accounts without any problems, packages are set fine as well. When we change a site over to the nameservers we have all we get is a page cannot be displayed when trying to view the site. I have no idea where to...
  16. P

    Two websites on the one hosting account

    Hey there everyone at cPanel, how are you? I am here to ask a question in regards to hosting two websites on the one account. I plan to do this very soon and want an answer as soon as possible so I can get things up and running. I currently have a hosting account and want to add another...
  17. F

    "Remote Data Services Data Control" warning on all my websites ?

    Hi All my websites are trying to run a malicious code, and AV detects that as Bloodhound or its variant XML_HACK.AO . The pop up is similar to the one described at : I have been frantically searcihng for a clue...
  18. O

    Best way to Move Websites from server using Ensim to a server using Cpanel?

    What is the best and easiest way to move multiple (all at once or 1 by 1) Websites from server using Ensim (LAMP) to a server using Cpanel? mainly 3 sites - See below: Thanks
  19. P

    Is there a way to get snapshots of websites and store on my server with CPanel?

    I want to be able to run an exe that will grab a snapshot of a website on the fly and place it on my webserver within my cpanel for my website. Currently I am relying on a third party to do this and would like to handle this on my own. Any suggestions or help...
  20. J

    setting up websites

    Hi guys, I'm a new user of CPanel and I am experiencing some problems regarding setting up websites, actually I dunno where to begin. Currently we are hosting several sites on our local servers and we are migrating it all to a dedicated server managed via CPanel. I created several users that...