1. SuperBaby

    MySQL: How to share one database from multiple websites?

    I intend to install vBulletin forum script in 3 websites (different hosting account on the SAME server). The script will be installed on each website so that they will have their own design theme. But all 3 scripts will share the same MySQL database. <--- MySQL database hosted...
  2. Danny_T

    How to disable php for some websites

    I want to disable on some websites the PHP script parsing. Just want only .html is this possible? and how? Would be great if that was a general option. So i can create HTML-Only hosting packages :) Danny
  3. K

    proper setup of websites

    from what I am told and what I have read by many seo's is that search engines have so many sites to prcoess that they can not identify and as 1 site. 90% of the sites out there are setup with dual host headers. So would there be an easier option rather than setting...
  4. Z

    backing up my websites and WHM

    Ok I hope I am posting this in the right place. Right now I back up each of my sites in the CPANEL backup area and download the files to a drive on my machine. If my server ever goes down then its simply restore those files back in through cpanel? Do I have that correct? Also The Web...
  5. nana_coinwale

    .org websites does not open with perticular ISP

    Hi, My some .org web sites are not open with some perticular ISP's. Please help me to solve this out. Thanks.
  6. M

    How to synchronize tow websites ( mirroring ) ?

    Hello; Simply, I want to synchronize tow websites ( mirroring ), but the point is that I want only to mirror the website files without the .httaccess files or server folders like ( _vti_pvt, _vti_cnf …. Etc ), I just want to mirror HTML and the other regular files ( images, docs, …etc )...
  7. NashTax

    Can still see websites but they are not hosted on the server no more

    Hi all. I recently deleted some websites from my server and for some reason, they are still there. In the "List account" in WHM they are not there but when I go to that domain name, they are there as I can still see the folders. Is there anyway in deleting this propally? Thanks.
  8. C

    Websites with CPanel

    Hi. Hopefully somebody can help me because I am so lost. My boss has asked me to update our website, which he knows nothing about because someone else built it. It is on cpanelx and that is all the information that I have. How do I make changes to pages and all that kind of things? I know how to...
  9. H

    Help for non Hosts - People trying to build websites

    So it turns out this site is mainly for people hosting cPanel and selling out web addresses or whatever. Where is a good place to go for the people who are buying these services and just want a nice website? I read about going to your hosts website and asking them for help, I dont know about...
  10. A

    uploading websites [moved]

    Im a reseller newbie can somebody please help me upload a [email protected]
  11. goodgbb

    Please help~ Awstats on multiple websites

    When I need to check on Awstats on all websites then I've to login to cPanel for each websites. My problem is I've 200+ websites then I've to login and logout like crazy. I need to know the easier way to check all websites without messy thing like I'm doing. Please help me, I'm finding the...
  12. H

    Multiple websites mapped to the same account

    Hello, Is it possible, I can map (associate) multiple websites (domain.tld or sub-domain.domain.tld) to the same account in cpanel? For e.g., I have 4 domain; - - - - I want them associated with the same account. If I delete a domain...
  13. eville

    PHP is not working on any websites

    Hi Guys, I am having any issiue with PHP websites. The scripts wont run. When I try to visit a page with a php file extension my browser attempts to download a copy of the php file (not display it within the browser like it should). It calls it a type: type: application/x-httpd-php...
  14. O

    Using IP forwarding to transfer websites to avoid downtime

    The senior tech of my host when asked to transfer websites without downtime, he does it beutifully using some IPforward method altering some settings in ipalisases or iptables. The only criteria is, the domain to be transfered must have dedicated IP. If anyone has any idea how this is...
  15. A

    What has happened to my websites??

    I have about 10 websites that are hosted on the same server and as of early this morning half of them are not working. Instead of pulling up the website like normal an "opening" window loads and attempts to download the file (sometimes unknown format). Just yesterday the sites were working...
  16. S

    my websites are down

    This is what I have under Service Status clamd up cpsrvd up exim (exim-4.52-7_cpanel_smtpctl_av_rewrite_mm2_mmmtrap_exiscan_md5pass) up exim-25 up eximstats up ftpd up httpd (1.3.34 (Unix)) up imap up mysql (4.0.25-standard) up named (9.2.4) up pop up spamd up...
  17. D

    Websites not resolving properly - not sure what's going on

    Hi, I don't know if this is a WHM problem or not. I have set up two reseller account on two different servers. One is and the other is (same domain bar the .com. and .net) The server is the one I'm having trouble with. My reseller host is not really that...
  18. R

    What is to many websites to host on a server?

    We have a Intel Celeron 2.4 Ghz with 1 GB of Ram. We currently have 110 domains and 6768 sub domains on those domains on the server. I know you will think this is crazy numbers but we are testing out some software. All of these pages are php pages but they are pure html inside the pages except...
  19. A

    new problem with websites

    New problem with sites, not sure if it is just the osCommerce sites yet or not but getting lots of complaints See then choose one of the items from the menu. Every now and then you get the dredded Forbidden You don't have permission to access...
  20. Y

    Some Users Can't See My Websites

    I run a VDS with several webpages on it. I've had a few users who tell me they can't access sites on it, and my server seems to be the only case. They can't access the following sites: They...