1. A

    Problems with Compiling PHP 4.3.10 w/ Zend 2.5.7; .PHP websites do not load!

    Hello. I just recently 'tried' to upgrade to PHP 4.3.10 due to the security vulnerabilities of 4.3.8. I have tried updating apache under "Update Apache," but it just broke my box. It updated fine, WHM shows a sucessful installation. However, I also did /scripts/installzendopt to install...
  2. X

    Top 10 Websites integrated w/ cPanel & ModernBill

    Can anyone provide a top 10 of web hosting website examples where the webmaster integrated cPanel and Modernbill into their website...and did it well?
  3. J

    Single user account with multiple websites

    Hi, I've sucessfully created an new user account using Create a New Account function (say '' with user 'user'). When I try to create a second domain for that user ('' for user 'user') it says that the user account already exists. My question: How can I create a...
  4. A

    Help Please! Need to transfer clients accounts & websites to new host but dont know!

    Hello Cpanel Users I have a crappy reseller account. :mad: The people who own the server make updates and corrupt my stuff in the process. Can someone please tell me how to move my customers info, without having to bother my customers? this info would be great. thanks.
  5. W

    Straight Answer Please... How Many Websites can my dedicated server handle?

    Hi All - I've been trying to get a straight answer but it seems everybody says "As many as you want..." Then they go techie on me. I have a dedicated server from Server Beach: AMD Athlon 2200 Processor 1GB Memory 1 x 80 GB Hard Drive 2000 GB Bandwidth - No Cogent I'd like to split it...
  6. WebHostPro

    Is there a way to allow ftp backups to transfer lager then 2 gig websites?

    FTP back up only backups websites that are 2 gigs are more as you probably know. I have tried to tweak ftp but maybe I'm doing it wrong. Anyone know how to tweak ftp top allow larger then gig file transfers or how to allow cpanel to split the file for ftp backups? Thanks, Charles
  7. P

    how to know list username and password of websites?

    Hi Everyone, Im a newbie .pls everyone help me !how to see list username and password all user on cpanel.Because ,I setup many website on cpanel linux But i cant remember all account of users .So how to see its .Are there function to click or use command is ok. please ,Everyone here help me...
  8. M

    All the websites are not working

    Hi all, Today i updated apache build and the whm/cpanel to latest release tree. After few mins i found that none of the sites are working. What ever the website we try to visit it showing the default one (visit, ) Then i logged in using...
  9. G

    How can i 'reset' ip from showing websites

    Heres a question you don't hear everyday :rolleyes: How can i reset the ips to show the good old cpanel error page 'There is no website configured at this address.'? Usually the first account on a server gets the first ip etc, how can i reset this? what files do i need to edit? or is there an...
  10. S

    Can you move websites?

    Hello, I have 150 domains in DirectAdmin. Need to move them to a Cpanel server in the same network. Who can do that?
  11. C

    Websites not showing up.

    Have a cpanel server and after being rebooted today by the hosting company the sites stopped showing up. I have access to WHM and FTP access. I can also log into the control panel using the sites main ip. But when you type the urls into the web browser you don't see the websites. You get...
  12. A

    Some websites defaulting to first account created

    I'm having a problem that some websites are defaulting to the first account. A majority of these are simply websites that have had their DNS altered, but havn't had their accounts moved/created for them on the new server yet. I know how to resolve the situation so that they show their own sites...
  13. B

    change the main shared IP for all websites?

    is it possible to change the main shared IP for our hosting to newer IP alised to the same box ? say a bunch of sites or ALL sites?
  14. J

    cPanel is blocking websites...

    Hi, last week I came into work one day and noticed that I couldn't pull up several search pages like I can go anywhere else on the internet but google, lycos and altavista. When I try to go to I get the attached message from cpanel. The weird thing is. I am the Admin...
  15. T


    What are all the subdomain and addon websites available in Support Ticket Number:
  16. equens

    Reverse IP: Web server hosts 2 websites

    Reverse IP: Web server hosts XX websites Why all the people can know how many domains do I have in my server? Is this a cpanel's bug? Try and you will see it!!! Best Regards, Equens. Support Ticket Number:
  17. B

    Can you limit features that websites can have?

    Can you limit features that users/websites on your server are allowed to have? In other words, say I don't want a website to be able to have a bulletin board, can I disable it so they can't install it? Or say I don't want a user to be able to use CGI or PHP, can I disable it for the account? Or...
  18. N

    backup multiple websites

    Hello, I have several website with individual cpanel and one whm. I understand that CPANEL can backup with one click function for my files and database. But is there anyway that I can backup all my websites at one go instead of backing up individually? I don't have root access and...