1. B

    How to disable annoying Imunify::Generic emails in WHM 108?

    Alright, I can understand the benefits of scanning with Imunify once in a while, but the relentless emails about hundreds of Wordpress plugins that are slightly outdated is becoming old quite fast. Look, I understand that the Admin CSS MU plugin was updated last month and that the update...
  2. T

    Can't access WHM

    I have been trying to access WHM so I can get root access but whenever I put the port at the end of my domain in cannot find any site.
  3. M

    SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) logging in WHM 108

    Just an FYI, if you are used to seeing SRS information in your /var/log/exim_mainlog and use the default log_selector settings in cPanel, you likely will no longer see SRS information logged in /var/log/exim_mainlog. You will likely have to add the following option to the log_selector line in...
  4. N

    Udating to cPanel & WHM version 112 Question

    Looking at options to prepare for this update and which new OS to go with. My question is will this new cPanel/WHM update still support the multiphp editor and manager with the current php options for all the supported OS listed with cPanel? Or will you be dropping support for deprecated php...
  5. 360webfirm

    WHM Taking a LONG time to load

    Hello all, Just today, I noticed that one of my servers WHM is taking like 1 minute to load. When I go there, it comes up super fast, then I put in my Authenication code and it takes a minute or so to load. The sites on that server load super fast, its just the WHM which is super slow. When...
  6. Ekushey

    Not receiving email notifications from WHM

    Running a new server on AWS Lightsail for the last 2 weeks, and I haven't received any email notifications from WHM yet. Tried changing the email address, double-checked to make sure email notifications are turned on, but can't figure out what's wrong. I run 10+ WHM servers, this is the first...
  7. M

    WHM Server Reboot notification leads to 404 Not Found page

    See attached screenshots, pretty much says it all. Note that this is from clicking on the actual notification in the upper right corner; the Graceful Server Reboot in the left hand navigation works fine. -Michael
  8. jimlongo

    Breadcrumbs in WHM interface

    I've gone around in circles for a while with the documentation. I have a PHP app starting with <?php require_once('/usr/local/cpanel/php/WHM.php'); WHM::header('Topline Cloud Services', 0, 0); ?> and ending with <?php WHM::footer(); ?> I would like to add the standard breadcrumbs...
  9. P

    WHM issue - SSL certificate works with "www" but not without "www"

    Hello Forum; Problem: The secure certificate works when "www" is used with mysite.com but the secure certificate will not work without the "www." (please see attached images) https://www.mysite.com - this url works, browser has secure padlock icon https://mysite.com - does not work, browser...
  10. M

    PHP-FPM is running high server load but also WHM tells me that PHP-FPM is disabled, what's going on?

    WHM version: 102.0.28 Server: CentOS 7.9 Goooood morning. We do not use PHP-FPM on the server, with our PHP systems being run via suphp (for better or worse). This has been standard forever, we have NEVER turned on PHP-FPM. But today, for the first time I'm noticing two distinct things...
  11. Ekushey

    Block cPanel and WHM access

    Hello, I'm trying to block access to WHM for rest of the world accept me. After denying whostmgrd from Host Access Control for others, I see the "HTTP error 401" page with cPanel logo, but I completely want to deny access without even showing this. Is there a different way of accomplishing...
  12. X

    cPanel & WHM update failure in upcp script

    Hello I am receiving this email every day for 2 weeks, this is the part is causing the failure I guess:
  13. A

    SOLVED Error: cPanel & WHM update failure in upcp script

    Hi, My daily update cron is failing from past 1 month. I am getting below error [2023-02-06 00:37:08 +0530] E [/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/update-packages] The “/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/update-packages” command (process 1060954) reported error number 1 when it ended. ... [2023-02-06 00:37:29...
  14. B

    How can I monitor and view the frequency of CPU utilization exceeding 100% on my WHM server, preferably in a graphical format?

    How can I monitor and view the frequency of CPU utilization exceeding 100% on my WHM server, preferably in a graphical format? Preferably in a graphical representation of the server's resource usage over a specified time period.
  15. M

    Transfer cPanel account from one WHM to other

    Hello to all, I must change provider for reseler hosting and now I must migrate cPanel account from old hosting. I can download full backup from cPanel, but in the new hosting there is not the possibilities to upload it, there is just JetBackup. I also read a guide to upload the backup using...
  16. W

    WHM & cPanel Slow On HTTPS

    Hello, I was hoping I could get some ideas as to why my cpanel and whm was so slow. It seems when I access whm via the hostname, it's slow and sometimes cloudflare gives a 522 timeout error. When I access whm or cpanel via the direct IP, it's blazing fast. I have a feeling it's something to do...
  17. G

    User Permissions in WHM plugin

    Hello, One of our developers is running into an issue where they were not able to determine if a user is a WHM Administrator vs a WHM Reseller. In a WHM plugin, how does one do that? Similarly, is it possible for a cPanel account to access settings set by their Reseller/Owner? Thanks in advance.
  18. G

    WHM plugin registers but results in Error 500.

    Hello, I am trying to develop an extension for cPanel. I am attempting to create a simple plugin to get started on. The installation script does not produce errors, I can see the plugin is registered to the AppConfig, the buttons to access the plugin are there, and the icon is working...
  19. O

    Default AAAA records created by WHM

    After setting up IPV6, WHM creates a subdomain called "ipv6.xxxxx.com" What is this for? I ask because getting a certificate from autoSSL is difficult.
  20. PPNSteve

    New: cPanel & WHM update failure in upcp script

    The cPanel & WHM update process failed for the following reason: Maintenance ended; however, it did not exit cleanly (256). The following events were logged: “scripts/find_outdated_services”. Review the update logs to determine why the update failed. Update log preview: ... ... [2023-01-18...