1. 5

    Instalar Python para cPANEL

    Buenos días, Necesitaría saber si es posible habilitar el soporte de python en mi cpanel como aquí: Enabling Python in cPanel - Kualo Limited Actualmente dispongo de python 2.7.5 en el servidor
  2. N

    In Progress CPANEL-40703 - Security Questions not "compatible" with Reseller accounts ?

    Hello all! To be able to protect my WHM and my cPanel login pages, I am using for long time the Security Policy with Security Questions. Without that, I feel like my WHM root login page is… naked. Today, I have open one server to my first cPanel Reseller. He is owner of several cPanel...
  3. Spirogg

    WHM cPHulk configuration

    hi, I was wondering about these settings Warning: The command must complete within 15 seconds to avoid a timeout. The following variables may be used in commands: %exptime% - The Unix time when brute force protection will release the block %max_allowed_failures% - Maximum allowed failures to...
  4. AndyX

    The cPanel & WHM update process failed

    I got the following email: I assume this is an erroneous email alert because WHM is showing as the latest version. Also i don't see any error in the email alert. Is this email sent by error, is this a bug?
  5. M

    SOLVED [SOLVED] WHM/cPanel unresponsive after reboot, SSH access

    It's a new server, Almalinux 8, installed cPanel, created a couple of accounts, disabled DNS, tried to set AutoSSL that worked for one domain and didn't work for another. Tried AutoSSL several times, removed self-signed SSL, decided to reboot. No access to WHM, cPanel nor websites. I'm able to...
  6. H

    cPanel & WHM update failure in upcp script

    The cPanel & WHM update process failed for the following reason: Maintenance ended; however, it did not exit cleanly (256). The following events were logged: “scripts/rdate”. Review the update logs to determine why the update failed. Update log preview: ... ... [2022-04-30 03:15:38...
  7. D

    whm "Manage Databases" does not see database copied in phpMyAdmin

    Hello, I recently copied a database in phpMyAdmin using the "Operations" interface. After copying, I intended to use whm's "manage databases" interface to adjust the permissions on the copied database as it was only to be use for development purposes. Unfortunately, the database does not show...
  8. Spirogg

    SOLVED COBRA-13814 - BUG: in tweak settings with notification dropdown: has weird Notifications that do not show up on main WHM page ???

    @cPRex @cPanelAdamF PS: all servers AlmaLinux and Ubuntu have CSF Installed whomever else might try this, Just go to the search Tools and Accounts box top right of cPanel 102.0.11 and type in tweak settings click on the link to take you to tweak settings.. look at your notifications it has a...
  9. A

    Fonts not displaying in WHM

    Hi Why whm displays like this. See attached image. And how to fix. Thanks Ankush Dawar
  10. Spirogg

    in whm / server configuration /update preferences can we get a link to change log.

    hello I was wondering if we can get a link to change log in this area so we can see what changes have occurred before updating. see snapshot : yellow highlighted area would be easy to add the link? you can possibly add that link : target would be to open in a popup or another tab. please...
  11. A

    WHM Version 102.08 kernel update notifications

    Hi Just updated all of my servers to WHM Version 102.08 I want want to make sure that I do not miss any important notices. In previous WHM versions before Version 102.08, on all "pages" of the WHM, if and when needed, in big letters at the top of the screen, it used to say: You must reboot...
  12. mlopez

    Jupiter WHM tweak

    I liked the new jupiter WHM interface, the old one looked almost like '90s and it was messy. Anyway, what I hated was the blue sidebar background color so I made some simple changes to CSS and applied to my Firefox UserContent.css and I wanted to share with you in case you like it...
  13. cPanelDustin

    New Thread Configuration Cluster in WHM

    As we further explore the cPanel High Availability path, we are researching expanding and retooling the configuration cluster within WHM. I hope to use this thread to have a continued discussion around that technology. What do you expect to happen when a new server is added to the cluster...
  14. A

    Can't access to WHM or any domain on my server

    Hi It is not possible to connect to whm or to any other domain within the server. I do not have the IP blocked by the firewall or by CPhulk. Could you support me if it is some other configuration? Thanks.
  15. Michael Legg

    Can't access WHM after latest upgrade

    I just ran the latest WHM update ( v102.0.8) and I can no longer access WHM. I just get a blank page and a frownie face in the Chrome tab (Not very helpful for debugging) I restarted cPanel with ... systemctl restart cpanel.service But it made no difference. Where do I begin to work out what's...
  16. Spirogg

    Feature Request New Theme Jupiter : can we get Notification in WHM when a service is down ?

    Hi I thought this would be a great Idea, for the new cPanel 102 and up I had an issue with the Nginx being down, I did get a notification from an email ( but then again sometimes we have had issues getting notifications due to what email service were using) I've seen other users complain about...
  17. M

    SOLVED Bug on WHM Theme

    Hi, After updating cPanel to 102.0.7, "1" appeared in the HTML code, this makes a line break and even for those who have a touch a discomfort.
  18. D

    Copy all WHM settings to new server

    Is there a way to copy all settings from one server to multiple servers ? Settings should include all, Tweak Settings, Exim, FTP, PHP INI files
  19. WebHostPro

    SOLVED A customer gets a blank page with Google chrome but not other browsers

    Hello, We have a customer that uses multiple accounts in Google Chrome. The main account though shows several pages in the WHM to be blank. Like view accounts and terminate an account. He then switches to another user in his Chrome browser or edge and the page loads fine. Any idea why he...
  20. S

    SOLVED WHM freezing and '1' displayed in top left of screen v102.0.7

    WHM seems to freeze when accessing some parts of the interface, and I'm left with a browser window stuck loading and all I can see is the number 1 in the top left corner (other than that, a white browser window). Some parts of the UI work but a brief '1' displays while the interface loads. It's...