1. mlopez

    Error installing cPanel Addons Software WHMCS

    Hello, When trying to install WHM through Home »cPanel »Install cPAddons Site Software I get this error: Installing “cPanel::Automation::WHMCS” … Installing cPAddon RPM … Building version dependent dependencies. (...) Loaded plugins: rhnplugin, universal-hooks This system is receiving updates...
  2. A

    Install whm to whmcs

    Hello I have installed C-Panel server and I want to connect to whmcs I make the settings when the login time is redirected to "https://host.domain.com:2087/" via whmcs But the address hostname on my server is "serverir.domain.com:2087" Please advise where I need to make changes to get it on...
  3. A

    cPanel & whmcs

    i just Purchased and downloded cpanel & whmcs software. how do i install it and make it to work. plus its doesnt come with cPanel login where i can upload whmcs file. please how can i fix this and get it to work. its my first time, Thanks
  4. 3

    WHM is not updating the package limits

    Hi, My clients signedup and package has been created through WHMCS. The package limits is 1 GB Space. 5 GB Bandwidth etc. But now I am seeing the package created with 25 GB Space, Unlimited Bandwidth... (Attachment) Why this is happening? This happens since few days ago! Package details...
  5. M

    Move WHMCS block to top in cPanel

    Hi, WHMCS created a cPanel block with some links (attached image1.png). But this block appear in second position, not in first position. I writed to WHMCS support and they replied me this: How can i solve this problem?, how can i move the WHMCS block to top?. Thank you very much.
  6. Networkologist

    I activated WHMCS on my VPS - oops!

    Sooo, I went to Install cPAddons Site Software and installed WHMCS on my Cloud VPS. Now it's available on all clients cPanel. Two questions: Is there a way to not make it available to everyone and just specific users? AND, On one of my test domains I went ahead and clicked "Buy License" and it...
  7. P

    My WHMCS Got Hacked !

    Dear Sir My WHMCS Got Hacked Today ! Actually , a client placed a order for shared hosting and paid for it ! When I woke up today and checked his order in whmcs I saw no order found and when I checked transactions then transaction shows but client name not shows and when I go to that invoice...
  8. D

    Cron MiBError Error with WHMCS

    Good evening, I am experiencing an error with the WHMCS Cron. When running from the terminal access command line it is failing at 3/4 Executing System Queue. I have posted the output below. If anyone has any help that would be great, WHMCS support so far have not replied since Thu. David
  9. cetiner

    Packages creation in WHM & syncing to WHMCS

    Now I have a question about WHM and the "export" (sync) to WHMCS. We have created some packages in a WHM reseller account. The function in WHMCS to Sync customers works yes. And it also arrives from WHM the reseller customer in the WHMCS. With the package. Is it a WHM attitude that the WHMCS...
  10. M

    WHM and WHMCS issues - new user

    Good day, I'm new to the community and desperately need help. I run a small hosting business as a reseller. I have set up products in WHMCS which works well. My challenges are around new additional products (reseller products) I added recently. When I run a test, by purchasing a reseller...
  11. brianc

    cPanel Curl Update breaks WHMCS Enom Module

    The enom module within WHMCS is no longer functioning with the following error message: Registrar Error CURL Error: 56 - OpenSSL SSL_read: Success Enom is saying this: We have concluded our investigation into the CURL error that WHMCS users have encountered, and determined the root cause to...
  12. 3

    SOLVED Why is WHMCS suspending my accounts?

    Hi Guys, My clients account automatically suspended. The suspension reason is: Over Due Payment First I thought This is WHMCS error. Because the service was already paid. I contacted WHMCS and they said, It is not their errors! There is something outside which creating this issue! I received...
  13. cPanelResources

    Tutorial FAQ: How can I find cPanel accounts on my server that are not integrated with WHMCS?

    Question: How can I identify any cPanel account on my server that is not connected to my WHMCS billing ID? Answer: You can use the steps below to generate a list of any cPanel account on the server without an integration link to WHMCS: 1. Log in to your server as the root user via SSH. 2...
  14. 3

    SOLVED cPanel API Response: You do not have permission to create sessions for the user

    Hello Guys, As I am a learner. This forum help me a lot to learn new things and settings of cPanel/WHM. I have another issue with cPnael API in WHMCS. I contacted them about the error. But they told me all the settings are okay, and I should contact to cPanel support. Actually I am migrating...
  15. S

    Wrong user/domain suspended

    I'm a reseller using WHMCS and have a client that is late on payments--but the system just suspended a domain on a *different* account, and notified that user of the suspension. When I look at the client profile in WHMCS everything looks good -- maybe there's a miscommunication between WHMCS...
  16. T

    Hostname redirect issue from WHMCS

    I have a reseller WHM account. Form WHMCS client area when I clicked on "Login to cPanel" or "Login to WHM" or "any of quick shortcuts" it redirect to cPanel with the main server URL, not on my hostname which I set on my WHM panel. So my question is how can I control this redirect url and use...
  17. bloatedstoat

    MariaDB, WHMCS and SQLSTATE[HY000]

    Hello, We migrated (successfully) earlier this month from mySQL to MariaDB 10.1.38 on our version 78.0.18 server. Randomly we are receiving errors from WHMCS as per below when this command is issued php -q /home/homedir/public_html/crons/cron.php escalations. All other databases appear to be...
  18. D

    WHMCS option for subdomain creation issue

    Hi so. on WHMCS you have the option to make it so people do not have to buy a domain, but instead you can have it so they get a subdomain of your own domain. So for me it would be - Removed - You can see the option - Removed - But when I place the order, it just says: pending. How do I proceed...
  19. W

    WHMCS redirects to previous visited URL

    I am having some problem with whmcs, on clicking the link it takes you to the wrong url or on previously used url ... and not to the one on which desired product is created on the website. I have a white level reseller account. Please help me to solv this. William_I - Removed -
  20. R

    Filtering automatic login to WHM from WHMCS

    Hello. I've a WHMCS install, which manages two different cPanel servers. My "reseller users" may login to WHM: directly, accessing the cPanel server WHM interface, using username + password + 2FA or from their own WHMCS account (simply clicking on "login to WHM"), without the need to use...