1. 3

    SOLVED Why is WHMCS suspending my accounts?

    Hi Guys, My clients account automatically suspended. The suspension reason is: Over Due Payment First I thought This is WHMCS error. Because the service was already paid. I contacted WHMCS and they said, It is not their errors! There is something outside which creating this issue! I received...
  2. cPanelResources

    Tutorial FAQ: How can I find cPanel accounts on my server that are not integrated with WHMCS?

    Question: How can I identify any cPanel account on my server that is not connected to my WHMCS billing ID? Answer: You can use the steps below to generate a list of any cPanel account on the server without an integration link to WHMCS: 1. Log in to your server as the root user via SSH. 2...
  3. 3

    SOLVED cPanel API Response: You do not have permission to create sessions for the user

    Hello Guys, As I am a learner. This forum help me a lot to learn new things and settings of cPanel/WHM. I have another issue with cPnael API in WHMCS. I contacted them about the error. But they told me all the settings are okay, and I should contact to cPanel support. Actually I am migrating...
  4. S

    Wrong user/domain suspended

    I'm a reseller using WHMCS and have a client that is late on payments--but the system just suspended a domain on a *different* account, and notified that user of the suspension. When I look at the client profile in WHMCS everything looks good -- maybe there's a miscommunication between WHMCS...
  5. bloatedstoat

    MariaDB, WHMCS and SQLSTATE[HY000]

    Hello, We migrated (successfully) earlier this month from mySQL to MariaDB 10.1.38 on our version 78.0.18 server. Randomly we are receiving errors from WHMCS as per below when this command is issued php -q /home/homedir/public_html/crons/cron.php escalations. All other databases appear to be...
  6. W

    WHMCS redirects to previous visited URL

    I am having some problem with whmcs, on clicking the link it takes you to the wrong url or on previously used url ... and not to the one on which desired product is created on the website. I have a white level reseller account. Please help me to solv this. William_I - Removed -
  7. R

    Filtering automatic login to WHM from WHMCS

    Hello. I've a WHMCS install, which manages two different cPanel servers. My "reseller users" may login to WHM: directly, accessing the cPanel server WHM interface, using username + password + 2FA or from their own WHMCS account (simply clicking on "login to WHM"), without the need to use...
  8. I

    Create Reseller Package via WHMCS?

    Hello, I would like to create a Reseller account using WHMCS but I didn't find any options in WHM to create a Reseller package. I know that I can create a Reseller account from WHM manually but I want to create it automatically from WHMCS. Can someone help?
  9. sozotech

    SOLVED WHMCS integration problem after upgrade to 74

    We manage various different hosting brands running WHMCS and noticed that after cPanel has upgraded to v74 the integration has stopped working. For example, suspend/unsuspend/change password now fails when you try to run these commands from the product view in WHMCS. This is happening on various...
  10. A

    SOLVED Integrate cPanel with auto login whmcs client area?

    I'm running a free reseller account at - Removed - and i have also configured its "whmcs api" on WHMCS>SETUP>Product/Services>Servers and it was successful! Screenshot below - Removed - Then i also tested if it works by creating an account through my reseller website example.com and it worked...
  11. Hugo Aguiar

    Module Command Error

    in some accounts always appears this error in my whmcs, would it be something related to the api of cpanel? CPanel API Response: You are not allowed to create sessions for the user "account name".
  12. L

    WHMCS module not working as expected

    UnBlockIp addon module in WHMCS is no more able to automatically check for an ip block upon client login and unblock the ip address. But manual unblock works and it seems that connection between WHMCS and my cPanel server is ok. So far i tried restarting csf on servers and reinstalling addon...
  13. MarkDalton

    Subdomain issue with whmcs

    Hi, I'm not quite sure how this is being done but have had a couple of people attempt to buy a hosting package with a subdomain of our domain. Example: We own domain.com, two people have attempted to sign up for a package and register subdomain.domain.com. Now this obviously fails as they...
  14. Motamedi

    problem with cron jobs time for whmcs

    hello i'm install whmcs 7.4.1 but after install , problem whit cron job time example : my server linux time is 16:00 my site time is 16:00 timezone and date on cpanel and centos is Perfect Correct but cron job time on whmcs is 12:00 And instead of at 00:00, tomorrow's invoices will be issued at...
  15. M

    Apache graceful restart

    I have an issue with integration between WHMCS and cPanel, which means that WHMCS never picks up on it when I terminate a cPanel account via WHMCS. However, account termination works like a charm on the cPanel server. It has been suggested to me by WHMCS support, that this could be because...
  16. R

    Automatic Account Creation via WHMCS Failing

    Hello, I am using WHMCS, and recently i setup a new cPanel server and i have root access. But whenever i try to create account from WHMCS the account gets created in WHM but the response in WHMCS is nothing and in second attempt its show that domain is already in Apache Configuration. Rest all...
  17. H

    Cannot delete domain DNS after Package termination

    Hy guys! I've a bit of problem whit my WHMCS system. When I terminate a hosting package in WHMCS (whit the "Terminate" button), the system say: " Module Command Error An unknown error occurred " The termination process fully occured, but the domain DNS doesn't deleted after this "termiante"...
  18. S

    outbound mail filter not working

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help. Scenario: We use WHMCS and a client has requested not to receive certain emails. WHMCS nas no way to disable a specific email to a specific recipient. I can disable a specific email, for everyone though, but not for a single client. At the same time...
  19. A

    SOLVED Piped email to WHMCS getting bounce back

    Hi So, I have WHMCS installed under my domain which is on a VPS server running Cloudlinux. This supports multiPHP so I can have different domains running various PHP versions. For this domain and WHMCS I have PHP 7.0 and ionCube Loader 5.6 (which works for PHP 7.0 I believe). I set up the...
  20. Y

    Selling website connected to WHM?

    Hello We have a server with cPanel/WHM and the goal is to sell web hosting packages to the customers on our website. The problem is that I don't know how to connect a website and it's ordering system to WHM and our web hosting packages. How can we do this? Are there modules/plugins or ready to...