1. I

    WHM Connect To WHMCS Redirect On Hostname

    Hi When I plug whm whmcs the time of entry to the Host via WHMCS Client Area to be transferred hostname How do I prevent this? And not connected directly to the main IP, no redirect to hostname
  2. Fr3DBr

    WHM 62 (Build 19 / 20) / Listpkg API Bug

    Hi, guys. Over 3 years, we've been using reseller account to provision customer accounts in cPanel. Although until Version 62 / Build 17, listpkgs was working properly, returning all the selected/defined packages. Although, for some reason we aren't aware of, since Build 19 and 20, listpkgs...
  3. Fr3DBr

    SOLVED Shell Access - Not being enabled

    Hi, guys. Currently I'm using WHMCS+cPanel+CloudLinux. In my "package" in both cPanel and WHMCS, I've selected the option to "enable shell access". Although, when new accounts are created, the shell is still disabled. Additionally, if you upgrade/downgrade the package of one account via...
  4. obka

    WHMCS billing & support section in cPanel?

    Hello dear's I transfer a user another server and now show this billing & support in user's cPanel how can fix it ? I never active any plugin or connect with whmcs ! Thank
  5. A

    Error after upgrading PHP

    I have upgraded PHP and with my whmcs billing system I am now getting this error Warning: PDO::__construct(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those...
  6. T

    Additional IP problem with new shared accounts

    Hello, I have problem with correct configuration of cPanel. We use WHMCS + cPanel. On serwer we have 14 IP addresses, main ip was created in installation proces, rest was added later. In WHMCS we have server group and servers in this group (each additional IP is configured as different server)...
  7. G

    AutoSSL and WHMCS

    Hi so i have only recently noticed the autossl feature after a few of my site owners let me know their site was all messed up. Obviously those sites were originally http. So now that i know what the issue is i have been exploring this auto ssl feature. What i have noticed however is that site...
  8. T

    Package with reseller access

    Hello I am trying to create reseller account using whmcs but for that when I am trying to create package in whm, I am not able to find grant reseller privileges. I know that using modify account I can grant reseller access but I can not do this for each new signup manually. Can someone help...
  9. H

    File is writable by group error installing WHMCS

    Hi.. i get this error when i try to install whmcs: [Wed Jan 11 12:04:59.300364 2017] [:error] [pid 11558] [client] SoftException in Application.cpp:632: Directory "/home/levelhostcom/public_html/central" is writeable by group [Wed Jan 11 12:04:59.300455 2017] [core:error]...
  10. N

    SOLVED Allowed memory size exhausted WHMCS

    Hi, Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2048 bytes) in /home/****/public_html/*****/includes/classes/WHMCS/Admin.php on line 0 /usr/local/lib/php.ini memory_limit = 128M I do not understand why do not work PHP.ini What I should do
  11. O

    WHM: Ajustes de facturación

    Hola, estoy usando WHM versión 7.0.1 General Release con lenguaje en español. Todo está funcionando correctamente salvo la secuencia de correos que se mandan para avisar a los clientes sobre la fecha de expiración de sus servicios. Lo que me ha pasado es que se están enviando los correos, pero...
  12. G

    You have exceeded the maximum allowed subdomains.

    Hello, I have a weird problem. I created an user from the WHMCS interface to CPANEL, all limits are good, but when I try to create a subdomains, (from WHM) the CPANEL shows " There was a problem creating the sub-domain: You have exceeded the maximum allowed subdomains." I double checked and the...
  13. A

    php version for subdomain with cagefs and php selector + ioncube loader 6

    Hi, We have problem with installation WHMCS 7 on our server. At this moment we have WHMCS 5.x but we need to move to new version. We create subodimain dev3 and we now need php 7 for that subdomain and latest ionCube 6 to load. Can somenone please tell me how to use php 7 and ionCube 6 for that...
  14. M

    Problem with whmcs autologin to cPanel

    i have some resellers and they have configured cpanel with whmcs . they have their own branded cpanel url but problem is this when their clients login to cpanel with whmcs auto login cpanel redirect to server main hostname. it should be open with their own branded url . how we can solve this...
  15. S

    WHM Cant Make A Package For WHMCS

    I have reseller cPanel and am trying to set it up with WHMCS and found a tutorial on YouTube and it shows to go to packages but when I login to WHM I cant find it? Lots of features aren't there???? HELP :-;
  16. Motamedi

    problem with php 5.6 and pdo

    hello my php version is 5.6 , pdo and pdo mysql actived to easy apache but when install whmcs , show this error please help me for solved this problem ... thanks
  17. P

    Problems with Apache UDN WHMCS (memory limit)

    Hello, I have a cPanel installation on CloudLinux. After installing WHMCS and importing my data I get the memory limit error. In the php.ini I have the memory limit set to 512M. The error is still there. What else can I do? Is there for each customer own php.ini? Thanks for Help!
  18. 1

    Default order of groups with WHMCS billing included

    Hey there, I wish to position the WHMCS billing group at the top of cpanel (it is now at #2). I have seen this thread Default section ordering in cPanel but the billing section doesn't appear in the dynamicui.conf file. Any suggestions
  19. J

    SOLVED Jailed shell issues with email piping

    Hello, As of roughly about the time our auto cPanel updates completed (now on v.58.0.7), our piped email to our whmcs system (latest v.6.3.1) started failing. [ [email protected] ~># grep 1bQGs2-0002l7-QL /var/log/exim_mainlog 2016-07-21 09:30:47 1bQGs2-0002l7-QL <= [email protected]
  20. S

    Mysql problem sql_mode WHMCS

    Hello everyone !! I'm new to the forum !! I have problems with strict sql_mode It is that these changes are made via ssh in /etc/my.cnf But restart the Mysql and does not start the installation of WHMCS still saying the same strict sql_mode disabled I have a Dedicated Server With the...