1. M

    Help Images not showing on WHMCS php.ini

    Hi Can someone help. on my whmcs the form catpa and rss images ect are not showing and the host are telling me i need to upload a php.ini file to get it to work but im not sure what link or code to add to the php.ini file to get it to work? Thanks
  2. J

    WHMCS Server status

    Hello, I'm probably being completely stupid here; but where exactly do I put the 'server' folder that is given with WHMCS on the server in order for it to show the uptime on the network status? Thanks; Jake.
  3. sahostking

    cPanel and WHMCS - Reseller Accounts

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out why my diskspace and bandwidth for resellers within WHMCS does not seem right for my cpanel reseller accounts. My Websitepanel resellers accounts display perfectly on usage. Here is some screenshots attached. - Help will really be appreciated.
  4. M

    WHMCS / cPanel password problems

    I have run into this oddity: In WHMCS, on the Products/Services page for a client, often the Password field is blank for their hosting service. If I try to add the correct password, WHMCS return with "Module Command Error failed: missing arguments: new_password" A look in the module...
  5. W

    How to automate resellers [WHMCS]

    Hello, Firstly, I want to apologize if this is not the right Cathegory I is not found a suitable well. I am the creator of a web host, using WHMCS, and I want to know how pourais automated dealer, because it creates all this, but it authorizes the rights of a dealer, he had no privilege, I...
  6. T

    WHMCS Plugin error with Cpanel

    I am hosting both my WHMCS and website on the same server. I enabled a plugin called WHMCS integration plugin. The developer over their for the plugin said it was a setting on my server. He called it a loop back. Does anyone have a clue what to do? Here is the error. WHMCS Integration...
  7. D

    Cannot create reseller account by using WHMCS module

    Hi, I tried to use WHMCS to automatically setup the reseller account under WHM but it failed. I got below error message when viewing the module log under WHMCS. Does anyone have idea what's wrong with my system setting? Is there any other configurations that need to done in order to setup the...
  8. davetanguay

    "Login to Control Panel" from within WHMCS Denied

    I noticed a recent cPanel upgrade was automatically installed to all of our servers a few days ago. WHM 11.32.2 (build 15) Since then I can no longer login to cPanel directly from a customer's profile in WHMCS. It tries to access the page...
  9. G

    Cron Error Ioncube Whmcs

    Hi all, I am getting an IonCubeLoader error when my cron is running, since i recompiled php to add some extensions. The weird thing though is that this error only occurs when the cron tries to run the php script, but when i run it manually everything works. I checked if IonCubeLoader is...
  10. M

    2 servers, 2 cpanels, 1 whmcs

    I created two servers: 1. host.mydomain.com with nameservers: ns1.mydomain.com ns2.mydomaincom on the same server I instaled wmhcs which will be resbonsible for creating new accounts on another servers. Now I created second server: s1.mydomain.com, which runs fine. Now I can created cpanel...
  11. B

    Cpanel + whmcs + gamecp ¿Possible?

    Is this combination, possible? I need install Cpanel + whmcs + gamecp in the same servant.. Can it cause deficiencies? I am new in gamecp but I have something of idea of cpanel. Regards.
  12. D

    Errors in WHMCS after "PHP Image Manipulation" was installed.

    We use WHM for our billing system and the little image verification that shows up on certain pages that users have to enter to verify they are human where not showing up. I was told that we needed to install "PHP Image Manipulation" through the software option on "Easy Apache". After this...
  13. A

    Requirements for whmcs and my cpanel server

    Hello The whmcs requirments are: Thanks
  14. B

    WHM versus WHMCS

    I am looking to build a site to automatically resell domains and web host space. The site will be something like WordPress, where you can optionally choose to host the WordPress app at your own domain http://wordpress.com/products/. I am looking at various hosting resellers now, so if...
  15. S

    new version of Cpanel breaks WHMCS?

    I noticed that now that cpanel was upgraded, WHMCS will no longer allow for account creation. I aked Matt and was told that Cpanel's latest version disallows all account creation except from within WHM itself. This kind of defeats one major purpose for purchasing WHMCS - is this something...
  16. J

    WHMCS and Website Payments Pro

    Does anyoen know if WHMCS works with paypals "Website Payments Pro" ?
  17. J

    WHMCS reseller account problem

    I recently installed WHMCS in attempt to have re-curring billing cycles for my accounts. I installed the 15day trial, and soon discovered that i hated the prograp, however, not soon enough to stop me from entering in some account information of an account that was already on my WHM. Long...