1. S

    AutoSSL after parking domain

    Hi, I have a question about what to expect from AutoSSL in a certain case: An account uses only a subdomain such as someuser.example.com and already has a wildcard SSL cert for *.example.com on that account. Then I park a domain "newdomain.com" on that same site. Can I initiate an AutoSSL...
  2. M

    WildCard SSL & Lets Encrypt not working

    I want to add a WildCard SSL with Lets Encrypt for my WordPress multi site using DNS01. On creation it says it says it's missing the TXT record to do so. Where can I find this TXT record that I should add to the DNS of the primary domain? Or how can I fix this issue?
  3. John Napoletano

    Wildcard SSL on Hostname, Standard on Domainname?

    WHM Home >> Service Configuration >> Manage Service SSL Certificates. I purchased and installed a wildcard SSL, which shows for all the default services: FTP Server, Dovecot, Exim, cPanel, etc. Works fine in a browser https:// cpanel.example.com for example. WHM Home >> SSL/TLS >> Install and...
  4. L

    Wildcard SSL for unique cPanel accounts

    Greetings, I manage a cPanel server for a local company and the way we have our accounts set up is that each domain name have their own cPanel accounts. Which is the normal, right? However, we also have several subdomains but instead of creating them inside the root cPanel account, we create...
  5. R

    Subdomain Document Root

    Hi, I've got a domain on my server which has various subdomains. I have purchased a Wildcard SSL Certificate which will allow me to secure the domains and subdomains through HTTPS. The problem I'm having is that all the subdomains have a Document Root which points to a different folder. This...