1. C

    SOLVED cPanel WordPress Manager Error - "/usr/local/bin/php"

    Greeting everyone... /etc/redhat-release:CentOS release 6.10 (Final) /usr/local/cpanel/version: /var/cpanel/envtype:virtuozzo CPANEL=release I have a couple of Wordpress sites I installed "manually" (i.e. server side). I am wanting Wordpress Manager to recognize these sites... after...
  2. G

    WordPress no longer updates with the new wordpress manager

    Hopefully, I can make this clear. We have a WordPress website that was originally created and installed with the cPanel site software. over a year ago it had updated itself just fine but since the move to the new WordPress manager, it will not update. What's more, I cannot even update it via...
  3. S

    PHP 7.1 update pushed out automatically?

    I've got all of my servers set to do manual updates, i.e. RPMUP=manual SARULESUP=daily STAGING_DIR=/usr/local/cpanel UPDATES=manual Yet it seems overnight last night, some of my servers updated some of the PHP 7.1 updates. Not all servers updated this, I'm still trying to find out what's...
  4. L

    In Progress [CPANEL-24674] cPAddon YAML files are not updated after domain modification

    I have a reseller who is not particularly technical. They create new sites by setting up an account in the form client.reseller.com. Then they use the cPanel WP installer. When the site is completed and ready to go live, they change the main domain to client.com and everyone is happy. Except...
  5. J

    Stop automatically filling out wordpress in subdirectory

    This is one of my biggest annoyances about the cPanel WordPress Manager. Please!!!!
  6. K

    Set default language on wordpress manager

    Hello I got a request from a customer to set default language on all future WordPress installations on the server. But I am unable to find any documentation about how to change de defaults on the WordPress Manager. I understand that the change would be server wide and that is no issue. If...
  7. D

    WordPress staging?

    At What to Expect for cPanel Wordpress Integration in 2018 | cPanel Blog it says: Staging to Production Cloning Site administrators will have the ability to stage changes to their sites in a staging area, then migrate the changes to their production site with the click of a button. Any idea...
  8. johndoe

    SOLVED WordPress Installer

    Hello Forum. Does cPanel offer WordPress if Softaculous App installing is not included with the cPanel server? Thanks, and best wishes to all.
  9. P

    Install WordPress after account creation?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction, please? I'd like to have WHM automatically install WordPress (using WordPress manager) immediately after creating a new account. Is this possible, and if so - how might I go about it? Thanks in advance, Phil. :)
  10. J

    Wordpress Manager Error

    Client deleted all the content in public_html and now can't delete the site in Wordpress Manager. Now in Wordpress Manager when trying to manage the instance we get: Error: The system cannot locate an installation with the requested unique identifier. How can we manually remove that?